19+ Purr-fect Cat Memorial Ideas

Soothe the ache of losing a pet with a beautiful cat memorial. From public recognition to more personal memories, our list has you covered with cat lover gift ideas. Suggestions range from unique jewelry to statues and kid-friendly blankets and pillows. There’s something for everyone, allowing the whole family to mourn your kitty. 

1. Cat Statue

This sturdy polyresin angel statue is a sweet way to remember your family’s cat. Use it as a cat memorial for the garden or display it in your home. Either way, your kitty will be watching over the whole family. Honor the memory of your beloved pet with this gorgeous statue.

2. Necklace

When you’re mourning the death of a cat, you might be looking for good memorial ideas. Well, search no further. This cat memorial necklace is an understated way to remember your furry friend. It might look like a plain piece of jewelry. However, there’s a space inside to hold some ashes or a bit of your pet’s fur.

3. Rosewood Pet Urns

If you need a place for your pet’s ashes, consider a cat memorial urn. These beautifully handmade wooden vessels can also hold collars and more. Delicate paw prints and hearts complete the box, along with a sweet saying. Display it anywhere in your home. It would fit incredibly well on a memorial shelf for all your lost pets.

4. Ring

Wear a paw print ring to remember your kitty. Cat memorial jewelry is a great idea for all ages. This personalized band uses a scan or photo of your cat’s paw print to create a unique design. Choose from gold, silver, or rose gold to compliment everyone’s taste. This piece is a good remembrance for the whole family.

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5. Keychain

You loved your cat. Now, carry a little bit of them with you each day. Cherish your cat’s memory with this keychain urn. This unobtrusive keyring is one of the most thoughtful cat sympathy gifts. Great for mom, dad, or young adults, the urn can hold a tiny bit of ashes or fur.

6. Sympathy Frame

Remember your furry family member every day with a gorgeous cat memorial frame. Customize it with the background color and text that you want. Add a hand-painted flower and your pet’s name to complete the design. Then, all you have to do is clip your favorite memorial day cat pictures to it. This way, you can keep on rotating photos whenever you want.

7. “Cats Are My Favorite People” Photo Collage Mug

Ease the loss of your cat with a mug full of memories. Remember your feline companion on this customized mug. You can upload nine photos, from kittenhood to old age. Goofy, funny, or serious, any pictures will do. This mug is a terrific cat memorial. And you’ll love remembering your beloved kitty every morning when you drink your coffee.

8. Lava Bead Bracelet

This powerful rainbow bridge bracelet is a fantastic sympathy gift for the loss of a cat. Lava stones, rainbow stones, and hearts and pawprints are great memorabilia with a message to owners. Your pet is always a part of you. They are waiting to greet you over the rainbow bridge someday.

9. Ornament

Commemorate your feline friend with an elegant ornament. Put it on your Christmas tree, hang it from a picture frame, or make it part of a remembrance display. This delicate design is laser-cut for clarity. The sweet saying will honor your favorite cat’s memory all year round.

10. Wind Chime

If special memorial ideas are what you want, check out these cat memorial wind chimes. Not only are these gorgeous, but they also feature high-quality aluminum alloy. Symbolize your loss of a cat with something beautiful that will bring everyone joy. Remember your kitty every time the wind blows.

11. Soy Candle

These unique candles are great ideas for adding to your cat memorials. Each candle has a heart-shaped stone that will appear as the candle melts. So burn it in memory of your sweet kitty and then hold the stone close to your heart. The stones are great to give to kids as a tangible reminder of their lost pet.

12. Pebble

This adorable handmade pebble is an excellent cat memorial gift or sympathy offering. The stone itself is ceramic. Your precious pet’s name and a pawprint are hand-stamped. Choose a glaze color to highlight both. These pebbles can sit in a memorial display, go outside in a rock garden, or travel with you everywhere. They are perfect for all ages.

13. Cat Portrait

Keep your cat’s memory alive with a wonderful digital portrait. Simply upload a photo, and the artist will recreate your pet in the pop art style. Pick a shot of color for the background. These prints make perfect cat remembrance gifts for families. They are a way for everyone to have a memory of your pet with them every day.

14. Grave Marker

These pet headstones for cats make unique keepsakes. They are perfect for a burial spot or memorial garden. The material is water-resistant and sturdy in any weather. Each piece comes engraved with paw prints and an illustration. You can add your pet’s name and a message. Remember your family’s cat with this elegant item.

15. Sleeping Cat Figurine Cremate Art Tribute

If you need commemorative memorial ideas for your cat, check out this unique handcrafted figurine. You can customize the colors and include your pet’s ashes if you want. The artist uses a water-based resin, and no figure is the same as another. These statues make great pet memorials for cats.

16. Muertos Art Print

Grieve your cat in a healthy way with this colorful cat memorial print. Designed in the spirit of “Dia de Muertos,” the skeleton kitty honors your pet’s death. You could also use the pattern as inspiration for a tattoo. 10% of every sale of the print goes to a no-kill shelter in Texas.

17. Blanket

Commemorate your pet with a creative photo blanket. This throw is one remembrance that kids can help with. Let them choose photos and text, and revel in memories of your cats. At the end of the process, they’ll have a cuddly blanket to cozy up with. It’s the next best thing to having your cat with you.

18. Stone Heart Shape

These hand-cut commemorative stones are a great way to honor your feline friend. Made from slate, these special pieces can be customized in a number of ways. Choose your text and add a picture for a unique remembrance. Display it in your home or office. These also make excellent cat memorial garden stones.

19. Tote Bag

A tote bag is among the most thoughtful loss of cat gifts. Remember your feline companion with this breed-specific bag. It features a watercolor print with your choice of a flower or geometric border. Add your kitty’s name for a personalized touch. Then, let this cat memorabilia bring you joy each time you use it.

20. Photo Pillow

If family memorial ideas are what you need, check out some adorable pet photo pillows. These non-traditional cat keepsakes feature a pic of your pet, and the cushion is cut to match. Choose which size you want, from small and hugable to a jumbo display pillow. The loss of your friend will become a little easier with a kitty pillow in their memory.


A cat memorial won’t erase your loss, but it can make it hurt a little less. Use our list to find ideas for the whole family to mourn in their own way. Whether you’re shopping for a friend or yourself, you’ll find the perfect object of remembrance. Then, share your memories of your beloved kitty with the world.

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