25+ Best Dog Collars (2021)

Buying the best dog collars for your pups can be a tad overwhelming. There are so many different options to choose from, but a collar is a necessary purchase. It will keep your dog safe by offering your contact information secondary to a microchip. Additionally, collars can help control barking and aid in behavioral control, among other features. If you don’t have a pup yourself, they also make great gifts for dog lovers. Check out our guide to the 25 best dog collars of 2020 to find the perfect one! 

1. CollarDirect Nylon Collar with Buckle Tribal

CollarDirect Nylon Collar with Buckle Tribal - best dog collars

This affordable collar has high-density webbing fabric and an eco-friendly plastic buckle. It is easy to clean and can stand up to lots of abuse from your pup. Depending on the length, it comes in widths from 3/8” to 1”. There are five sizes to choose from, and it’s a piece that can grow with your pooch. These awesome dog collars have vibrant tribal printing in turquoise and orange with accents of white and black. The colors will never fade!

2. Fourhorse with Bow Tie collar

Fourhorse with Bow Tie collar - best dog collars

Dress your boy dog up for that special occasion with this great bow tie collar! It is available in four checked and two polka-dotted patterns. Best of all is the adorable removable bow tie! Leave it off for a handsome everyday collar, but clip the bow tie on when you need something truly special. Your pup will feel the most comfortable in this collar made from a very soft cotton fabric. All of these factors make it one of the most stylish dog collars of the year.

3. Taglory Unique Designer Soft Collar

Taglory Unique Designer Soft Collar - best dog collars

These easy-care soft collars are a favorite for pup owners everywhere! They are full of bright colors that don’t fade even if you machine-wash them. If coordination is your style, then pick up matching leashes and harnesses. That way, your pup will look smart wherever they go. The polyester fabric stands up to strong pulling, and the buckle facilitates quick release. If you need an excellent all-purpose collar, look no further. This one is ideal for all dogs.

4. BSEEN LED Collar

BSEEN LED Collar - best dog collars

Walking your dog in the dark can be hazardous for everyone. For that late night or early morning call of nature, protect your pooch with a reflective collar. This rechargeable LED neckband features only premium quality materials. The best part is the customizable glow tube, which you can cut to fit your dog. If you want to keep yourself and your pup safe, this is one of the best reflective dog collars available.

5. Tuff Pupper Classic ‘Lifetime’ Heavy Duty Collar

Tuff Pupper Classic 'Lifetime' Heavy Duty Collar - best dog collars

The Tuff Pupper collar is a tribute to simplicity. It is perfect for the classic type of pup with a traditional owner. This faux leather piece sports high-quality materials. The soft polyester collar lies flat, and the old-fashioned buckle gives a perfect fit. If you like your pup always to look neat, then check this stylish neckband out. Add in a lifetime guarantee to get one of the best quality dog collars on our list.

6. CiyvoLyeen 3PCS Sunflower

CiyvoLyeen 3PCS Sunflower - best dog collars

Such a beautiful set is perfect for all small dogs. These stunning cotton collar, leash, and bandana sets are ultra dog-friendly. Comfortable to wear and easy to clean, these pieces won’t fade in the wash or the sun. They make excellent puppy starter sets or new gear for shelter pups. Sweet sunflowers on a yellow background suit every season and every pooch. The versatility of these dog collars and leashes is a huge selling point. But it is the happy print that really makes this set shine.

7. Kruz Dual Layered Mesh

Kruz Dual Layered Mesh - best dog collars

If your puppy loves hiking, swimming, or playing around, then this lightweight collar will be an instant fave! Besides being super-affordable, it is extremely attractive. The range of bright colors makes it an eye-catching purchase. Pooch lovers will relish how quickly this fabric mesh collar dries after a busy day out. The design makes it so the collar won’t hold water next to your dog’s delicate skin. This piece is a perfect puppy collar because it won’t weigh your little friend down as they grow.

8. eXuby – Tiny Shock Collar

eXuby - Tiny Shock Collar - best dog collars

Training small breeds or puppies with a shock collar is difficult. Most neckbands are way too heavy for little guys, or they give potent shocks. But the eXuby collar is incredibly functional. The remote is good up to 1,000 feet and has a long-lasting battery. This piece offers nine levels of shock intensity. If you don’t want to shock your dog, it has sound and vibration options if you prefer. Standing out among the best dog shock collars, this will soon be a staple in your pup’s gear. 

