139+ Australian Dog Names

There are over a hundred Australian dog names to choose from when naming your dog. So whether your dog is an Australian shepherd, an Aussie or an Aboriginal, we’ve got the perfect names for them.

It is, however, important to decide what type of a name you want for your dog. It becomes easier to decide upon a name based on your dog’s appearance, characteristics, or breed. However, if you want something more meaningful, you can name them around something that honours their origin. These are important things to consider while naming your dog.

To make it easy for you, we’ve listed the top most unique Australian names for dogs. So head down under and find your dog the perfect one!

Best Australian Dog Names

The best and most popular Australian dog names come from heritage – they can either be yours or theirs. It gives so much more meaning to the name.

  1. Adelaide
  2. Aussie
  3. Barbie (barbecue)
  4. Bondi (beach)
  5. Canberra
  6. Banjo (Paterson – an Australian poet)
  7. Bindi (Steve Irwin’s daughter’s name; means ‘butterfly’ in the Nyungar aboriginal language)
  8. Bradbury (Australian Olympic speed skater)
  9. Cate (as in Blanchett)
  10. Coral
  11. Didgeridoo
  12. Dingo
  13. Digger
  14. Emu
  15. Hobart
  16. Hugh (Jackman)
  17. Joey (a baby kangaroo)
  18. Kiwi (someone from nearby New Zealand)
  19. Kookaburra
  20. Roo
  21. “Taz” / Tasmanian Devil
  22. Oz
  23. Dundee
  24. Boomer
  25. Ace
  26. Bikkie (cookie)
  27. Bitzer – a word for a mixed-breed dog.
  28. Brumby (wild horse)
  29. Marley (Australian beach)
  30. Crikey (surprise)
  31. Vegemite
  32. Grommet – a slang term for a young surfer.
  33. Mate
  34. Yellowtail
  35. Barbie
  36. Apples
  37. Darwin
  38. Irwin
  39. Croc
  40. Myrtle
  41. Victoria
  42. Wallaby
  43. Kylie (boomerang)
  44. Toni (as in Collette)
  45. Kirra (means ‘leaf’ in the Yugambeh language)
  46. Sydney
  47. Ranger
  48. Sheila
  49. Koala
  50. VoVo (biscuit)
  51. Ozzie

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Aboriginal Australian Dog Names

Unique and memorable, there are countless Aboriginal Australian dog names to choose from. Here are some of them that will be wholesome names for your dog.

  1. Aari – Mountain of strength
  2. Alinta – Fire, flame
  3. Amarina – Rain
  4. Bardo – Water
  5. Daku – Sand hill
  6. Karri (type of eucalyptus tree)
  7. Kaya – Hello
  8. Kylie (type of boomerang)
  9. Lowanna – Girl, young woman
  10. Marlu – Kangaroo
  11. Miki – Moon
  12. Norin – Honorable
  13. Maroochy – Black swan
  14. Minjarra – Bush plum tree
  15. Yidaki (type of Aboriginal wind instrument)
  16. Tarni – Wave, salt water
  17. Koen – Thunder
  18. Yindi – Child
  19. Moona – One who gives or provides light

Australian Slang Dog Names

Aussies are huge fans of short names. It is because they speak English similarly – short or altered versions of words are preferred. So choose your favourite slang name for your pet.

  1. Arvo – Afternoon
  2. Barbie – Barbeque
  3. Grommet – Young surfer
  4. Oz (shortened version of Australia)
  5. Mate – Friend
  6. Sheila – Woman
  7. Joey – Baby kangaroo
  8. Bloke – Man
  9. Ace – Excellent, very good
  10. Boujee – Rich
  11. Bikkie – Biscuit
  12. Boomer – A huge male kangaroo.
  13. Chrissie – Christmas
  14. Postie – Postman
  15. Dash – Fired from the job
  16. Jumbuck – Sheep
  17. Digger – Soldier
  18. Crikey – Expression of surprise
  19. Inala – A place of peace
  20. Chappie – A man
  21. Yolo – You only live once
  22. Straya – Australia
  23. Stubby – A bottle of beer

Australian Dog Names Centered Around Food

Australian cuisine is very famous when it comes to naming dogs. So give your canine the perfect name!

