19 DIY Dog Toys You Can Create Using Stuff in Your Home

Did you know that DIY dog toys are cheap and easy to make? If you’re wondering what to use or where to start from, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you that DIY play items are things you can make right at home without spending money. Yes, that’s right! You can finally put your children’s old t-shirts and tennis balls to great use. Once you learn the ropes, you’ll become the guru of homemade goodies!

1. Ball Tug Toy

Ball Tug Toy - DIY Dog Toys

Are you tired of buying new play items every week? Grab an old T-shirt and tennis ball and prepare for a fun craft session. You can even get your kids and pup to help you with your first creative homemade project. Once you’ve cut the strips, your children can braid them up. By the time you’re done with this tuggable dog puzzle ball, you’ll be a DIY expert!

2. Muffin Tin Puzzle

Muffin Tin Puzzle - DIY Dog Toys

Does your pooch love playing interactive games? If they’re easy-going and enjoys entertaining themselves with regular house junk, then they’ll love this dog food puzzle. Instead of wondering what to do next weekend, how about creating an ingenious hide and seek game? Don’t forget to use your dog’s favorite treats. You can be sure that your kids and pets will be impressed by your creativity!

3. Frozen Sock Toy

Frozen Sock Toy - DIY Dog Toys

As a novice dog owner, you must be wondering how to make a pet happy. This is especially crucial for people with big breeds. That said, how about creating DIY dog toys for chewers using old socks? You only need to tie, knot, and freeze it up when done. Once it’s ready, make sure your pup is outdoors. Otherwise, you’ll mop your entire living room!

4. Plastic Bottle Tug Toy

Plastic Bottle Tug Toy - DIY Dog Toys

Most people have been consistently working from home since the pandemic began. Don’t let your free schedule go to waste. Use your empty water bottles to make a DIY tether tug for dogs. What’s interesting about this chewers project is you can make it right at home. After braiding the cut material, toss the play item to your pup. They’ll be so thrilled, they won’t play with anything else.

5. Interactive Dog Feeder Toy

Interactive Dog Feeder Toy - DIY Dog Toys

DIY dog puzzle toys can be challenging to design, especially if you don’t know where to start. However, here’s a simple trick to keep your furry friend busy and mentally stimulated – a PVC pipe dog-feeder. It’s one of the coolest dog treat dispenser puzzles to test your dog’s IQ. Don’t be surprised if your pooch refuses to have their treats from the regular food bowl!

6. Sweet Potato Rope Toy

Sweet Potato Rope Toy - DIY Dog Toys

Experienced fur parents know that dogs love to chew on random stuff. This occurs when they are idle or need attention. Rather than spending your money on new play items every week, make these homemade dog chew sticks instead. Although the tied and knotted rope isn’t indestructible, your pup will love the challenge. You can even record them as they cut and tear at these tasty treats!

7. Apple Pies Pupsicles

Apple Pies Popsicles - DIY Dog Toys

Did you know that you can use frozen yogurt to create a mentally stimulating treat game for dogs? Yes, that’s right. Most pets enjoy homemade treats because they taste delicious. If you’ve been searching for an easy and cheap reward, this is it! Besides being a healthy alternative for your dog, it’s also not time-consuming. Don’t be surprised if frozen yogurt becomes your canine’s favorite snack!

8. Homemade Squeaky Toy

Have you been wondering where you can learn to make your own dog toys? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place! Create an interesting DIY brain game to play in your backyard. With sufficiently decent sewing skills, it can withstand the snow-laden outdoors during Christmas. Your pup will enjoy hearing the sound every time they bite or step on the squeaker!

9. No-sew Denim Dog Toy

No-sew Denim Dog Toy - DIY Dog Toys

Are you looking for fascinating things to make for your dog? Put your old jeans to good use. After cutting them up, follow this helpful step-by-step guide carefully. Don’t worry about your poor sewing skills, though. This is a fascinating non-sew project you won’t want to miss out on. Besides, your furry friend will find the knots fun to chew!

10.  Bottle Treat Dispenser

Bottle Treat Dispenser - DIY Dog Toys

If you’re a fan of using recycled materials, you’ll love this creative food puzzle for dogs. Although this project entails using an old PVC pipe, you’ll also need to use a toolbox. Remember to ask your loved ones for help when you get stuck. That said, this homemade treat dispenser is an ideal brain stimulant for you and your pup.

11.  DIY Agility Jump

Fur parents to large dogs require a large backyard to let their friends play and run around freely. Often, dog owners are forced to buy new puzzles and chewers regularly. However, these hurdles are so simple that you can make them right at home. Simply use a PVC pipe to create your own puppy agility jumps. Don’t be surprised if everyone gives it a go!

12. Towel Tug Toy

Did you know you can make your own DIY fleece dog toys? Get out your old towels from the closet and put them to work! Once you’ve cut up the strips, tie them carefully together to achieve a neat braid. It’s pretty easy. Besides keeping him entertained, this towel treat will toughen up your pup significantly. It will also keep him busy for a while!

13. Simple Sock Toy

If you’ve been wondering how to make your own dog game, give this DIY water bottle toy a try. It’s ideal for puppies who are heavy chewers like Chihuahuas and Border Collies. What’s best is you can use as many socks as you wish. Once you’ve inserted the bottle and tied up the cut ends, your homemade pet product is good to go!

14. Flirt Pole

What’s your furry friend’s favorite color? Whatever it may be, this DIY flirt pole provides the perfect opportunity to get creative. You don’t even have to buy a new PVC pipe or rope. It’s best to use local materials. And since dogs are all about having fun, they’ll enjoy playing with their new reward. However, don’t forget to tie a knot before connecting the rope.

15. A Braided Toy Made Of Old Dish Towel

Have you been wondering how to make homemade dog toys but don’t know what to do? Well, your pooch is in for a treat. Put your old kitchen towels to great use by cutting them up into sizeable strips. Once you’ve braided the towels together, make sure you tie both ends. This is by far one of the simplest DIY dog projects for a novice dog owner!

16. DIY Tennis Ball Foxtail

It’s amazing how recycled materials can transform into entertaining trinkets in no time. With an old tennis ball, fabric, and tools, you can create a worthwhile puzzle for dogs. And since dogs love to have fun with their play items, you’ll need to work on your sewing skills. So get stitching and enjoy the outdoors with your canine buddy and their brand new favorite plaything!

17. Dog Toy Fishing Pole

This interactive, homemade fishing pole is one of the simplest DIY dog accessories to make. Other than a PVC pipe, you’ll also need to use a paracord. You should also put together this tug play item away from your pet. Otherwise, the drill might scare them off. Although the process may seem pretty easy, it’s essential to make sure the rope is well-knotted!

18. A Goofy Alien Stuffie

Are you looking forward to making handmade playthings for your furry friends? If your answer is yes, then you’ll have fun making this simple squeaker stuffie. Remember to use local materials to make your own dog stuffed animal. If you’ve been searching for easy things to make for your dog, this little doll is ideal! It’ll become your pup’s favorite in no time!

19. A Tennis Ball Treat Puzzle

Does your pup enjoy playing interactive games in the backyard? Great! Make use of the cheap materials available to create some educational dog feeding games. This project is perfect for people who love to recycle or those working with a tight budget. To keep your furball hooked, offer them smelly and crunchy treats. Who doesn’t love a dog ball with treats inside?

The truth is that DIY dog toys are a fun treat for both pet and owner. Since they provide puppy enrichment, these homemade dog puzzles are perfect for most breeds. However, keep in mind it’s best to use non-hazardous material to prevent accidents. Other than that, enjoy your play sessions!

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