15+ Gifts for Border Collie Lovers (2022)

Dog lovers know that Border Collie gifts are great at turning a frown upside down. Since this dog is known for her intelligence, friends of fans of the breed won’t hesitate to buy related merchandise. Regardless of your pup’s gender, Border and Rough Collie gifts are sure to make quarantine time more tolerable for everyone. Let’s get started!

1. Border Collie Mug

You're Pawsome Custom Mug

Wondering what to get your childhood friend for her birthday this year? Surprise her with the world’s greatest Border Collie mom gifts she could ever imagine.

If she’s a member of the Collie lovers group, then she’ll adore this cute customized photo mug. What’s best is that it is available in several colors to match her taste! 

2. Collie Canvas Print

Beware of Dogs - They Will Steal Your Heart Custom Canvas Print

Dog lovers appreciate receiving products related to their furry animals. How about blessing a Collie-loving home with one of the most incredible gift ideas for dog lovers?

Get your little brother this hilarious photo canvas print for his pup’s birthday, and wait to see his reaction. He’ll be so thrilled; he might cry. Remember to have it personalized with his favorite photograph! 

3. Christmas Ornament

If Love Could Have Kept You Here Custom Ornament

Did your family recently lose their Collie pooch to old age or an incurable illness? Don’t worry. Get this custom photo ornament and secretly hang it on your Christmas tree. This is one of the best gifts to get someone whose dog died!

Be sure to use a funny image to crack everyone up. Don’t be surprised if this ornament ends up as one of the greatest family gifts ever purchased! 

4. Border Collie T-shirt

Border Collie T-shirt

Shopping for Border Collie merchandise can be challenging, especially if you’re not familiar with dogs. However, you can’t go wrong with this fabulous dog dad t-shirt.

It’s one of the unique products for any dog owner. You can even buy it for yourself if you like. No pup parent can resist practical dog themed gifts like this! 

5. Coasters

Border Collie Coaster

When shopping for the perfect red Border Collie gifts, look no further than these drink coasters. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t waste your money window-shopping for expensive stuff.

Instead, look for unique puppy items that are within your limits. Not only are these accessories beautiful to look at, but they are also practical! 

6. Border Collie Statue

Border Collie Statue

Have you been searching for Collie collectibles but can’t seem to find anything worthwhile? Why don’t you give this white Border Collie statue a try?

It’s the greatest commemoration gift for dog owners who recently lost their furry companion to old age or disease. This way, they don’t have to worry about adopting another pup until they are ready. 

7. Collie Custom Pillow

Some Dogs Leave Paw Prints On Your Heart Custom Pillow

Although it is challenging to find the perfect Border collie lovers’ gift, this photo collage pillow comes pretty close. Of all the options on our list, this adorable cushion is ideal for decorating a Collie-loving home.

It comes in three different sizes to suit your home décor style. If you don’t have a dog owner in mind, then how about rewarding yourself? 

8. Collie Pajama Bottoms

Border Collie Pajama Bottoms

Instead of buying your teenage brother an expensive gift for his birthday like you always do, think outside the box. Surprise him with funny Collie merchandise – pajama pants!

If he’s always wanted to get a dog, then he’ll be touched by your thoughtful gesture. Don’t be surprised if you earn the precious title of greatest big sister ever! 

9. Border Collie Mug

Border Collie Mug Cozy

Is it your mom’s 50th birthday already? Are you worried that you’ve possibly run out of gift options for her? Take a risk and give this cute mug a chance.

If your mom loves surprises, she’ll be blown away by this black Border Collie merchandise. She might even be motivated to get the family dog you’ve always wanted! 

10. Collie Tote Bag

When buying presents for dog owners, look for unique paraphernalia that is beautiful and also practical. By doing so, the recipient is sure to enjoy their reward wholly instead of storing it away.

That said, your favorite aunt is sure to love this adorable Rough Collie gift. She might even start carrying it to work to show off! 

11. Pen Holder

Border Collie Pen Holder

Most people start to worry when they can’t find exciting gift ideas for their colleagues. However, if your work buddy is a puppy parent, he’ll treasure this practical Border Collie gift ornament.

In fact, all dog lovers in the office will get jealous the moment they see it. It might even be your colleague’s best birthday present ever! 

12. Collie iPad Air Cover

Collie iPad Air Cover

In these modern times, kids are torn between spending time on their gadgets or with their four-legged friends. How about getting this blue merle Border Collie iPad air cover for your little ones?

It’ll serve as a constant reminder to your little angels to bond with their puppy. Besides, it’s one of the hottest custom gifts for Collie lovers on the market! 

13. Collie Socks

Collie Socks

Close siblings and friends enjoy wearing matching outfits to show their extraordinary bond. That said, why don’t you get these cute socks for a blend Collie mom or dad?

What’s best is you can even buy numerous pairs in different colors for your entire family. Don’t be shocked if your personalized Border Collie gifts become everyday wear apparel!

14. Keychain

Collie Keychain

Have you been looking for cool dog products and accessories to no avail? Instead of worrying yourself silly, it’s best to consider a simpler alternative – a keychain.

Although they seem small, these cute keychains are Border Collie gifts dog lovers will be more than happy to receive. Just remember to select the right dog breed from the available charms carefully!

15. Collie Stuffed Animal

Collie Stuffed Animal

Is your black Collie playful? Does she get excited when you include toys and other play items in her workout sessions? Surprise her with this adorable stuffed Collie for her upcoming birthday.

You can even get the camera ready to record her first introduction to a new playmate. You’ll be amazed at how quickly she’ll adjust and bond with it! 

16. Yes I Herd You Magnet

Border Collie Magnet

Do your parents have a brown Border Collie back at home? Rather than sending them a postcard from your next travel destination, how about getting them this simple magnet?

It’s one of the sweetest pet-themed gifts and the most affordable Collie ornaments. Only dog owners who’ve lived in the countryside will genuinely appreciate the message behind these corny words!

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