82+ Wonderful Border Collie Names for Your New Furry Friend

You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect Border Collie names for your newborn pups. It doesn’t matter whether you have a black collie dog or an orange Border Collie. This article will help you find meaningful dog names for your male and female Border Collie puppies.

Sheepdog collies are loyal, intelligent and full of energy. They do well with older kids and like to protect their homes. These great attributes explain why they were originally used to herd sheep. Additionally, this means they are perfect for a big family with a huge compound to play and train.

Below are the best Border Collie names to match their sweet personalities. They come from different places and themes and are great for all dogs. By the end, you will find the perfect one!

When it comes to finding Border Collie names for male and female dogs, it’s best to take the traditional route. Your kids will be happy to help you out! Here are the most popular names dog owners love to use on this breed.

1. Luna

2. Bear

3. Cap

4. Molly

5. Cutter

6. Finn

7. Gyp

8. Bob

9. Sadie

10. Midge

11. Lassie

12. Bella

13. Piper

14. Dash

15. Chief

16. Lad

17. Scout

18. Daisy

19. Sheppie

20. Lucy

21. Zoey

22. Chase

23. Lola

24. Andrew

25. Rascal

26. Teddy

27. Flash

28. Nessie

29. Penny

30. Saoirse

31. Rosie

32. Koda

33. Max

34. Charlie

35. Tilly

36. Bailey

37. Sly

38. Toby

39. Duke

40. Oreo

41. Lucky

42. Oscar

43. Pepper

44. Roxy

45. Watson

46. Poppy

47. Rascal

48. Emma

49. Maverick

50. Lady

Border Collie Names

Border Collie Female Names

After getting your Border collie girl from the dog breeding center, the next thing is to find her a name. Once you find the right one, you’ll be a happy Border collie mum! Below are 20 unique collie names you can borrow.

1. Jen

2. Nell

3. Jess

4. Stella

5. Annie

6. Lucy

7. Bailey

8. Sioux

9. Daisy

10. Raven

11. Wren

12. Maggie

13. Moss

14. Bella

15. Barra

16. Sadie

17. Ginger

18. Belle

19. Molly

20. Kelsy

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Border Collie Male Names

If you’re looking for cool and rare names for your newborn male puppies, then you’re in the right place. Here are the Border Collie boy names for your young dogs. You can even use sheepdog names for a change.

1. Yarrow

2. Highwood

3. Koda

4. Clyde

5. Bear

6. Milo

7. MaxI

8. Gyp

9. Bandit

10. Buddy

11. Long Tree

12. Bute

13. Pete

14. Tweed

15. Lex

16. Keith

17. Luke

18. Jesse

19. Joe

20. Ben

Names for a Border Collie Puppy

British Border Collie Names

Have you been trying to come up with fun name ideas for your beautiful collie girls and boys? Here are unique names for collies to make your pups sound like they came straight from Britain. Your family will have a good laugh!

1. Floss

2. Flossy

3. Angus

4. Meg

5. Nan

6. Paisley

7. Misty

8. Mick

9. Princess

10. Bonnie

Welsh Border Collie Names

If you’ve been thinking about getting some names from the Welsh culture, you’re in the right place! Below are ten traditional names for a Border Collie born in Northern Europe. You’ll have a fun time finding the right one for each puppy.

1. Llyn

2. Rhys

3. Elfen

4. Bran

5. Bach

6. Morwyn

7. Snell

8. Ceri

9. Alwyn

10. Ewan

Names for a Border Collie

Border Collie Name Advice

Like we said before, it’s best not to worry too much about finding unique names for Borders. What’s important is finding a suitable name for this beautiful and active dog breed.

You can look for inspiration from your favorite movie, TV show, snacks, cities, etc. It doesn’t matter whether you go for a classic or a modern option. Either way, your furry friend will be happy to play and have fun with you!

It’s best to strictly use Border Collie female names on girl pups to avoid any confusion at the vet. And the same applies to naming a male puppy. However, if you don’t want a simple name, the best thing is to go for unisex Border Collie puppy names. Remember also to indicate your dog’s gender on the tag.

Although you can often see black and white collie dogs, brown and white Border Collies are slowly becoming more popular. Additionally, dog owners of short and long-haired Border Collies alike can also share the same names on this list. In short, you can use cute Border Collie names for all dogs, including tricolor Border Collie pups.

The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the ride. Before you know it, you’ll find exactly what you’ve been looking for!


Once you find the best Border Collie name, you can start enjoying playtime with your cute puppies. Don’t forget to buy your pup a collar and name tag. Doing this early will help everyone remember the collie dog’s name. Your pup will also learn to respond faster.

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