9. Perri’s Padded Leather Collars

Perri's Padded Leather Collars - best dog collars

This beautiful collar offers a luxurious look. You won’t believe how inexpensive it actually is! This piece is tops among cushioned dog collars. It features thick, colorful lambskin padding paired with flexible leather for a clean profile. Genuine solid brass or stainless steel buckles complete the elegant look. This is not your typical playful collar. Its sturdy design will last for years. If it doesn’t, there’s a lifetime guarantee on the workmanship. Such beautiful simplicity makes it perfect for walking training in style. 

10. Pawious Bark Collar for Dogs

Pawious Bark Collar for Dogs - best dog collars

This no-shock collar is ideal for small and medium-sized pups. It fits securely around your dog’s neck, and the prong-less design is comfortable for all-day wear. We are talking about a truly humane training collar. It uses noise and vibration to guide your dog to better behavior gently. It’s better for excessive barking, destructive chewing, or harmful biting than a well-made martingale collar. This piece has seven different strengths, is water-resistant, and has a quick-charging battery. It is truly one of the best no-bark dog collars.

11. Mayerzon Dog Prong Training

Mayerzon Dog Prong Training - best dog collars

There are many features to like about this prong collar. The spikes are rounded and coated in rubber for safety while still providing pressure. It is this feature that makes this type of collars so effective. They work because they mimic how a mother dog trains her pups; she nips and bites to teach them. This neckpiece offers high-quality comfort with strong construction. It comes with a quality guarantee and assurance for a lifetime. Hands-down, this is the best dog collar for pulling deterrence.

12. Bestia “Aztec Grey Genuine Leather

Bestia Aztec Grey Genuine Leather - best dog collars

A genuine leather handmade collar is the ultimate in luxury. Surprise your favorite dog lovers with this piece for the holidays! The supple leather exterior offers incredible pliability. A slim layer of ultra-comfy pigskin lines the interior. This feature prevents rubbing and chafing against your dog’s skin. Designs on the outside of the collar bring sparkle and elegance. This collar is on the wider side, so it is better for larger dogs. If you’re looking for unique soft dog collars, then this is the perfect one for your favorite pooch.

13. Fourhorse Stainless Steel Chain

Fourhorse Stainless Steel Chain - best dog collars

This cool, custom-designed piece is one of the best martingale dog collars on the market. This type of neckband works uniquely. They slip only a little bit along the short length of the chain. This feature offers the control of a training collar and the pressure of a prong collar. However, it avoids the risks that come with using a shock collar. All Fourhorse products are exceedingly well-made martingale collars. If that’s what you need for your pup, these are a great choice.

Link AKC Smart Collar with GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor - best dog collars

This luxury leather piece is one of the year’s best electronic dog collars. Besides being extremely durable, the electronic features are second to none. It offers GPS tracking if your dog likes to escape from your house or yard. And if your pampered pup gained some weight during quarantine, then they’ll need the built-in activity tracker. You and your dog can both get exercise and trace your steps! Your pooch will be the most tech-savvy dog on the block in this smart collar.

15. Kruz Heavy Duty O-Ring

Kruz Heavy Duty O-Ring - best dog collars

If the toughest dog collar on the market is what you want, you can stop looking. This rugged collar has interior padding for comfort and reflective piping for safety. A heavy welded o-ring allows for easy attachment of a leash. A separate charm and tag loop keep contact info from getting scratched and worn. You can get the tag personalized with your pup’s name. And best of all, you can buy scores of coordinating accessories for your four-legged friends.

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16. TobeDRI Harness

TobeDRI harness - best dog collars

You need to go with a harness instead of a collar for a truly no-pull walking experience. For brachycephalic breeds like bulldogs, pugs, boxers, and Bostons, this is especially important. With a simple harness, you can enjoy awesome hikes and your biggest adventures with your best friend. These are also some of the best puppy harnesses to use to train your puppy on walks. This piece is well-constructed and can stand up to wear and tear. It also comes with a free heavy-duty leash. 

