35+ Meaningful Dog Memorial Gifts (2021)

The day you bring a dog home is also the day you get a best friend for life. Dogs love without restraint and that is why, losing them can be utterly devastating. If a loved one’s dog recently crossed over the rainbow, here are some dog memorial gifts you can give to ease their grief.

1. When Tomorrow Starts Without Me Plaque

When Tomorrow Starts Without Me Plaque - dog memorial gifts

There are no words to describe the pain of loss over losing a furry companion. Of all the dog memorial gift ideas, the most fitting one is this personalized memorial plaque. It will help the grieving family remember their beautiful best friend in the best way possible

2. Heart Shaped Bowl

Heart Shaped Bowl - dog passed away gifts

The footprints left on our hearts by our tiny puppy companions have the deepest impact. Losing a furry friend is generally difficult but even more so if they never got live full lives. This heart shaped bowl is a beautiful yet affordable sympathy gift for a family struggling with grief of losing their puppy. It will become a keepsake and help alleviate their pain.

3. Flower Pot

flower pot - dog died gift

The first thing we learn about having a dog companion is that the love never stops growing. A unique way to celebrate the memory of an adored pet who passed away is by gifting the family this personalized flower pot. An item used to facilitate growth seems like a fitting gift to memorialize a love that kept growing.

4. Candle Holder

Candle Holder - dog remembrance gifts

This candle holder is the perfect decorative gift to celebrate the memory of a beloved dog who lit up everyone’s world. Its elegant and beautiful design will make it a good part of the house décor and will help the family remember their late best friend with happiness.

5. Snow Globe

Snow Globe - dog loss gift ideas

Dogs hold a very special place in our hearts and our memories. This custom snow globe is a simple commemorative gift to celebrate the life of your friend’s dog. You can add their picture and a sweet message which you feel best fits their memory.

6. Print Board

Print Board - dog loss sympathy gift

This print board will make for a remembrance gift to give to someone grieving the loss of their furry companion. You can personalize it to add the name of their dog to make it even more sentimental. It will be a touching gesture which they will appreciate.

7. “No Longer By My Side” Canvas Print

“No Longer By My Side” Canvas Print- dog remembrance gifts

A thoughtful gift to give to a family that lost a dog is this beautiful canvas print. They can use this decorative item as part of the home décor to always keep their fur baby in their thoughts. Use a custom photo of their best memory with the dog to make this gift even more touching.

8. Tote Bag

tote bag - dog memorial gifts

The most suitable ‘remembering dog’ gifts for man’s best friend are those which can be kept close every day. That’s why a customizable tote bag with a photo of their late best friend is the perfect gift for someone who wants to keep the memory of their adored best friend near.

9. Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi Crochet Pattern - dog passed away gifts

Stay true to the memory of a funny fur baby and give their tiny human companion this DIY gift to help them cope with the loss of their best friend. The kids will adore and appreciate the creative and thoughtful gift and it will help them remember their best friend as they grow older.

10. Stone Plaque

Stone Plaque - dog memorial gifts

This stone plaque is a meaningful keepsake to give to someone grieving the loss of their furry best friend. With a beautiful message which speaks to their heart and an adorable paw print, this gift will help reduce their grief over their immense loss. They will treasure this gift and will be grateful for it.

11. Stickers for Cars

Stickers for Cars - commemorative dog gifts

If you are looking to give sympathy items as gifts to someone who recently lost their dog, these paw print car stickers will be a good choice. This creative and thoughtful present will help them keep the memory of their best friend alive and close.

12. Monogram Photo Collage Mug

Monogram Photo Collage Mug - dog memorial gifts

Losing a pet is never easy but thoughtful gifts can help alleviate the grief. Give this custom collage mug to a lover as a sympathy gift. Choose some of their best memories with their beloved furry friend to customize it with to help them relive that happiness through this collectible.

13. Kitchen Towel

Kitchen Towel - dog loss gift ideas

The grief of losing a pet is difficult especially when you miss the pitter patter of their paws as you work around the kitchen. To help the human companions cope with the loss of their fur baby, give them this customizable and gorgeous kitchen towel. Its softness will remind them of the regular brush of soft fur as they went about their routine.

14. Memorial Bottle

Memorial Bottle - dog died gift

A touching gift in remembrance of a friend’s four-legged companion is this stunning Memorial Message in a Bottle. It is sentimental and useful as it can be kept as decoration in the house while also keeping alive the memory of an adored furry best friend.

15. Hoodie

hoodie - dog memorial gifts

This hoodie is a sweet item to give to someone going through the painful grief of losing their best friend. This cozy memorial gift will be a keepsake of the memory of their beloved pets and provide them comfort. They will be grateful for it.

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16. Wedding Bouquet Charm

Wedding Bouquet Charm - dog memorial gifts

This wedding charm is a tiny but meaningful gift for lovers who lost their fur baby. It will help them spend their special day with the love and memory of their beloved non-human family members. They will be deeply touched by the gesture and it will help strengthen your bond. 

17. Custom Ornament

custom Ornament - dog memory gifts

Christmas is never the same without our beloved furry best friends. A thoughtful ‘dog passed away’ gift to a grieving family member is a customized ornament to hang on their Christmas tree. This wonderful gift will allow them to spend the festival with the memories of their adored fur baby.

