42+ Barktastic Dog Dad Gifts on Father’s Day

Looking for dog dad gifts? We’ve got you covered! Check out our awesome list of gifts for dog-loving dads for the best products and inspiration. Whatever the occasion – whether it’s Christmas, his birthday, Father’s Day, or Halloween, don’t worry! You’re bound to find something he will love!

1. Whiskey Glass

Whiskey Glass - dog dad gifts

This whiskey tumbler is the perfect gift for lovers of man’s best friend. The dog father in your life will love this hand-etched glass. Imagine a cold whiskey after a long walk with his puppy dog. Any drink of his choice will look awesome in this engraved glass! 

2. Tennis Ball Blaster

Tennis Ball Blaster - dog dad gifts

Looking for gifts from the dog to dad? Choose this hilarious toy if his pup is always keen for more exercise! As well as being a funny present, dogs love this toy at playtime. And with less effort on their father’s part, walks can last even longer! 

3. Good Luck Sock

Good Luck Sock - dog dad gifts

For dad dog gifts, look no further than these comfortable socks. A sock is a classic present for men for all occasions as it’s so handy. Let your dog lover show off his passion with this stunning French bulldog pattern emblazoned on his socks! 

4. Custom Photo Coffee Mug

Custom Photo Coffee Mug - dog dad gifts

Personalized dog gifts can be a super unique way to show your appreciation to pet dads. Customize this mug with your favorite photo of your dog dad and his pet. Then watch as he drinks his coffee with delight. It’s ideal for photos of fur babies and their dads!

5. 3D Illusion Lamp

3D Illusion Lamp - dog dad gifts

Thinking of unique Father’s Day gift ideas can be a challenge for the pup-dad who has it all. Luckily there are some pretty creative people out there inventing Father’s Day gifts for dog dads! This cool illusion lamp displays a 3D dog in a rainbow of colors! 

6. Funny Card

Funny Card - dog dad gifts

Along with gifts from dog to dad on Father’s Day, think of a card too. This handcrafted card is a sweet display of affection from his beloved pet. For an extra cheesy twist, help his fur baby make their own paw print on the card! 

7. Pearhead Pet Keepsake

Pearhead Pet Keepsake - dog dad gifts

This glass and pet toy combo is a wonderful gift for dog owners. With a glass for him and a cute chew toy for his beloved dog, they’ll both have fun. This is one of the best dog dad gifts as it will please both the man and man’s best friend! 

8. Go Fetch Magnetic Bottle Opener

Go Fetch Magnetic Bottle Opener - dog dad gifts

Looking for themed gifts for a dog lover that are both attractive and useful? This magnetic bottle opener is super durable and a great gift for gadget-happy dog dads. While bottle openers can seem to go for walks all by themselves, let’s hope this little guy stays put!

9. “Home Is Where Someone Runs To Greet You” Custom Photo Canvas

“Home Is Where Someone Runs To Greet You” custom photo canvas - dog dad gifts

A custom photo canvas makes an awesome present for a fur dad’s birthday. It can also be one of best dog memorial gifts of furry friends from our past. When you want to buy gifts for dog dads, there’s nothing better than a lovely photo of his puppy! 

10. Soy Candle

Soy Candle - dog dad gifts

This candle makes a lovely small gesture to a man who loves his furbabies. A scented soy candle is not your typical gift for men, but it’s a great unconventional present. Especially if his best friend tends to be a bit stinky…  

11. Necktie

Necktie - dog dad gifts

Search no more for gifts for dog dad from daughter. A necktie is a wonderful manly gift for the fur dad who is also your dad. With this dog patterned necktie, your dad can show off his love for his four-legged friend, even at the office! 

12. Fun Glasses

fun glassess - dog dad gifts

For a dog-loving dad who likes to drink, these cool glasses are one of the perfect dog dad gifts. Featuring a variety of dog breeds and their characteristics, you’re sure to find one that honors his special pal. And perhaps he’ll even offer you a glass! 

13. Head Mask

Head Mask - dog dad gifts

Do you have a friend who loves his pooch so much it seems like he might turn into one? With this full-face mask, your favorite dog dad will never need to wonder what to wear for Halloween again! This colorful mask is guaranteed to bring out his playful side! 

