150+ Chow Chow Names That Twist the Ear

The best Chow Chow names are knocking on your door, and there are plenty of them! If a miniature one of these ancient hunters is spreading paw love at your home, it’s time to name it! Hurry up before it turns into an independent dog! Let’s take a look at awesome names for this interesting breed that originated in China.

Socializing a dog from the Chow Chow breed starts with giving it a name! Searching for good names for your puppy Chao Chao can be challenging, but we can help! So, what’s the best name for your Chao Chao? 

1. Bella

2. Rex

3. Max

4. Luna

5. Daisy

6. Boo Boo

7. Corduroy

8. Chewbacca

9. Maddie

10. Bear

11. Dinky

12. Charmin

13. Stella

14. Snowball

15. Buster

16. Chipmunk

17. Cloud

18. Koda

19. Roxy

20. Shadow

21. Ellie

22. Nala

23. Fozzie

24. Hazel

25. Ollie

26. Kitty

27. Millie

28. Charlie

29. Blu

30. Baby

31. Rusty

32. Fuzz

33. Bailey

34. Velvet

35. Shep

36. Fleecy

37. Toby

38. Lucy

39. Dash

40. Gigi

41. Choux

42. Ezra

43. Pooh

44. Charming

45. Twee

46. Duke

47. Mabel

48. Wooly

49. Furby

50. Thor

51. Shaggy

52. Loki

53. Floof

54. Cooper

55. Ruffles

56. Chloe

57. Leo

58. Lexi

59. Ruger

60. Honey

61. Simba

62. Kissy

63. Sadie

64. Bee

65. Jack

66. Winston

67. Harley

68. Kona

69. Rosie

70. Lily

71. Parka

72. Curly

73. Marsh

74. Oliver

75. Sadie

76. Aero

77. Chewy

78. Lincoln

79. Roscoe

80. Zoe

81. Lola

82. Rocky

83. Ginger

84. Frizz

85. Cleo

86. Teddy

87. Milo

88. Foxy

89. Sammy

90. Lush

91. Cozy

92. Hannah

93. Cloudy

94. Maya

95. Ewok

96. Titch

97. Shorty

98. Coco

99. Fluffbottom

100. Buttons

101. Squirt

102. Cookie

103. Wookie

104. Sasha

105. Fiesta

106. Noodle

107. Bonsai

108. Empress

109. Aspen

Top 10 Female Chow Chow Names

Your cute Chow girl deserves a name that will show what an independent dog she is! This lady bear carries the genes of hunters, and there’s nothing like a popular name choice to showcase that. Find it below! 

1. Lucy

2. Daisy

3. Bailey

4. Princess

5. Queenie

6. Lady

7. Nala

8. Pandora

9. Penny

10. Iris

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Top 10 Male Chow Chow Names

Male Chow dogs have lion hearts! Having its temperament and being loyal, your puppy needs a bold name before it becomes a big boy. Feel free to borrow one from our list of Chow Chow male names! 

1. Bear

2. Leo

3. Mack

4. Tzar

5. Toby

6. Koda

7. Shah

8. Cecil

9. Max

10. Charlie

Chinese Chow Chow Dog Names

Want a cute name that ties to the Chow Chow history and roots? You need one from China! Chinese dog names are tailor-made for this puppy breed! Here are some unique names that ring the Chinese bell. 

1. Manchu – Pure

2. Chang – An unhindered spirit

3. Tofu – Food

4. Qiang – Energetic

5. Lixue – Pretty and pure look like a snow

6. Zhong – Loyal

7. Cui – Prince

8. Mey – Pretty

9. Min – Clever

10. Tangtang – Sweetie

11. Boba – Tea

12. Ju-long – Strong

13. Chen chu – Pearl

14. Ming Tun – Heavy

15. Chao – Great One

Selecting the Perfect Chow Chow Name

A puppy from this dog breed is royalty by definition. It’s the Chao Chao blood! To raise your Chow dog a majesty, select the best name from all Chao Chao puppy names. Here are some great tips for this task. 

Easy to Pronounce

Choosing a name quickly isn’t ideal. Names that sound similar to commands can interfere with your pup’s training. As if it wasn’t already challenging to train a dog! Make sure not to call your cream Chow Chow Sway or Bit! 

Love the Name

Famous names are top-notch, but you and the doggo should also love the pick. Being cute, Chow Chow dogs deserve a carefully- chosen name, which may take some time. But for your white Chow puppy, it will be worth it. 

Don’t Use a Reycled Name

When naming your Chow Chow baby, a short, unique name that you can easily pronounce is best to go with. If your red name is too similar to a family member’s one, the pup might get confused! 

Think of Your Puppy’s Personality

To give your black and brown this cute dog a name to live up to, get a gist of its personality. Is it silly, grumpy, or always hungry? Your Chow Chow’s behavior could give you a long nickname list itself.

Did you find the perfect ear-twisting name for your Chao Chao bear? Or you can’t make up your mind between two Chow Chow names? Either way, we hope that your search for Chow Chow names with meaning ends here!

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