Dog Gift Baskets for the Best Good Boys and Girls

As a dog owner, you probably prefer giving your doggies a range of little gifts to celebrate occasions, which makes dog gift baskets ideal for you. They are also quite convenient because they allow you to get the range you need in one place, saving you time and energy.

If you are looking for the best gift options to give to your furry ball of love, here are a few recommendations to help you choose.

1. BarkBox Subscription Box

Barkbox Subscription Box

Price Point: $$.$$$

The Barkbox subscription box is one of the best gift baskets for your dog because has the perfect treats to toys ratio. You can customize yours to make sure it is the right fit for your puppy and their development and even get a free toy every month.

It is affordable and saves you the hassle of looking for new toy options for your dog every month as well which means happy dog and happy you.

2. Goody Dog Birthday Box

Goody Dog Birthday Box

Price Point: $29.99

Special occasions like birthdays and Christmas call for special gifts and Goody Box really comes through for them. The Goody Dog Birthday box will help you pick out personalized dog gifts and treats for your doggy to help them celebrate the day in the happiest way possible.

3. Wufers Cookies Box

Wufers Cookies Box

Price Point: $39.95

All it takes for dogs to wag their tail with excitement are simple treats like cookies. The dog care packages by Wüfer are the perfect treats for your furry friends and amazingly pretty to look at. You will also see a lot of thematic options, so you can get different ones to have a little variety.

4. Woofables Dog Gift Basket

Woofables Dog Gift Basket

Price Point: $24.99

The Woofles dog birthday box is a favorite for doggies and dog owners alike because it offers a range of pretty little treats. It is a one-stop-shop for the ideal gift to give to the best friend who deserves the best of love and treats in the whole world.

5. Pampered Pup Dog Gift Basket

Pampered Pup Dog Gift Basket

Price Point: $54.99

Out of all the dog gift baskets, this option is the best for those of you who prefer to give your doggy sustainable treats and gifts. This can act as both a welcome and a get-well dog basket for your little puppy and keep them entertained and content.

6. Little Monster Dog Gift Basket

Little Monster Dog Gift Basket

Price Point: $37.95

Some dogs are the most loving little partners and the cutest little gremlins. If you are looking for cute holiday gifts, buy this gift basket because it has just the right mix of unique toys are treats. Your dog will enjoy munching on and playing with all the goodies and you will enjoy seeing them have fun.

7. American Classsic Food Gift Set

American Classic Food Gift Set

Price Point: $49.90

This puppy gift basket is the perfect choice for pet lovers who get sad seeing their furry friend pine after human food they cannot eat. It contains cute and squeaky toy versions of the most popular junk foods for your dog to play with. Even though they cannot eat them up, the idea of getting to chew on them is likely going to satisfy them to some extent.

8. Goody Box for Small Dogs

Goody Box for Small Dogs

Price Point: $24.99

Goody box makes some of the best gifts for dog lovers and have plenty of variety. Their dog gift baskets for small dogs are full of treats with the right nutritional value and toys they can safely play with. Getting it for your little doggie is a great way to balance their health and fun.

9. Best Friend Dog Gift Basket

Best Friend Dog Gift Basket

Price Point: $$.$$$

Wholesale is also a great option when it comes to finding the best dog gift packages for your pet. You will find affordable and valuable options that are full of gourmet treats, unique toys, and other fun materials.

DIY Dog Gifts Baskets Ideas

You can also make a customized gift basket if the mainstream ones don’t appeal to you. The best part about DIY gift baskets is that you can fill them up with your pup’s favorite treats and toys. The general excitement and happiness they exhibit will be worth the effort.

11. DIY Epic Dog Gift Basket

DIY Epic Dog Gift Basket

Price Point: $$.$$$

If you don’t want to opt for generic DIY options, you can also try out this epic dog-themed gift basket to welcome home a new puppy. The new addition to the family is a cause for celebration and deserves the extra effort of a DIY project to make it special.

11. Classic DIY Gift Basket Using A Dog Bowl

Classic Diy Gift Basket Using a Dog Bowl

Price Point: $$.$$$

DIY gift baskets allow dog owners to utilize their creative skills for something they are passionate about. It is also a great opportunity to explore your potential and use unique ways to make gift baskets for your dog that would properly express your appreciation for having them in your life.

12. DIY Gourmet Pet Gift Basket

DIY Gourmet Pet Gift Basket

Price Point: $$.$$$

The best treats are homemade and will have a little extra love compared to all the rest. Give your dog the luxury of enjoying some gourmet food you have prepared on your own especially for them. This dog gift set idea will make them happy and will fill you with warmth and love.

The best dog gift baskets are fun, delicious, or a combination of both. We hope you found some great ideas from our recommendations and are all set for getting your dog the special treatment they deserve.

If you want more gift ideas, you can check out our other blogs for gift recommendations.

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