30 Purrfect Cat Mom Gifts For Mother’s Day

On the hunt for the purrfect cat gift ideas for the cat-obsessed in your life? Whether looking for a Christmas gift for the cat lady next door or a Mother’s Day present for a feline-loving female, these 30 gift ideas will have her meowing for more. Of course, don’t forget to give that perfect gift idea for National Cat Day to celebrate her furry friend. Avoid a gift giving cat-astrophe with these 30 unique gifts for cat moms.

1. Cat Mom Photo Mug

cat-mom-custom-photo-mug- cat mom gifts

The perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day for the cat mom in your life. This beautiful, customized coffee mug says it all in. Add a photo of the lucky cat mom and her feline friend for a one-of-a-kind product. The perfect gift for any cat lover. 

2. Not Today Cat Cute Graphic Tee Shirts

 Not Today Cat Cute Graphic Tee Shirts(Gift Ideas) - cat mom gifts

Cats are well known for their laze about personalities and lack of motivation to do anything. Celebrate the lazy cat in your favorite cat lady’s life with this comfortable and funny shirt. Gift this shirt by itself or with other cute kitten items.

3. Cat Blanket

Is there a sweet animal lover in your life? If so, here’s an amazing gift idea! Our cat blanket is a cute and cuddly way to show affection. It‘s the perfect idea for a birthday, holiday, or any other special occasion. What kitty fan wouldn’t adore this charming home decor?

4. Hoodies Cute Cat Ear Novelty Printed Pullover Sweatshirt

Hoodies Cute Cat Ear Novelty Printed Pullover Sweatshirt - cat mom gifts

Just like her favorite feline friend, your favorite cat mom loves to be cozy. This cat mom sweatshirt is perfect for curling up with her favorite furball. This lightweight sweatshirt makes a thoughtful cat lady Christmas gift. Available in several color options to suit her purrsonality.

5. Women’s Cat Socks

Womens Cat Socks - crazy cat lady gifts

These snuggly, warm socks make a wonderful cat mom gift. These cute socks, which come complete with adorable little cat paws, make a great addition to any crazy cat lady’s closet. The adorable little cat face on the socks complete the adoring cat mom look. 

6. Cat lovers face mask

Cat lovers face mask - kitty momma gifts

Considering we all have to wear masks everywhere, why not make a shout out to all the other cat people with this cat lovers face mask? This merchandise is proudly bedazzled with the phrase “cat mom” and some lovely little fish treats. A great addition to any daily attire.

7. CAT LADY Baseball Hat

CAT LADY Baseball Hat - gifts for cat loving mom

Celebrate National Cat Lady Day, which is April 19th if you didn’t already know, with this adorable, embroidered hat. Whether your favorite cat lady is out grabbing more litter or stocking up on tuna, this will become a favorite, go to hat. She’ll be one cool cat with this hat.

8. Lazy Black Cat Bag Tote

Lazy Black Cat Bag Tote - cat mom gifts

Every cat enthusiast knows that the best part of being a cat is lounging around in the sun all day. The cat print on this reusable bag doesn’t even need words to express her love for her cat. A durable bag perfect for picking up all of her cat’s necessities.

9. Yes I Really Do Need All These Cats Mug

Do you have a cat lover in your life who has more cats than friends? This Yes I really Do Need All These Cats Mug is the perfect present for them. Trust us, they will love you for acknowledging and accepting their love for cats.

10. Show Me Your Kitties Wine Glass

Show Me Your Kitties Funny Wine Glass - crazy cat lady gift

A fun play on words, this cat gag gift will have any cat mom proudly showing off her kitties. Share a glass with your favorite kitty momma and cheers to your furry friends. Because as the saying goes, it is not drinking alone if you are drinking with your cat.

11. Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

Stainless Steel Funny Wine Tumbler - best cat mom ever

Make sure she knows that she is the best cat mom ever with this adult sippy cup. A perfect gift for sipping her favorite beverage or sharing a lick with her feline friend. A thoughtful gift for Valentine’s day or her birthday.

12. Cat Photo Ornament

Cat Photo Ornament - cat mom gifts

Wish your favorite cat mom a Meowy Xmas with this custom ornament. Personalized cat gifts can be hard to come by. Any cat owner would appreciate this one-of-a-kind ornament. Her favorite furry friend deserves a special place on her tree just like they hold in her heart.

13. Cat Mom Sticker

Cat Mom Sticker - cat grandma

Cat moms unite with this fun, little cat mom sticker for a car or laptop. A small gift that you can easily give to any cat mom when looking to not break the bank with something cheap. While it might not be big, it’s the little things that are meaningful. 

14. Pet Portrait Necklace

Pet Portrait Necklace - gifts for cat ladies

The gift of jewelry never goes out of style. If you know a cat mom is that suffering from the loss of a cat, gifts like this are truly meaningful. Send in the best pictures of her cat and include the cat names for a special memorial gift.

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15. Kitten Ring

Kitten Ring - cat mom gifts

This minimalist ring makes a lovely birthday gift for your favorite feline aficionado. While this ring might not scream crazy cat lady, it makes our list of cat lover gifts for both new and experienced cat moms. A simple cat lady ring that any cat mama would love.

