21+ Awesome Chihuahua Gifts to Surprise Any Dog Lovers (2022)

Chihuahua gifts are adorable! What better way is there to celebrate this cute dog? Chi is a friendly, loyal, and affectionate little animal. It should come as no surprise that Chihuahua lovers cannot stop talking about them. All of these ideas are perfect for any special occasion. These gifts for pet owners are guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one’s face!

Best Gifts For Chihuahua Owners

1. Photo Collage Canvas Print

Pet owners will be happy to show off their cute Chihuahua. Here’s a unique gift to do just that. Pet photos don’t belong in phone albums. They will look great on wall decor for all to see!

2. Custom Chihuahua Photo Mug

Are you looking for some Chihuahua gift ideas for a puppy lover? Pay tribute to the best companion ever with a beautiful coffee mug. It’ll come with adorable photos of this lovely dog. Who knew hot drinks could taste so good?

3. Tote Bag

Is life better with a Chi? Your dog mom certainly believes so. She has a pup that’s constantly giving her lovely cuddles. If someone in your life has this awesome pet, she deserves some pretty merchandise to prove her point.

4. Personalized Chihuahua Pillow

If you know someone who just lost their furry friend, this will give them comfort. Celebrate the life of the cutest dog ever with this Chihuahua-themed gift. This way, the beautiful memories will remain alive for years to come.

5. Pet Lover Socks

Are you having a hard time shopping for Chihuahua Christmas gifts? You can’t go wrong with these cotton socks. They’re not too thick, so they’re perfect for the whole year-round. Considering how cute they are, no one’s going to want to take them off, anyway.

6. Throw Blanket

This blanket is one of the best gifts for a Chihuahua owner. Not only does it keep a pet parent warm, but it’s also great for cuddling with a dog! With this item around, there will always be an excuse to chill in front of the fire.

7. Chihuahua Bling Keychain

Here’s a thing that can hold keys or even hang from a handbag. It’s so pretty and comes in a fun variety of colors! Just when a Chihuahua lover thought they had enough dog stuff around, this beautiful keychain comes along.

8. Memorial Dog Desktop Photo Plaque

Saying goodbye to a Chihuahua isn’t easy, but memorial gifts for dog owners make it slightly easier. Offer this to someone who’s having a difficult time. They’ll love thinking about the good times with the pet that they will never forget.

9. Custom Chihuahua Car Decal

If there is anything pet lovers like doing, it’s telling people they have one. This Chihuahua collectible does that job well. Slap this sticker on a car, and pretty soon, everyone will know this cute pup’s name!

10. Christmas Chihuahua Ornament

Finding the coolest gifts for a Chihuahua can be difficult because they can’t tell you what they want. Well, you’ll make your dog happy with this one. It’s a personalized ornament that will finally complete the tree.

11. Dog Necklace

If you are on the hunt for dog mom gift ideas, jewelry is always a good option. Chihuahua accessories like this beautiful personalized piece are a woman’s best friend. Pairing this necklace with an outfit is easy because it goes with anything!

12. Chihuahua-opoly

It’s time that tiny, adorable Chi get their own version of Monopoly, and it doesn’t disappoint. This game is an excellent gift for puppy parents who always host game nights. They’ll be so happy to show off their competitive side yet again.

13. Coloring Book

All of us need to relax, and coloring is a wonderful way to do that. Would you like to be thoughtful? Help a friend stay calm and collected with one of the best gifts for Chihuahua lovers.

14. Chihuahua Figurine

Chihuahua collectibles are a great way to make a room look beautiful. Make this a gift for a dog owners that they’ll appreciate for years to come. It’ll never go out of style and adds a lovely vibe to a home.

15. Dad T-Shirts

The best gifts for a dog dad are those he’ll be using again and again. When he has this t-shirt on, he’ll be the talk of the town. There’s nothing quite like the pride of a Chihuahua-loving man!

16. Cute Chihuahua Earrings

Make a lady the center of attention with one of the most adorable Chihuahua gifts for her. If you are shopping for dog lovers, you can be sure they’ll adore this stunning pair of earrings. What a fantastic conversation starter!

17. When I Needed a Hand I Found Your Paw Canvas Print

It’s very easy to understand that animals bring out the best in us. A dog never fails to give comfort to a pet parent when they need it the most. And that is what this Chihuahua home decor celebrates – the incredible love pups feel for their owners!

18. Puppy Dog Pencil Holder

There are so many useful things you can get a Chi lover. This pen holder will keep a work desk neat and organized. Now, that’s some excellent Chihuahua merchandise. Marie Kondo would be extremely proud!

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19. Chihuahua Art Print

Are you ready to make a living area stand out? This cool Chihuahua dog gift is the perfect addition to any space. After all, it’s the portrait of the greatest pet in the world.

20. Coffee Mug

You won’t find a better present idea than this! This mug is one of the most honest gifts for Chihuahua lovers out there. If there’s a single thing they will all agree on, it’s that life is about wine and petting their dogs.

21. Chihuahua Ring

Surprise your favorite Chihuahua lover with a delightful adjustable ring. This precious little thing is a great piece for her collection. After all, who wouldn’t want to wear a cute dog on their finger?

22. Dog Slippers

The best gifts for the Chihuahua lover are funny and useful. This holiday season, offer someone you adore a present that will bring a smile to their face. Slippers as comfy as these will keep feet warm and happy all day long.

Show the Chihuahua Some Love!

With this carefully curated list, we know you’ll find the perfect Chihuahua gifts for the people you love. It’s time to pay tribute to the cutest little dog in the world!

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