Boston Terrier Dog Breed Information – Needs, Characteristics, and Fun Facts

If you want a happy-go-lucky and goofy dog, then the Boston terrier is the best companion for you. These compact dogs are known for their signature tuxedo coats that give them a nice look! Thanks to their formal appearance and confident walk, Boston terriers have even got their nickname, the American Gentleman.

In the 1900s, Boston terriers were on the list of the most popular dog breeds in the US. Today, they are often among families who love them for their friendliness and intelligence. Boston terriers have won people over with their silly tricks, like cocking their heads quizzically at the right time.

This small dog breed weighs between 12-25 pounds and has a smooth coat covering their muscular bodies. The puppies also have big, round, friendly eyes that reveal their thoughts, e.g., mischief.

Boston Terrier Dog Breed Pictures


What Does A Boston Terrier Look Like?

Boston terriers are a beautiful tuxedo dog breed that most owners love dressing up in bow tie collars. The ideal Boston terrier colors for breeding are black, brindle, or seal coats evenly marked with white. Seal is the red cast color that black Boston terriers get after sunbathing.

Typically, this dog breed’s coats have a white marking on the chest, which runs up like a stripe between their eyes. Although rare Boston terrier colors like red, brown, and blue exist, black and white Boston terriers are more common. And if you want dogs that don’t shed much, then these pups are ideal for you!

Boston terrier eyes are another defining feature for this breed; they are large, dark, round, and set wide apart. Their eyes are also very expressive, which suggests intelligence.

How Big Does A Boston Terrier Get?

How much does a Boston terrier weigh? Most dog lovers ask this question before they adopt a Boston terrier. Here are facts about Boston terriers’ size that everyone needs to know:

  • They are grouped into three weight classes: less than 15 pounds, 15-19 pounds, and 20-25 pounds.
  • They range between 12-17 inches tall.
  • They have a muscular appearance.

Boston Terrier vs. French Bulldog

Most people can’t tell the difference between French puppy bulldogs and Boston terriers. It is easy to tell them apart; Bostons have longer legs while Frenchie dogs have bigger bones.


Are Boston terriers good family dogs? Yes, they are! Bostons have lots of energy and love playing games and running around. Their sweet and friendly personality makes them great companions for kids and adults alike.

However, you can also find Boston terrier puppies who prefer to laze about. That’s right! Such pups also love lying on their owner’s lap and enjoy being scratched behind the ears. In no time, your four-legged friend will be fast asleep and probably snoring!

So, if you want a dog that you can easily train, Boston terrier adoption is the way to go! After all, they are well known for their intelligence and eagerness to please.

Living Needs

As mentioned in the previous section, Boston terriers are good family dogs. Both puppies and fully grown Boston terriers enjoy being around their owners. When they are left alone for too long, these dogs suffer from separation anxiety.

black Boston Terrier Puppy

So, if you want to adopt a Boston terrier puppy, it’s best to make sure you’ll be home all day. Or better still, you can have another family member available to care for and play with the puppies. However, if this is impossible, then you can get another pet to keep them company while you’re away.

For Boston terriers, cold weather and scorching climates are not ideal. These dogs can easily overheat in summer and get terrible shivers on cold days, thanks to their short fur coats. Thus, it’s best to keep them indoors when it’s hot and avoid long afternoon walks. Additionally, you can get a Boston terrier sweatshirt for extra warmth during winter.


How to Take Care of a Boston Terrier

And if you’ve been wondering, “Do Boston terriers shed a lot,” don’t worry! These puppies don’t shed much. Their coat is light and smooth, which makes grooming easy. Thus, you can brush them once a week with a rubber grooming mitt or brush with soft bristles.

It’s also best to trim their nails to allow them to walk comfortably and avoid infections. Giving them regular baths will keep them smelling fresh and looking good!

How Much Exercise Does A Boston Terrier Need?

If you’re interested in owning a Boston, you’ll have to find out how much exercise they need. Boston terrier exercise needs vary from one dog to the other. Typically, taking your pup for a walk twice a day is enough to keep them in good shape.

However, if you have energetic dogs, playing and running around in the backyard will help them burn the extra energy. A home with a fenced compound is also ideal for these pups to run and wrestle safely.

How to Train A Boston Terrier

If you want to raise your pup into a gentle, adult Boston terrier, you’ll need to socialize them early. This means exposing them to different animals, people, places, and situations. You’ll also need to start training your puppies early to ensure they grow into well-behaved dogs.

While these pups are easy to train, you’ll need to reward them with treats and give gentle corrections.


How Long Does A Boston Terrier Live?

The average lifespan of a healthy Boston terrier is 11-13 years.

Red Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier Health Issues

Even though these small dogs live a long life, there are several Boston terrier health issues to take note of. For starters, this breed often suffers from respiratory problems, as they are brachycephalic. Thus, it’s best to take breaks when training or exercising in hot weather.

The other health issue has to do with their eyes. Despite their beauty, their big eyes are more likely to get sick than other dog breeds. Thus, it’s best for dog owners to regularly check their dogs for any signs of infection or irritation. This will prevent unnecessary pain or damage.

Like other dogs, Boston terrier adults also suffer from joint and bone problems. Their kneecaps are likely to slip out of place, affecting their bouncy, confident walk and their overall mobility. They can also get a deformed spine, making them feel unsteady on their feet, or worse still, become paralyzed.


How Much to Feed A Boston Terrier Puppy

Owing to their small size, Boston terriers don’t eat much food. Give them 0.5 to 1.5 cups of the best food twice a day.


Where did the Boston terrier originate from? Although this popular dog breed is linked to Boston city, its history dates back to England. According to the Boston Terrier Club of America, a bulldog was crossbred with a currently-extinct white English terrier in Liverpool. This happened in the 1860s and resulted in a muscular dog called Judge.

In 1870, an American bought the dog and took him to Boston, where he sold him to Robert C. Hooper. The dog later got the name “Hooper’s Judge” and became the representative of this dog breed.

When the Boston Terrier Club of America was formed in 1891, the breed dropped their “roundheads” name. And this is when they earned the famous Boston terrier name. Two years later, Boston terriers became recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Fun Facts About Boston Terriers

  • How much is a Boston terrier? This is a question most newbies ask before becoming fur parents. Most well-known breeders sell the puppies at about $1000 to $2000. So, if you don’t want to take the adoption route, it’s best to buy from Boston terrier AKC breeders.
  • Another question that dog lovers ask is, “When is a Boston terrier fully grown?” Even though they appear small in the adult stage, these dogs reach full maturity by their first birthday. Others could take a few months longer post the one-year mark.
  • How fast can a Boston terrier run? Despite their small frames, they are very energetic and can run pretty fast. Their well-built bodies allow them to reach as high as 18-25 mph.

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