16. Cat Earrings

Cat Earrings - kitty momma

Searching for small cat trinkets to celebrate your favorite cat lady? These adorable, handmade cat earrings make the perfect complement to any outfit. These tiny silver earrings pair well with other cat-themed jewelry or are suitable all on their own.

17. Cat Coaster

Cat Coaster - cat mom gifts

Keep her tables protected, at least from water rings, with these novelty cat coasters. These make a lovely crazy cat lady gift as a simple stocking stuffer or for national cat day. Purchase a single one to accompany a cat mom cup or a whole set for her living room.  

18. Cat Keyring

Cat Keyring - cat mom gifts

Make sure she can take a bit of her cat with her wherever she goes with this cat keyring. Customize this unique keyring with her or her cat’s initial and birthstone color. Comes complete with a sweet card and “you are purrfect” quote to let her know she’s loved. 

19. Kitten Tea Ball Infuser

Kitten Tea Ball Infuser - cat mom gifts

Is your cat-obsessed bestie also a tea lover? Give this unusual gift of a tea infuser with a tiny attached feline. The perfect accompaniment to other cat-tastic kitchen accessories or meow mugs. Available in several different colors to match her favorite furry friend. 

20. Cat Toys

Cat Toys - cat mom gifts

Any cat parent would also love to get cool cat gifts for her fur babies. These fleece baguettes make the perfect gift for a playful kitten or feisty feline. While they might not smell like fresh-baked bread, her kitty will certainly be pleased to get these.

21. Cat I’m starving Cutting board

Does that crazy cat lady give her cats all of her table scraps? This awesome cutting board makes a lovely kitchen gift. Laser engraved with a sneaky little kitten and a cute saying, “I’m starving,” because as any cat owner knows when the cans open, the cats come running.

22. Cat Pillow

Cat Pillow - cat mom gifts

On the hunt for a creative Christmas gift for a cat parent? These plush pillows make a unique and one-of-a-kind present for all cat lovers. Simply send in a photo of the prized pet to have this personalized pillow custom-made. 

23. Princess Cat Portrait

Princess Cat Portrait - cat mom gifts

Does her cat rule the house like the princess she knows she is? Then present her with this unique cat gift of a hand-drawn image of her favorite feline. This ridiculous print will certainly become the center of conversation for her for-paws friends. 

24. Cat Ring Holder for Jewelry

Cat Ring Holder for Jewelry - cat mom gifts

Make sure that kitty momma never loses her rings with this cat ring holder. This ring holder makes the perfect little gift for Valentine’s day or a great idea for a kitty birthday gift. 

25. Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity Good for Pet Hair

Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity Good for Pet Hair - cat mom gifts

Every cat owner knows that pet hair can be a big problem when it comes to keeping the house clean. This amazing high-tech vacuum makes a practical gift for any furry pet owner. It’s even large enough for your cat to ride around on. 

26. Best Cat Ever Frame

Best Cat Ever Frame - best cat lady gifts

Even though her cat can’t read, celebrate that he’s the best cat ever with this adorable photo frame. This personalized cat lover gift with her cat’s name and her favorite picture of her fur baby. A simple but meaningful cat mom gift idea she’ll cherish. 

27. Black Cat mini wallet

Black Cat mini wallet - cat mom gift

There are so many different ways to celebrate being a cat mom and feline lover. This cat-themed wallet features cartoon-like black cats on a handy wallet. Perfect for storing some tasty cat treats or spare change all in a nice little pouch.

28. Cat Pajama Set

Cat Pajama Set - gifts for cat loving mom

Does the cat mom you know also have cat-loving kids? These really are the cat’s pajamas… Ideal for cat people big and small, these pajamas make the best gift for little cat lovers. A fun item that you can gift with other cat-themed presents. 

29. Welcome Door Mat

Welcome Door Mat - gifts for cat loving mom

Before people even enter her home, they will know that she is a cat lover. This product makes a great gift for National Cat Day and will withstand the elements year-round. The paw prints are not only adorable but also inviting for animals and humans alike. 

30. Cat Oat Garden Kit

Cat Oat Garden Kit -  gifts for cat loving mom

Cat grass is very popular among cat owners. These types of pet supplies help to regulate the cat’s digestive system and help to prevent nasty fur balls. A thoughtful gift that keeps on giving that any cat owner will surely appreciate.

31. Cat Dish Towel

Cat Dish Towel - best cat lady gifts

Cat owners love to accent their house with all sorts of amazing cat-related merchandise. These cat-tastic kitchen towels feature a cute cat print on 100% cotton. Perfect for drying dishes or cleaning up messes the cat makes (like when they push things off of the counter).

32. Cat Corkscrew

Cat Corkscrew -  cat gifts for mom

What’s better than a cat’s nine lives? Wine lives… Your cat will watch in amazement as their cat mom uses this new bottle opener with ease. A useful gift for anyone who loves wine just as much as their cat. The corkscrew makes opening any bottle of wine a breeze.

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