17. Yellow Dog Design Braided Slip

Yellow Dog Design Braided Slip - best dog collars

Some dogs don’t take to training with prong or shock collars. In those cases, a choke collar is the most effective option for the toughest behaviors. This simple nylon braid incorporates a heavy-duty cushioned core. A clip for a leash or lead makes this easy to use. Know that no one training collar works perfectly. Different types of dogs respond to stimulus in varied ways. Sometimes the immediacy of the choke collar is what your dog needs. For that reason only, this is one of the best no-pull dog collars.

18. Bousnic No-Shock Training Collar with Remote

Bousnic No-Shock Training Collar with Remote - best dog collars

This no-shock training collar is the best-rated electronic alternative on our list. It is incredibly durable, including being waterproof. The remote and receiver have an astounding 1000 foot range, and the rechargeable batteries in both have incredible battery life. The batteries hold a charge for 15 days and the remote for 30 days. This feature allows for uninterrupted and consistent training. Three safe training modes with eight increasing vibration levels are gentle, making this the best training collar for puppies.

19. Diezel Pet Products Dog Collar

Diezel Pet Products Dog Collar - best dog collars

These military-inspired martingale-style collars are among the best dog collars for Pitbulls and other large dogs. The flexible nylon design has a tactical quick-release metal buckle that stands up to pressure. A D-ring for leashes pairs with a handle for easy control of your Pitbulls, Great Danes, and German Shephard Dogs. When it’s not needed, the handle has a control clip to keep it out of the way yet still accessible. Your working dog will be decked out in style with an additional American flag velcro patch.

20. 2 Pack Smart Dog Bark Collar

2 Pack Smart Dog Bark Collar - best dog collars

This 2-pack of no shock bark neckband is among the best dog collars. The long adjustable length fits all types of various-sized dogs. This strong collar features premium nylon webbing with a reflective strip. The receiver keeps humane training in mind. Smart dog bark technology detects and responds to only your dog’s bark with vibration and noise. The prongs have a silicone cover for added comfort. An important note, however: this collar is not suitable for use on puppies younger than six months.

21. Halti Head Collar

Halti Head Collar - best dog collars

Among all dog walking training collars, the gentle leader has long been a favorite. However, this Halti Head collar is a great no-pull option. It features durable and tough materials. It is designed for pups with a snout, so pug and Frenchie owners are out of luck. This collar will train your dog to stop pulling without choking them. Walks will be much happier for everyone when you switch to this collar.

22. Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Collar

Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Collar - best dog collars

This tagless dog collar is unique in so many ways. A soft bungee-style handle makes it easy to control your dog in a variety of circumstances. The padded style provides constant comfort and protects your pup’s skin from irritation. Meanwhile, supple material is flexible and won’t put pressure on your dog’s neck. Reflective accents for safety and tagless design take this collar to the next level. Add a matching leash or harness, or both, for a coordinated look.

23. EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER 1.5″ Width Military

EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER 1.5 Width Military - best dog collars

Does your German Shephard need a well-made martingale collar for hunting? What about your working service or therapy dog? This piece is a ruggedly-constructed military-style collar. The old-fashioned belt-style buckle features a piece of webbing elastic to hold the end in place. Meanwhile, interior padding makes it comfy for your dog to wear. The additional ability to apply a velcro patch for working dogs is a sweet feature. All of these details make this one of the year’s best dog collars.

24. SportDOG Brand YardTrainer Family Remote

SportDOG Brand YardTrainer Family Remote - best dog collars

With three modes of stimulation, this trainer collar is perfect for your labs and other big dogs. It is a safe prong-based collar featuring buzz, beep, and eight-level static options. The batteries are quick-charging, and the remote control has a 100-foot range. Your four-legged friends can swim to get cool or romp in the rain without worry. The collar is waterproof and submersible to 25 feet. All of these features make this one of the best dog collars for training.

25. Taglory Reflective Adjustable

Taglory Reflective Adjustable - best dog collars

This awesome reflective collar takes the cake as the least expensive on our list. It is a perfect starter piece for new dog owners. Available in a rainbow of colors, this heavy-duty nylon collar has a patented 3M reflective strip. Safe dog walking collars for the nighttime need to be highly visible, and this collar is. Protect your pup and yourself from cars. Better yet, make sure you can easily find your dog in the yard after dark. You both will thank us.

Knowing what the best dog collars are to buy is never easy. Do you want a heavy-duty collar for a working dog or a walking collar for a toy breed? What is the most humane training collar? Our comprehensive list has you covered. Search no more! We did all the research, so you don’t have to!

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