DIY Dog Puzzles Your Furry Baby Will Love

After being quarantined for so long, it’s time to get started on the DIY dog puzzles. Although your pup may not say it, they also get bored of idling. Just like humans, your dog’s brain requires regular mental stimulation.

That said, it’s best to involve your kids and four-legged buddy when designing and developing the homemade puzzle ASAP! A challenging game will give your doggos the wholesome enrichment they need. 

1. Muffin Tin Puzzle

Muffin Tin Puzzle - diy dog puzzles

Does your dog enjoy their feeding time? Dust off your tennis balls and a muffin tin, and get creative with this stimulating project by Cheerful Hound. Don’t forget to prepare small portions of your dog’s favorite snack in advance.

Carefully place the treats inside the slots and use the balls to hide the treats underneath. Mission complete! Try making it more challenging by covering every single muffin hole. How fun!

2. Sweet Potato Chew Toy

sweet potato chew toy - diy dog puzzles

Perfect for small pups and other dogs, this unbreakable puzzle from Instructables Living will get your buddy excited. Once again, dog treat puzzles come to the rescue. Although it might seem strange for newbie dog owners, it’s essential to note that sweet potatoes are awesome dog treats.

Remember to use hemp or jute rope as they are more robust and safe. Have a great time relaxing as your pup plays!

Learn how it’s done with this video from Petwell Supply

3. Tennis Ball Treat Dispenser

Tennis Ball Treat Dispenser - diy dog puzzles

If you are looking for creative ways to keep your dog’s mind busy, use this trick from The Dogington Post. This treat dispenser will suit your pooch perfectly if they enjoy playing brain games. Using a sharp knife, carefully slice into the ball.

Whichever method you use, make sure your fur friend can confidently access the treats without getting injured. Alternatively, you can trick your four-legged buddy by switching techniques.

Watch the video below to see how to make this great tennis ball for your pooches from ErinsAnimals

4. Bottle Spinning Toy  

Bottle Spinning Toy - diy dog puzzles

Have you been searching for cool treat-dispensing toys to no avail? If your pit bulls love their treats, you will need these brain teasers, as illustrated on Borrow My Doggy. Create an exciting spin-the-bottle game for them, and watch them tackle each other for the snacks.

To get started, use transparent bottles to grab their attention. Eventually, you can use color-coded themes to make it less obvious and more challenging.

5. Toilet Paper Roll Treat Toy

Toilet Paper Roll Treat Toy - diy dog puzzles

Does your pup enjoy playing hide and seek? This simple DIY dog puzzle is another trick from Instructables Living. Instead of dumping your toilet paper rolls in the bin, turn them into feeder containers.

Start by folding one end of the toilet paper roll and placing a few snack pellets inside. Fold the other end and have an entertaining afternoon. Once your intelligent puppies understand it, they’ll ask for more.  

Check out this video by Charlie the GSD to see just how easy it is to make your own dog puzzle toy from a toilet paper tube

6. Milk Jug

milk jug - diy dog puzzles

As a dog owner, you should ensure your beloved puppies don’t end up eating plastic. However, this does not mean you can’t create safe DIY dog brain puzzles.

An empty milk jug makes a great training treat dispenser if you make adequate incisions. Simply cut a hole on each side and place tiny treats inside. Once done, give it to your pooches and let them have a go at it.

7. PVC Pipe

PVC Pipe - diy dog puzzles

If there’s one thing quarantine has taught us, is it’s necessary to find enrichment in our daily interactions. That said, your doggos also need to have some fun. Recreate this exciting homemade challenge from HGTV for your smart dogs.

They’ll be thrilled! Cut a small PVC pipe, puncture sizeable holes and fill it with dry kibble. Plug both ends closed, and the DIY dog treat dispenser is ready to go.

Watch it in action by Leader of the Pack Dog Training on Youtube

8. Nesting Boxes

Nesting Boxes - diy dog puzzles

Dog lovers enjoy testing their furry friends’ IQ using food puzzles. It is a fun way to keep your friends alert. If you want to join in the fun, create homemade dog toys to keep them busy.

Take out empty delivery boxes from your garage and hide treats within. Ensure you pick a set that can stack into each other. Once done, your puppy’s investigative skills will keep you entertained.

9. Peanut Butter Jar Dispenser

Peanut Butter Jar Dispenser - diy dog puzzles

If you’re a firm believer in recycling resources, you’ll love these homemade puzzles for dogs. Make your own dog treat-dispensing devices using empty peanut butter jars and plastic tubes. Start by cutting the pipe and placing it inside the open container.

Next, puncture holes to the side of the jar. Fill it with treats and roll it to your furry friend. Your kids will enjoy making these dog puzzle toys

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