How to Make a DIY Fleece Dog Toy

If you are into crafting and have a beloved pup, give this DIY fleece dog toy tutorial a try. We know online instructions are sometimes hard to follow. That’s why we broke down every step to make this project easier for you. In just nine easy steps, you can have yourself a great homemade dog knot toy. Let’s get down to work!


For this project, you will need: 

  • A pair of scissors
  • A ruler
  • A sharpie 
  • A rubber band
  • A weight 

You also want three different colored pieces of fabric. Each one should be at least 60 inches long so that they can be braided together. And get creative with this stimulating project by Soimakestuff

Step 1: Get the Right Fabric

diy fleece dog toy

It’s time to learn how to make fleece dog toys. But before you start braiding, make sure you selected a suitable fabric. Doing so is essential to ensure your finished product will last for ages. You can find nice fleece at your local craft store for little expense.

Braided fleece is great for DIY dog toys because it is soft and durable. Using different colors and patterns is a great way to personalize your DIY fleece dog toy. You can really show off your and your pet’s personalities! Plus, you’ll never have to worry about getting your toy mixed up with someone else’s. 

Step 2: Cut the Fabric

It’s time to start your craft. Before cutting, it’s best to fold each piece of fleece in half. This technique makes the knot toy thicker and more enjoyable for your pup to chew on. It’ll also make it easier to braid later. Next, cut a three-inch-wide strip from each piece of fleece. These fabric strips will form the foundation of our DIY dog rope toy.

Step 3: Mark It

diy fleece dog toy2

Once you have your three-inch-wide strips of fleece, you can move on to marking them. For this step, you will need to take out your ruler and sharpie. Although it depends on what color felt you use, a black sharpie is probably best.

Line up the three pieces of fleece so that the folded ends are facing towards you. With your ruler, measure 10 inches up from the fold and make a mark with your sharpie. Then, repeat on the non-folded side. Measure 10 inches down and mark the spot. This step will set you up nicely to start knotting your puppy toy.

Step 4: Pinch and Tie

diy fleece dog toy3

Pinch at each sharpie mark and tie it up with a rubber band. You could even use a hair tie if you have one lying around. The rubber band is just there temporarily, and you will eventually replace it with a knot. In the meantime, it will hold the fabric in place while crafting this great homemade knotting toy. This step will help you make some pretty braided patterns next.  

Step 5: Braid the First Side

diy fleece dog toy4

Here comes the fun part. Put your weight just above the rubber band to hold the felt down while you braid. Cross the different strips of fleece over each other. Alternate between colors until you reach your sharpie mark. Finally, you have some nice, braided fleece, and it’s starting to look like a tug toy!

Step 6: Flip and Braid the Other Side

diy fleece dog toy5

Next, flip the half-braided fleece over and braid the other side. Again, keep braiding until you hit the sharpie mark on that side. Remember, you can always customize these DIY instructions. If you have small dogs, it might be best to make a looser braid. If you have big dogs, it might be better to make a tighter braid.

Once you have both sides braided, it’s time to move on to the final braid. Start by removing the rubber band. Your braid should be holding everything together now. With the braided loop at the top, put a weight to hold your toy down. Doing this will let you braid the two sides together. Make sure to leave a couple of inches at the end so that you have room to tie it.

Step 7: Tie Your Knots

diy fleece dog toy6

Now that you have braided everything together make a tight overhand knot with the unbraided parts. Start by forming a loop with the ends. Next, tuck the ends through the loop. Finally, holding the braid in one hand and the ends in the other, pull to tighten the knot.

If you are nervous about this step, there are plenty of knotting video tutorials that can help you. Remember, your knot should be substantial because a small one will just come undone. You want to make sure that your braided patterns stay together. 

Step 8: Trim the Edges

diy fleece dog toy7

After you have tied your nice and strong knot, trim the edges below the braided fleece. You do not want there to be too much extra fabric hanging down. The undone ends are not as fun for your canine companion to play with. Also, trimming them just makes your homemade dog knot toy look nicer. Of course, you want your newest DIY craft to be Instagram-ready.  

Step 9: Enjoy Your Brand New Toy!

diy fleece dog toy8

Finally, you have a braided fleece dog toy to be proud of! No more playing with an old rope or tennis ball. Now, your puppy has a cute new tug toy that they would prefer over a boring ball any day. You and your furry friend will love playing with this braided dog knot toy together. 

By following these easy nine steps, you’ve made a gorgeous and fun fleece dog tug toy. You should be proud you took the time and effort to fashion a personalized toy for your pup. Your furry friend will be more than grateful that you did! Now you can play tug of war together for years on end!

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