14. Doge Hoodie

Doge Hoodie - dog dad gifts

Not many geek gifts combine geekdom and dogs. A space-themed Harajuku style hoodie is adorned with the face of a fluffy Shiba Inu. Make your pet lover’s day really special with this cozy and comfortable hoodie. His best friend will certainly enjoy snuggling into the soft material too! 

15. Leash

Leash - dog dad gifts

Continuing with the geeky theme, here’s a special Star Wars dog dad gift that’s out of this world! Available in various sizes, this is a cool dad and dog gift that they can enjoy together. The collar is durable, so it’s great for walks anywhere in the galaxy! 

16. Grooming Kit

Grooming Kit - dog dad gifts

Is your puppy looking a little shaggy around the edges? When it comes to grooming, high-quality gifts for dog dads are a must. This gadget will keep their canine companion in tip-top shape. It’s easy to trim even the trickiest of areas as this all-in-one device is quiet, small, and simple to use! 

17. Enamel Pin

ENAMEL PIN - dog dad gifts

Fashionable gifts to get a dog dad don’t get much better than this. A shiny new dog dad badge will let everyone know who his best friend is. His dog can always be with his daddy in spirit with this great gift for men who love dogs.

18. Cheese Boards

Cheese Boards - dog dad gifts

A dog breed cheese board is an awesome and unique gift for your pooch-loving pa. Carefully shaped to represent different dog breeds, this cute cheese board holds delicious treats. Ideal for the man who loves hosting guests, this makes an excellent gift for a dog dad! 

19. Carrier Backpack

Carrier Backpack - dog dad gifts

The fact is that our furry friends’ legs aren’t as long as ours. When you need to walk further than your pup can manage, this adjustable backpack is the best solution. It’s incredibly lightweight, so it’s easy to carry even if your pooch is a little chubby! 

20. Bissell PowerGlide Pet Slim Corded Vacuum, 3070

BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Slim Corded Vacuum, 3070 - dog dad gifts

The PowerGlide vacuum is a simple remedy for pet hair everywhere. This is the perfect gift for a new dog dad who likes to keep a tidy house. With this specialized vacuum cleaner, he won’t need to worry about his pup shedding fur everywhere! 

21. Light Pajamas

Light Pajamas - dog dad gifts

These super soft pajamas make awesome Father’s Day gifts for a dog dad. They’re professionally printed and made of breathable cotton. Ideal for sleeping or just for comfy lounging around the house with man’s best friend. And they’ll make him look as handsome as his canine buddy! 

22. Bottle Holder  

Bottle Holder - dog dad gifts

Father’s Day rolls around every year, and it can be increasingly difficult to know what to get for dog dads. This great bottle holder honors man’s best friend in sculptural form. It also gives him a place to display his favorite bottle of wine! 

23. Custom Photo Plaque

Custom Photo Plaque - dog dad gifts

Looking for gifts for a dad and his dog that keep you in the picture? Why not choose this personalized photo plaque for your pup-dad featuring his furry friends? Choose your favorite photo of the three of you, and he’ll keep you both close at home or at work! 

24. Special Blanket

Special blanket - dog dad gifts

Sometimes at the end of a long day, a dog father just needs to snuggle up with his pooch. This comfy blanket will make him the best dog dad! Soft and durable, the only pawprint that stays on this throw is the one his dog makes on his heart! 

25. Notebook (Paperback)

Notebook (Paperback) - dog dad gifts

Sometimes your husband doesn’t need the latest gadget gifts for dad and dog. A simple notebook can be the perfect tool in our digital age to help your man sort out his thoughts. This is one of the best gifts for dog dads who need to get organized!

Cufflinks - dog dad gifts

Sadly, not every black-tie function will allow fur fathers to bring their babies with them. Keep them with you even when they can’t be there in person with these sturdy dog cufflinks. They’re an excellent small reminder of the love that exists between him and his best friend! 

27. Photo Collage Pillow

Photo Collage Pillow - dog dad gifts

This unique photo collage pillow is an excellent present for your dad’s Father’s Day. Soft and huggable, it features an assortment of delightful pictures of your favorite breed. Customize the cushion with exciting photos of you and your furry friends relaxing, enjoying life, and playing together! 

28. So Long Daschund Wool Rug

So Long Dachshund Wool Rug - dog dad gifts

Not only does this wool rug keep your carpets in good condition, but it also features a funny dad joke. Dachshunds are long, and they’re saying, “So long!” Get it? Keep boots and paws dirt-free with this handmade rug, featuring his best furry friend! 

