Chinese Crested Dog Breed Information

With a unique appearance that catches your eye, the Chinese Crested dog is a great companion to have. These dogs are lively, loving, and have a playful personality, making them the ideal pet to have at home. 

Not only are they the cutest toy breed, but they also come in two varieties; hairless and coated. The hairless has smooth and soft skin, while the coated ones have their own nickname – Powderpuff. They are about 11 to 13 inches high, easy to train. This small dog breed can live anywhere, given the owners are with them most of the time. 

The hairless ones have the advantage of being hypoallergenic dog breeds with no drooling and minimal shedding. Both varieties of the Chinese Crested are alert housemates who get along with their families. We’ve compiled for you all the information on what the fun-loving dogs are all about. Enjoy!

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What Do Chinese Crested Dogs Look Like

Hairless and coated are two kinds of Chinese Crested dogs that exist. The coated ones, also known as the powderpuff Chinese Crested, have a beautiful double-coated layer of silky smooth hair. When this hair is not trimmed, it gives off the look of a traditional spaniel. Trims are necessary every few months as they tend to get long and cover their face and body. These dogs have beautiful coat shades, ranging from dark black to chocolatey brown, and some even have three colors.

As for the hairless ones, they have the smoothest skin, which varies from peach to black. The hair that does grow around the face and ankles of a hairless Chinese Crested has a single silky coat. However, the coat of a powderpuff is double-layered, allowing them to be comfortable in the winter season.


Almost all Chinese Crested Dogs have the same personality. These dogs are best known to be outstanding lapdogs who require very little exercise compared to many other breeds their size. They make for as great buddies for people of all ages living in homes or apartments. It can get hard to train them at home, and so positive reinforcement needs to be used. 

Due to their fun-loving and extremely friendly nature, you can’t leave them alone as they have higher chances of developing separation anxiety and getting stressed. However, they get along with humans, but they are also known to have the same friendly approach towards other animals, which is great if you have other pets in the house.

Living Needs

Best for living in an apartment – The Chinese Crested is clean, quiet, and requires very little exercise, making them perfect for an apartment. Their happy-go-lucky personality makes them great pets for seniors and people with mobility issues. They don’t leave their owners so often

Chinese Crested Dog Breed
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These guys, especially the hairless variety, are mainly for indoor living. But will still use a garden space at home when necessary. Also, owners should monitor their outside time as it can impact their health. In the colder seasons, cover your Chinese Crested, especially the hairless ones. Because they don’t have the hair to do so and can get sick. 

They get along fine with other pets in the house due to their friendly nature. However, their size is not as big as other animals, they can get dominated easily. Ensure to monitor them when they are in the presence of animals double their size to avoid any injuries or fights.


How To Groom A Chinese Crested

The most asked question is ‘do Chinese crested dogs shed?’. For this, you need to understand that the variety of the Chinese Crested dog you have matters a lot. 

For coated/ powderpuffs, grooming is the same as any other dog. You have to be consistent as the hair grows fast and long and will cover the eyes and face of your dog quickly. Brushing their hair is a great way to stop matting, and it allows the coat to become healthy, but never brush their coat while it’s dry. You can spray some water on their hair to make the hair tangle-free and keep it shiny. This variety of dogs don’t require taking weekly baths. Once in a month is good enough. 

As for the hairless dogs don’t require brushing as they don’t have much hair, but their main area of concern is their skin. It has to be kept healthy, and for that, you should put on moisturizer, sunblock and bath them more often than a powderpuff to avoid anybody odor.

Chinese Crested Dog Breed
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Chinese Crested Exercise Needs 

A Chinese Crested pup does not require much exercise and most likely will not join you on long walks and regular jogging. However, they require mental stimulation, and there are a variety of toys available for them to challenge their brains and allow them to enjoy.  

How To Train A Chinese Crested Dog

It is quite the task to train a Chinese Crested. You should have a lot of patience to do so.  They tend to be very stubborn when it comes to being trained. The only way to go about it is positive reinforcement. You have to be very gentle with them as they are very timid. Any correction or repetition should be done with love. 

If they don’t work well in the house training, you can put them in puppy classes where other dogs are their size to get along and adapt easily. Be careful not to put them in between large dogs as they might end up getting hurt.


Life Expectancy

If an owner get know how to take care a Chinese Crested pup, they will have a lifespan of 13 to 18 years.

Chinese Crested Health Issues

The Chinese Crested dogs tend to have eye problems such as lens luxation, glaucoma, and PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). In addition to that, they have luxating patellas, a disease where the kneecap slips out of place, and Legg-Perthes disease as they age. These are common in their breed. 

In addition, the powderpuff and hairless Chinese Crested vary in their mouths. The Chinese Crested breed has a primitive mouth which means that they have pointy teeth like canines. Powderpuff has healthy teething and is not prone to teeth problems, but the hairless doesn’t. They are prone to missing teeth, overcrowded teeth, and have higher chances of all types of teeth issues. It does not work in favor of those owners who wish to make their dogs win beauty pageants, and in the long run, you may have to remove their teeth. It is important to ensure that your dog has good dental health, and for that, you need to brush their teeth throughout the dog’s life.


How Much Food Should I Feed My Chinese Crested Dog

The suggested daily amount that you should fees your Chinese Created is 1/4 to 1 cup of premium dry food divided into two separate meals.


The precise ancestries remain unclear of the Chinese Crested, but they do go back thousands of years, and it is unlikely that they originated from China. They either came from Mexico and have shared a common ancestor. Others say that they came from Africa. 

There is very little clarity on where they originated from. Nevertheless, these dogs had initially found their way onto the Chinese trading vessels but people brought them back to the land, where the Chinese instantly started with the breeding, making them even smaller. Chinese sailors began keeping these cresteds on their ships as ratters, and thus the name “Chinese Crested” got stuck. 

The Chinese crested breed made its way to the U.S. in the 1880s thanks to all the efforts of a breeder named Debra Woods and a journalist named Ida Garrett, who individually endorsed the breed.

Fun Facts About Chinese Crested Dogs

  • Chinese Cresteds can live best in apartments as they are a small breed and don’t require much exercise outdoors, especially if they are hairless.
  • You should not leave Chinese Crested alone at any given time as they can get injured due to other animals or escape through the fences. 
  • Chinese Crested dogs should have proper socialization; otherwise, they become scared of people and other animals. Make sure to watch them as they have a high chance of being injured by other large animals.

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