18. Personalized Bracelet

Personalized Bracelet - dog passed away gifts

A beautiful memorial idea to celebrate the life our faithful companions is to make their memories into an accessory which we can keep close to us. This personalized bracelet can be customized with an engraving of your late pet’s name. This is an excellent gift to allow the owner to keep the love of their fur baby close.

19. “If Love Could Have Saved You” Stone

If Love Could Have Saved You Stone -dog memorial gifts

This stone is a non-traditional commemorative gift to give to someone who recently lost their dog. Handcrafted with a bittersweet message which expresses their feelings, it will allow them to grieve over their loss and help them come to terms with it.

20. Memorial Notebook

Memorial Notebook - dog remembrance gifts

A thoughtful sympathy gift to offer condolence to a grieving dog owner is through this Memorial Notebook. It is a touching reminder of their fur baby and its lightweight composition will allow them to carry it around with them regularly.

21. Custom Night Projector Lamp

Custom Night Projector Lamp - dog loss gift ideas

A special way to memorialize a four-legged companion who passed is through this Custom Night Projector Lamp. It can be customized with their favorite photo memories of their adored furry best friend. This will help them live the happy memories again and ease their grief.

22. Best Friend Services Pet Urn

Best Friend Services Pet Urn - remembering a dog gifts

A heartfelt gift for a lover grieving over the loss of their dog is this handcrafter urn. It will help them keep the memory of their best friend around which will ease their pain of losing them. They will be grateful for this thoughtful gift.

23. “Live Love Bark” Blanket

Live Love Bark Blanket - dog memorial gifts

An excellent commemorative dog remembrance gift is this blanket. You can get it customized with the pictures of the dog who died and give it to their grieving family. It will give them to remember their best friend with warmth and happiness. It’s one of cutest gifts for dog moms on this list.

24. Dog Memorial Keychain

Dog Memorial Keychain - dog memorial gifts

A practical dog memorial gift to give to a lover who recently lost their fur baby is this memorial keychain. This gift is the best because it’ll allow them to keep a part of their beloved pet’s memory close every single day.

25. Photo Collage Pillow

Photo Collage Pillow - dog memorial gifts

Of the best gifts for remembering a dog who passed is this attractive Photo Collage Pillow. It is customizable and makes for a wonderful paw print memorial of a beloved furry best friend.

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26. Frame With Collar Display

Frame with Collar Display - dog memorial gifts

This frame is wonderful dog condolence gift which celebrates the lifespans of the dogs who died. It allows the grieving family to personalize it with their lost dog’s collar and a favorite picture. This sweet gift will help them through their loss.

27. Ceramic Memorial Coffee Mug

Ceramic Coffee Mug - dog memorial gifts

A touching way to offer condolence to those who recently lost their dog is by giving them dog memorial gifts. This ceramic coffee mug is the perfect bereavement gift because of the sentimental message it has for the owners.

28. Pet Sympathy Card

Pet Sympathy Card - dog passed away gifts

A sweet sympathy gift for grieving dog owners is this thoughtful card. It offers condolence for their loss while also allowing them to cherish their memories with their four-legged companions.

29. In Memory of My Dog T-Shirt

In Memory of My Dog T-Shirt - dog memorial gifts

If you want to offer some comfort to a grieving friend with a condolence gift for loss of their dog, give this T-Shirt. It’s made of soft material and you can get it customized with paw prints. It’s a sweet memorial gift for loss of a dog.

30. Keepsake Box

KEEPSAKE BOX - gifts for someone who lost a dog

A delicate gift in remembrance of a furry best friend is this Keepsake Gift Box. It comes with a meaningful inscription which addresses the painful grief of losing them. It will be a touching gift for a grieving family.

31. Angel Figurines

Angel Figurines - dog loss sympathy gift

Our non-human family members hold a huge space in our hearts. A commemorative dog gift for a lover suffering through painful grief over the loss of dog are these Angel Figurines. They are elegant and the most beautiful commemorative gifts.

32.  Memorial Marker

Memorial Marker - remembering a dog gifts

Out of all the ‘dog passed away gifts’, the simplest one to help the grieving family is a Memorial Marker of the furry best friend. It’s heartfelt and will be a thoughtful condolence gift for loss of dog. It would be a touching dog memorial gift for the family that lost a dog.

33. Paw Necklace

Paw Necklace - dog paw print memorial gifts

This necklace is a gorgeous piece of jewelry which celebrates man’s best friend. If your friend recently lost their fur baby, this gift will help them keep their memory close to their heart. In case the dog was cremated, this necklace has a compartment to hold the ashes of their beloved pet.

34. Remembrance Candle

Remembrance Candle - commemorative dog gifts

This personalized flameless candle is the perfect dog memorabilia for a grieving family member. It can be customized with a photo of the dog passed to help celebrate the life of the best friend.

35. Memorial Wind Chimes

Memorial Wind Chimes - dog passed away gifts

Out of the many bereavement gifts, this wind chime is the most beautiful fur memorial. It can be customized with sentimental words in remembrance of the beloved best friend. Its stylish design is well suited to the home décor and its soft sound will be a sweet reminder of the late pet for the family.

The best dog memorial gifts are thoughtful and celebrate the life and memory of the late dog companion. We hope you were able to find the perfect memorial gift from the list and are able to help your loved one through this grief. A dog’s love for their human companion is one of the purest forms of love.

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