  1. Chiko: Taken from the popular egg roll like a snack in Australia, you can name your adorable little tube-like pup Chiko.
  2. Jaffa: Originally a candy in Australia, Jaffa is a sweet name to give your pet.
  3. Lamington: Lamington is a cake that is well-liked in Australia and a great name to give your dog.
  4. Pavlova: An Australian dessert mixed with fruits, you can name your mixed breed dog Pavlova.
  5. TimTam: A special Australian cookie coated in chocolate, this name is perfect for your cookie-looking dogs.
  6. Vegemite: An iconic Australian food that has a dark brown salty paste, Vegemite is a great name for your playful pooch.
  7. Fantales: Based on popular Australian fudgy caramel chocolate cubes, Fantales is a great name to give your beautiful caramel-colored pup.
  8. Orchy: Name your energetic, playful, and always excited in the morning pup Orchy, derived from the first Australian chilled orange juice.
  9. Barramundi: If your dog is versatile, huge, loves challenges, and has distinctive features, then Barramundi is just the name for them!
  10. Damper: If this traditional Australian soda bread is your favorite, then you can name your four-legged friend Damper out of love.

Australian Dog Names Based on Locations

There is no denying Australian beauty and its stunning places. From Sydney to Bondi, Australian sights have been used as names for dogs with the same unique and breathtaking beauty.

  1. Adelaide: The capital country, Adelaide, is a beautiful name for a lovely female canine.
  2. Brindabella: Another attractive name for a female puppy, preferably all white, reminds us of the mountains.
  3. Byron: Byron is popular for its beaches and a great name for a male canine who loves to socialize and enjoy beach time.
  4. Darwin: For a male dog who has gone through a lot and evolved, Darwin is a great name.
  5. Fitzroy: A prince likes the name of a dog, preferably male. It’s a bit unusual but very commonly used.
  6. Fraser: If you’re a big fan of Australian history then Fraser is the right name to give your new best friend.
  7. Bendigo: Is your pooch a beautiful golden retriever with luscious locks? If yes, then Bendigo is just the name for them.
  8. Darling: Darling is the perfect name to give your female pooch who has become the heart of the house in no time.
  9. Broome: If you and your dog love beaches and beautiful sunsets then you can name them Broome to create a deeper bond.
  10. Hobart: You can name your male dog Hobart to honor their heritage and give a name with more depth and history.
  11. Kakadu: Taken from Australia’s biggest national park, Kakadu is a unique and exotic name to give a huge male dog.
  12. Canberra: Derived from the capital city of Australia, Canberra is one of the most popular dog names to give your pooch.
  13. Pinnacles: Taken from Australia’s most unique and mesmerizing natural landscapes, Pinnacles is the perfect name for a stunning and tall male dog.
  14. Cairns: A gateway to Australia’s great barrier reef, Cairns is a great tropical name to give a small but strong dog.
  15. Perth: Perth is a common name that most dog owners give to loyal and loving pooches. Name your pup Perth today!
  16. Tasmania: Tasmania is a beautiful and by far one of the coolest names you can give to your new female dog.
  17. Uluru: Uluru is a powerful name to give to your large, strong, and extremely tough male dog. Name him today!
  18. Kuranda: Tough with an attitude, and always up for a fight, name your strong and wide-legged Australian shepherd male dog Kuranda.
  19. Exmouth: Derived from the Australian Exmouth coastline best known for its beaches, name your small four-legged male best friend, Exmouth.
  20. Queenie: Queenie is the cutest name to give your beautiful beloved female dog, derived from Queensland, a state of Australia.
  21. Toowoomba: Name your adorable little puppy best friend, Toowoomba. It’s a fun, catchy and unique name for a small male pup.
  22. Melbourne: Melbourne is one of the most favorite Australian names for a male puppy. So name your beautiful little pup Melbourne.
  23. Marley: Taken from the Marley beach, Marley is such a fun, cool and trendy name to give your calm male dog.
  24. Wellington: Wellington, short for Welly, is a fun name to give your male dog from the capital city of New Zealand.
  25. Whitsundays: After the Whitsundays island, Whitsundays or Whitty is a great name to give your pup who constantly makes you laugh.
  26. Victoria: With stunning features and behavior just as royal as the name, give your new female beauty the name Victoria.
  27. Sydney: Name your fun-loving, friendly, and good-natured female pooch Sydney to compliment her personality. The name has a calming effect.

Australian Dog Names Inspired by Nature

Australia is known for its beauty. The beauty of the flowers, weather, trees and beaches. Give your dog a name from this heavenly land. 

  1. Banksia
  2. Wanda
  3. Byron
  4. Cassia
  5. Pineapple
  6. Hakea
  7. Coogee
  8. Muntry
  9. Myrtle
  10. Chive
  11. Eucalyptus
  12. Bush
  13. Acacia

We hope these popular Australian dog names struck you, and you’ve chosen your favourite by now. But, even if you haven’t decided yet, you at least have a better idea of what Australian names to choose for your dog.

Other Dog Names Ideas

If you still want more dog-naming inspiration lists, you should consider watching cartoons, historical documentaries, and TV too. In case you just can’t make up your mind, ask your loved ones for help. Or you may want to read some related posts for your best decision:

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