29. Petcube Play

Petcube Play-  dog dad gifts

Dad and dog gifts they can use together are neat. The Petcube allows you to keep an eye on your furbabies while you’re out, ensuring their safety. But it’s also a fun toy! Hear, talk to, and play with your dog with the adjustable functions on this awesome gadget! 

30. Lamp Wooden

Lamp Wooden - dog dad gifts

Lamps can set the tone for your living space, and this creative choice will really make an impact. With a hollowed center in the shape of a paw, it’s an exciting present for your dad’s Father’s Day. As it’s made of natural pine, his home will smell delightful! 

31. Bone Shape Stockings

Bone Shape Stockings - dog dad gifts

A dog’s not just for Christmas, and Christmas isn’t just for humans! Let your doggo join in the festive fun with their own colorful stockings that can hold all kinds of treats. Plus, the owners can customize the stocking with a DIY tag to make it extra special! 

32. An Off-Color Adult Coloring Book

An Off-Color Adult Coloring Book - dog dad gifts

Sometimes, dads need a hilarious gag gift to get a good laugh. After all, they give us enough laughs with their terrible dad jokes. It’s time to give the gift of laughter back to your dog-loving father. This cool coloring book is ideal for dads who love a laugh on any occasion! 

33. Keychain

Keychain - dog dad gifts

A keychain is a handy gadget to keep your keys and gear together. This lovely keyring can be personalized with a variety of dog breeds and the dog’s name. If you know the best dog dad ever, he needs this to let the rest of the world know!

34. Phone Case

phone case - dog dad gifts

The best dog dad gifts often come with his beloved pet’s name. With tempered glass and silicone sides, this high-quality luxury phone case is suitable for both Samsung phones and iPhones. Celebrate his pup and protect his phone at the same time! 

35. Baseball Cap

Baseball Cap - dog dad gifts

When he needs to keep his head cooler in warm weather, this hat is a great option. The stylish distressed jean material with intricate embroidery proudly will let everyone know he’s a fur dad. Well-made and durable, this hat will soon become his wardrobe staple! 

36. Apron

apron - dog dad gifts

If your dog dad fancies himself a chef, an adjustable apron is just the thing to protect him from spills. Anything else that falls on the floor, his four-legged best friend can eat. This apron features a cute quote and picture of a beagle. How cute is that? 

37. Dish Towel

Dish Towel - dog dad gifts

Gifts from the dog are funny. This entertaining dish towel is a great choice even for someone who thinks they have all the stuff they need. It’s super absorbent and available in a variety of vibrant colors so your daddy can match his kitchen style! 

38. Custom Ornament

Custom Ornament - dog dad gifts

Christmas gifts for dog dads are a fantastic way to show your love for pets and owners alike. Decorate your Christmas tree with this unique festive ornament and the rest of your collectibles. Just make sure you put it up high so your adorable puppy doesn’t knock it off! 

39. T-shirt

t-shirt - dog dad gifts

Available in different colors to suit your individual taste, t-shirts like this make great gifts for the dog-loving dad. Choose your favorite hue for this cool Golden Retriever shirt and wear it proudly! It will make your pooch paw at you with excitement when he sees his face on it! 

40. Beer Sleeve

beer sleeve - dog dad gifts

Life is better with a beagle and a beer. Keep his hands warm and his beer cold with this simple invention for your dog-loving husband. It’s a great way to wish happy Father’s Day to pet dads! He’ll always have a cold beer in his hand and be the envy of the BBQ! 

41. Baseball

 Baseball - dog dad gifts

Having trouble thinking of good gifts for a dog foster dad? This custom baseball can have any photo you like, including man’s best friend! Play fetch in style with this hand-stitched regulation size ball. Or proudly show it off in a display case on your mantlepiece! 

42. Custom T-Shirt

Custom T-Shirt - dog dad gifts

Personalized gifts for the dog-loving dad are always a thoughtful choice. For heroes who love to adopt and not shop, pick a shirt that’s both comfortable and flattering. He can show off his rescue dad status with pride. You can make it truly unique with his favorite breed and pup’s name!

With all of these choices, you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect dog and dad pet gift! Whether he’s into relaxing indoor pursuits or exploring the great outdoors, these gifts for dog dads have something for everyone. Too many good options to choose from? You can always get two and stock up for next year!

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