25+ Amazing Bernese Mountain Dogs Gifts for Berner Fans and Owners (2021)

Berner fans and owners, we are finally here for you. There are Bernese mountain dog gifts to suit everyone, from sweaters and clothes to ornaments and jewelry. It’s never easy picking gifts for dog lovers. Find the perfect item to please your favorite dog lover on every occasion. We’ve got you covered until Christmas! Read on for some gift inspiration!

1. Bernese Mountain Dog Mom Mug

Best Dog Mom Ever Custom Photo Mug

Price Point: $22.95

There are plenty of Bernese mountain dog items for sale out there. This one is the perfect dog mom gift for a Berner lover.

A custom photo mug is a trustworthy vessel for Berner fans and owners. This photo gift will make her days much better.

After all, there’s nothing a cup of tea and her doggo can’t fix.

2. Bernese Mountain Face Mask

Face Mask Bernese Mountain Dog

Price Point: $6.00

If you could turn into any dog breed, which one would you choose?

Embrace your inner Bernese with this unique gift for people who love Bernese mountain dogs.

You’ll get the pattern and detailed instruction so that you can unleash your imagination! This creative mask is one of the best products for Bernese mountain dogs.

3. Bernese Mountain Christmas Sweater

Bernese Mountain Dog Christmas Sweater

Price Point: $37.99

Just have a look at this cute Bernese mountain dog sweater! Isn’t it lovely? It’s living proof that a Santa-hat-wearing woofer will always bring a smile to anyone’s face!

When it comes to Bernese Mountain Dog gifts, you can’t go wrong with clothing. Purchase this adorable garment and show off your Berner love!

4. Bernese Mountain Custom Blanket

Bernese Mountain Dog Custom Blanket

Price Point: $59.95

Have a look at this item. Was it love at first bark? You can admit it! This custom blanket ranks highly on our list of Bernese mountain dog items for sale.

A “You Left Paw Prints on my Heart” blanket will keep Berner fans and owners warm and cozy.

It is available in a unique design with vibrant colors.

5. Bernese Mountain Christmas Ornament

Pet's First Christmas Photo Ornament - 365Canvas Berner Mountain Dog Gifts

Price Point: $16.95

Pets are more than just domesticated animals. They are a unique part of our families. Since they are such important figures, we ought to celebrate them.

How? A quirky Bernese mountain dog decoration is an excellent way to mark the pup’s anniversary.

Besides, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer for the Berner lover!

6. Berner Makeup/ Cosmetic Bag

Berner Makeup/Cosmetic Bag

Price Point: $18.01

For the Berner mom, even one evening away from their doggo is unbearable. Here is a unique way to make sure she always has her baby wherever she goes.

Featuring a pink floral background dotted with pretty Wolfers, this bag is premium Bernese mountain dog merchandise.

It’ll hold all of her makeup and loads of love!

7. Bernese Mountain Enamel Pin

Bernese Mountain Dog Enamel Pin

Price Point: $11.44

Just when we thought Bernese mountain dog accessories could not possibly get any better, this enamel pin proved us wrong.

Designed to look like an origami creation, it makes for a unique fashion accessory. Your favorite Berner enthusiast will be able to show her love for her favorite dog breed stylishly and subtly.

8. Berner Mama T-Shirt

Berner Mama Shirt

Price Point: $20.69+

This piece of Bernese mountain dog apparel will make your favorite dog mom look trendy wherever she goes.
It’s perfect for dog walking or for those days when she feels like just cuddling up with her pup.

Either way, let her flaunt she’s a proud Berner mama with her cute Bernese mountain dog clothing.

9. Bernese Mountain Dog Decal

Blaze the Bernese Mountain Dog Decal

Price Point: $3.99

Everybody loves a beautiful Berner decal! Stick this decal on the back window of your car, on your laptop, fridge, or walls.

We can think of a million other places you can proudly show off this Bernese mountain dog decoration.

The point is for your Berner to be visible for all to see. Berner lovers will not be disappointed!

10. Berner Clutch Bag

Berner Clutch Bag

Price Point: $11.99

Can’t get enough of Bernese mountain dog merchandise? Neither can we! This clutch bag features advanced sublimation transfer printing technology.

In turn, this allows for vivid graphics and bright colors. Not only is it stunningly appealing, but it comes in pretty handy too.

Surprise your Berner-admirer with this gorgeous keepsake.

11. Bernese Mountain Sign

All You Need Is Love Sign

Price Point: $18.99

Let us talk about Berner Love. How high is your Berner on the hierarchy of those you love the most? Pretty high, we suspect!

Don’t worry! It is a quality all dog lovers share. Scream it from the mountaintops with this Bernese mountain dog item.

This wooden box sign is such an excellent idea any Berner parent would appreciate!

12. Bernese Mountain Necklace

Bernese Mountain Necklace

Price Point: $21.00+

What is elegance? What is style? For Berner lovers, the answer is pretty simple. Anything Berner-themed will do.

Some of the best products for Bernese mountain dogs are the simplest ones. This necklace is simple, sturdy, and, most of all, authentic!

How many dog lovers do you know who wouldn’t like one. Surprise someone with this impeccable work of art.

13. Bernese Mountain Earrings

Berner Geometric Earrings - Bernese Mountain Dog Jewelry

Price Point: $22.00+

There is a special feeling accompanied by receiving a unique present. These earrings are probably one of the most quirky Bernese Mountain Dog items you will come across.

Not only do the earrings feature lightweight pendants, but also the jewelry is nickel-free & lead-free.

Designed to make one’s beauty more radiant, you’ll love this one.

14. Berner Custom Photo Canvas Print

Love Is A Four-Legged Word Photo Canvas Print

Price Point: $42.95

“Love is a four-legged word.” What an interesting quote for an exciting gift. Berner fans and owners have been raving about it for a while.

It’s understandable because this photo canvas print is one of the best products for Bernese mountain dogs. What makes it unique?

It allows the owner to fall in love with their pet every single day.

15. Bernese Mountain Stuffed Animal

Bernese Mountain Dog Stuffed Animal

Price Point: $15.77

Bernese mountain dog stuff is not the easiest thing to find. Fear not! That’s our job. We’ve scoured the internet for a unique gift for you.

Made with superior materials and impeccable attention to detail, this stuffed animal is as close to the real thing as you’ll ever get.

It’s silky, plush, soft, and quite adorable.

16. Bernese Mountain Popsocket

Bernese Mountain Dog Popsocket

Price Point: $14.99

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a pretty large and hard-working dog breed. However, it’s also strikingly gorgeous and blessed with a sweet, affectionate nature that epitomizes genuine love.

That’s why this popsocket is one of the most prized Bernese Mountain Dog accessories. You see, it’s not even about the price.

It’s about the love you have for your Berner.

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