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What you'll see in stock in our product categories is the remaining stock we have including animal wine bottle stoppers. We also supply rollerball writing pens with optional refills and ladies dog-breed wallets or purses with designs created by Ruth Maystead, American canine artist.

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Gifts for animal lovers including a good range of fine pewter animal & dog themed brooch pin badges with a gift box option, keyrings for animal lovers

We've also started to stock a supply of themed sport & transport badge pins - photos below - if you click on the photos or the relevant words in this part of the description you'll go to see the pins we have whic include cyclist, joggers, golfers & even Titanic brooch pins!

hedgehog-squirrels-rabbits-badgers-frogs-stags-deer-fox-brooch-pins-UK.jpg   equestrian-dressage-showjumping-horse-brooch-pins-gifts-UK.jpg   cyclist-cricketer-golfer-runner-footballer-rugby-badge-pins-UK-pewter.JPG   yacht-titanic-bus-train-motorcycle-vespa-lambretta-scooter-badge-pins.JPG

Plus a few remaining dog breed Ashley fine bone china mugs and a new range of bird china mugs designs by Robert E Fuller, Yorkshire wildlife artist, who also has a range of mugs featuring other wildlife animals - the Robert Fuller mugs are 100% made in the UK & are really classy looking. Also a variety of bottle openers including stainless steel ones faced with a pewter fish or dog breed. And there are also novelty animal socks by The Tie Studio, London to browse. 

Giraffe-Lions-Tigers-Socks-UK-Tie-Studio-London.jpg    Badger Mug in Fine Bone China . Robert E Fuller - Badger Gifts UK.jpg Westie Bottle Opener in Stainless Steel.jpg      Fox-Bottle-Opener-UK.jpg

Last but not least we have Welsh slate & other types of fridge magnets & assorted coasters to look at!

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