65 Howliday Gifts for Dog Lovers and Their Dogs (2021)

Gifts for Dog Lovers

Santa Claus is coming to town with these incredible gifts for dog lovers and their doggies. And, believe us, this year, he is going all in! If you’ve no idea what to give your favorite dog owner this festive season, stay put! Here’s a list of 65 unique items that will please dog moms, dog … Read more

25+Sentimental Dog Mom Gifts for 2021

Dog Mom Gifts

Dog moms come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. However, they all have one thing in common; they’ll love these adorable dog mom gifts. Puppy presents are great for holidays like Mother’s Day or National Dog Mom Day. Surprise your favorite mom doggy with a custom dog gift from her puppy on her birthday! Our 27 gift ideas will cover all occasions, and every type of dog mom, no problem!

30+ Personalized Dog Gifts Pet Parents Will Adore

Personalized Dog Gifts Pet Parents Will Adore

It is no small fact that most people consider dogs members of the family. When holidays like Christmas or a birthday roll around, investing in some personalized dog gifts can be a wonderful way to show your four-legged friend proper love and affection. From custom dog gifts that offer a unique way for pet parents unique perks to a gift with more unusual purposes, there are a ton of creative ways to pamper a pup and set tails to wagging out of joy.

30+ Cute Dog Dad Gifts for All Occasions (2021)

Dog dad gifts

Looking for dog dad gifts? We’ve got you covered! Check out our awesome list of gift ideas for dog lover dads for the best products and inspiration. Whatever the occasion – whether it’s Christmas, his birthday, or Father’s Day, don’t worry! You’re bound to find something he will love! Best Dog Dad Gifts

Lhasa Apso Dog Breed – History, Health, and Other Facts

Lhasa Apso

Have you been thinking about getting a Lhasa apso pup for yourself or a loved one? You won’t regret it because this small dog is as cute as they come! Originally from Tibet, this dog breed was kept as watchdogs for Buddhist monasteries and palaces. The famous name means Lhasa dog; Lhasa is a popular … Read more