18 Fantastic Christmas Gifts for Dogs to Surprise Your Favorite Furball

It’s already that time of the year again to find the best Christmas gifts for dogs. And that’s why we’ve prepared for you a list of 18 different but equally awesome dog Christmas gift ideas.

Most dog owners treat their fur babies as they would their kids. This means that it’s best to get a present for the pups when buying Christmas gifts for them.

Similarly, if you’re a newbie parent, our article will help you find the best dog Xmas gifts for your puppies. This way, you’ll become their favorite Santa during the holidays. 

Dog Christmas Gifts

1. Pet First Christmas Photo Ornament

Christmas Gifts for Pets

A simple way of introducing your furry friend to your family is by getting a photo ornament of your pet. It’s a cute dog Christmas gift for everyone, especially your nieces and nephews. 

This way, your dog can join your family tree and enjoy the holidays with your entire family! 

2. La-Z-Boy Chaise Furniture Sofa Dog Bed

Have you ever wondered what to get a dog for Christmas? Thankfully, you can’t go wrong with this comfortable sofa dog bed.

It’s one of the top furniture ideas for pups who love lazying about indoors. Additionally, its size makes it perfect for people living in apartments with their small to medium-sized doggos. 

3. Dog Christmas Custom Canvas Print

Christmas Gifts for Pets

Have you been looking for a unique and personalized Christmas gift for pets and their owners? How about surprising your best friend with this cute photo collage canvas print? This gift is ideal for both seasoned and newbie pet parents. Remember to use their favorite pictures to make it the best Christmas present ever!

4. Pet Lover Custom Photo Mugs

Sometimes, it’s the simple things we do that really touch people’s hearts. And this dog-themed photo mug will help you achieve just that!

Unlike other puppy Christmas presents, this mug is pretty to look at and practical for coffee lovers. Besides, it’s the most adorable Christmas gift for people with dogs. 

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5. “Best Dog Ever” Custom Photo Plaque

Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Most new dog owners often ask themselves, “What should I get my dog for Christmas?” Luckily for you, we’ve got a good dog Christmas gift idea that won’t break the bank!

This custom photo plaque is a great way to kick off your parenting journey with your adorable puppy. Everyone will love it!

6. ZippyPaw Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

An interactive toy goes a long way in keeping your four-legged friends entertained all day! That said, this squeaky dog toy from ZippyPaws is one of the best dog Xmas gifts for your little champ.

Fortunately, even bigger dogs can join in the fun, making it perfect for dog lovers with a big canine family. 

7. Christmas Stockings for Dogs

Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Have you been wondering what dogs want for Christmas? Why don’t you give this dog stocking a try?

What’s best is it comes with other Christmas stuff for dogs to keep them happy and entertained all holiday. Don’t be surprised if your kids ask Santa for the same present next year! 

8. Christmas Dog Sweater

If your holiday destination is somewhere cold and windy, get your furry friend this cute sweater. This pet Christmas gift is perfect for dog owners who love wearing matching outfits with their pups. It’ll also make your family photo look lovely, especially if everyone follows the theme.

Besides, what other cute and practical gift can beat this? 

9. Christmas Dog Pajamas

Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Is your dog groomer a fur parent too? We’ve got something they’ll love! Surprise them with this soft and warm dog sweater for the Xmas holidays. It’s a cute Christmas gift for small dogs and big ones alike. Either way, the red and black plaid print is always in fashion. Remember to snap a few photos to share with your friends.

10. Chuckit Kick Fetch Toy Ball

So your little brother is throwing a birthday party for his pupper? Help him celebrate the occasion with this colorful Xmas dog toy.

It’s one of the most creative Christmas presents for dog lovers who love playing fetch with their furry friends. Its unique design and unpredictable bounce will make things exciting for the dog too! 

11. Good’N’Fun Holiday Chews & Treats

Like humans, even pets deserve a little reward every so often, especially if they’ve been well behaved.

So if you’ve been wondering, ‘how can I spoil my dog for Christmas,’ these treats are what you need! They also come in handy for people with canines of different breeds and age groups.

12. Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Game Dog Toy

Wondering where to find good Christmas gifts for people with dogs? How about this cool puzzle game that uses little treats as inspiration? It’s the perfect Christmas gift for cats and dog owners whose pets enjoy mentally stimulating games.

What makes it more appealing are the different challenge levels for your pets. Don’t forget to keep your camera on standby!

13. KONG Tires Dog Toy

Having a dog who loves to chew on your stuff can be challenging, especially if you live with others. Luckily, this KONG tire is the perfect Christmas toy for dogs who can’t stop biting on everything in their way.

You can even sneak in a few snacks to lure your furry friend to test it out. 

14. Furbo Dog Camera

If there’s something that should top your shopping list when buying a holiday gift for dogs, it’s the Furbo dog camera.

It’s an incredible tech gift for dog owners with one pet or more. This way, they can talk to and comfort their fur babies, even when they’re away for work. 

15. Large Personalized Ceramic Dog Bowl

Have you been looking for personalized Christmas gifts for dogs? How about this cute and practical ceramic dog bowl?

It’s one of the most useful Christmas gifts for large dogs, especially if you have a huge pet family. This way, you can ensure every pup eats to their filling and without a fight! 

16. Dog Christmas Collar

If you can’t come up with any cool Christmas ideas for your dogs, check out this unique dog collar. It comes in the perfect Xmas color scheme to ensure your pups look great in the family photo.

What’s best is you can buy them in different sizes to fit your dogs and cats.

17. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Wondering what dog holiday gifts to get for your canine-loving friends this year? You can never go wrong with a play item, especially Wobble Wag Giggle Ball.

Although it doesn’t use batteries, this ball makes some sounds to keep your pets excited throughout the holiday season. It’s an awesome fetch toy for playful furballs!

18. Puppy Scoop Ice Cream Mix for Dogs

What’s a good Christmas gift for dogs that love stealing sweets and candy from the pantry? How about this delicious maple bacon-flavored ice cream treat made for all dog breeds?

It’s one of the best puppy surprises for Christmas. Additionally, its simple-to-follow steps make it a favorite, especially for newbie dog owners and petsitters.

Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for dogs is not as simple as it sounds. Luckily, these exciting dog Christmas present ideas are sure to win over your canine friend. What’s important is to ensure you know your dog’s tastes and preferences. At the same time, if you’re shopping for a friend’s pet, then it’s best to do your research earlier.

Consider their breed, size, weight, and age before going on a shopping spree. Doing this will help you find the best puppy Christmas present without wasting time. But most importantly, don’t break the bank! Whatever your budget is, your four-legged friends will love their Christmas gifts for pets.

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