13+ Best Dog Squeaky Toys to Entertain Your Furry Friend (2022)

There is no doubt that your pup has a favorite dog squeaky toy. These wonderful objects are great for pooches who love chewing, and most are safe and durable. But sometimes, your dog’s happy jaws are too much for the stuffing and squeakers. Read on to discover which options rank highest on our list. You and your dog will love these fun squeaky playthings!

1. Fansport Squeaky Stuffed Fruits Vegetables  Buy it here

Fansport Squeaky Stuffed Fruits Vegetables - dog squeaky toy

Price Point: $$.$$$

These cute veggies and fruits will make your furry friend so happy! Your puppy will love the small size, the variety of shapes, and the sound effects. These squeakies come in a pack of 13 great food shapes that are easy to chew and fun to chase.

This activity will help reduce stress and anxiety in your pooch. In addition, using these will help promote appropriate chewing behaviors.

These adorable chewies are made specifically for puppies, but they are also suitable for small dogs.

These squeaky carrot dog toys and other shapes are safety-tested and non-toxic.

They have stuffing in addition to the squeakers, which can be great fun for pups if they enjoy destroying things.

Some owners complain that the squeakers are very small. This could cause choking or ingestion in bigger dogs. Always supervise your pets during play. 

2. VANFINE Buy it here

VANFINE - dog squeaky toy

Price Point: $$.$$$

This fabulous chew stick is the perfect item for your aggressive chewer. The stick makes a great dog squeaky toy sound that will get your pup excited and active. You can use it for fetch or tug – it’s just that tough!

Dog puzzle toys like this one help keep your dog’s brain challenged. Additionally, the little grooves and pockets help dental health by massaging gums and removing plaque.

The VANFINE chew stick is strong and durable, standing up to lots of abuse from your furry baby.

The rubber is ideal for heavy chewers and can hold its own against large breeds.

A tantalizing beef flavor encourages healthy and appropriate chewing behaviors.

Some dog owners complained about the smell of the VANFINE rubber chew stick.

It has an overpowering rubber and chemical odor that would not go away. 

3. Hyper Pet Dura-Squeaks Bony Ball Buy it here

Hyper Pet Dura-Squeaks Bony Ball - dog squeaky toy

Price Point: $.$$$

This ball is a favorite for dogs and owners alike. The unique shape gives it an irregular bounce, making it the best choice for pups who love chasing and pouncing.

Your furball will have hours of fun with this rough and tough dog ball squeaky toy. All Dura-Squeaks balls float for pooches who love to retrieve, so build those innate skills.

If you want chewies that last, you can’t go wrong with this ball.

The Dura-Squeaks offerings are specially made to hold up to your dog’s jaw strength.

Even if your furry friend is a Great Dane or Labrador, they can get hours of playtime with this ball.

This ball and bone combo can be torn apart in minutes by large breed dogs or aggressive chewers.

Pet parents also state that the advertised super squeaker doesn’t last.  

4. JW Pet Company Good CuzBuy it here

JW Pet Company Good Cuz - dog squeaky toy

Price Point: $.$$$

Unlike DIY dog toys, these adorable bouncy balls are highly durable. They are made from high-quality, non-toxic rubber that is safe for your pup. Puppers and dog owners will both love the strong bounce and ability to withstand hours of rough interactive play.

Playing with your dog helps to strengthen your bond and teaches your pooch appropriate behavior. Just be sure to get the right size for your doggo.

Toys that last even through puppyhood are hard to come by. The JW Pet Good Cuz is one of the strongest squeaky balls out there.

Tough rubber and a loud squeaker are the biggest draws, but the bounce is hard to beat.

According to pet parents, this is too small for large breed dogs.

The quality is not the same as previously made toys. There are complaints of a strong rubber smell. 

5. TrustyPup Penguin PlushBuy it here

TrustyPup Penguin Plush dog squeaky toy

Price Point: $.$$$

Both large and small dogs love this squeaky penguin dog toy. It has a silent squeaker, which works at a frequency that only dogs can hear. If you hate the noise or work from home, you’ll love the peace and quiet this innovation brings.

The cute exterior is durable and can stand up to tough chewing and hard play. Look forward to hours of fun with your pooch!

The TrustyPup penguin plush is a great squeaky with an innovative design.

The ultrasonic squeaker is specially designed so that your pup can hear it, but you can’t.

If your canine loves to work a squeaker until you would like to de-squeak their toys, then try this penguin.

Lots of reviews claim that the squeaker doesn’t work. Additionally, there are many complaints about the durability of this plushie. 

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6. ZippyPaws Stuffing Squeaky Raccoon SquirrelBuy it here

ZippyPaws Stuffing Squeaky Raccoon Squirrel - dog squeaky toy

Price Point: $$.$$$

This trio of forest friends is great for aggressive chewers. They are no-stuffing squeaky plushes. Even if your dog loves to seek and destroy, you won’t come home to a stuffing party in the den.

These are available in two sizes, so they can grow with your pup. Enjoy the security of the toughest fabric and sturdy squeakers that are essentially chew-proof!

These forest animals are made from high-quality materials. They come with a sturdy fabric that stands up to hard play.

There is no stuffing, which lessens the mess if they do come apart. There are three squeakers inside for top-notch fun. 

This squeaky raccoon dog toy is best for small dogs. Big dogs can tear these apart sometimes in minutes. These animals also pose a swallowing risk for large breeds. 

7. Hear Doggy Deer Flattie Ultrasonic Squeaker Buy it here

Hear Doggy Deer Flattie Ultrasonic Squeaker - dog squeaky toy

Price Point: $$.$$$

The Hear Doggy squirrel dog toy is a fun stuffie with modern features. You and your pooch will both love the ultrasonic squeaker, which operates at a dog-friendly frequency. Your pup will have fun without your entire office having to listen to them play.

You will love the flat, under-stuffed construction that is perfect for exciting tug sessions. Bond with your dog while they play with the Hear Doggy Deer!

Give your puppy the best to help teach and train them. The innovative design of the Hear Doggy Flattie products keeps you from having to listen to the squeaker.

At the same time, pups can practice hunting, finding, and fetching.

Lots of owners report that this item is not as durable as advertised.

Exuberant chewers of any size and breed can destroy it with ease.

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8. FOCUSPET Squeaky Dog ToysBuy it here

FOCUSPET Squeaky Dog Toys - dog squeaky toy

Price Point: $.$$$

FOCUSPET has a reputation for creating unbreakable squeakies. Some are soft, like the pig dog toy for small and medium-sized pups. But this tough option for large breeds is 100% rubber.

It still lets your puppers chew and makes the dog toy sounds that they love. They just can’t destroy it. The unique bumps and grooves help to promote good dental health.

These FOCUSPET squeakies are virtually indestructible. The rubber is sturdy but also giving, which makes it great for both puppies and adult dogs.

You won’t have to worry about broken teeth or other injuries. This chew is also great for water play, so get your pooch into the lake!

Many pet parents complain that this football doesn’t hold up to heavy chewing.

If your furry friend is a large breed, this might not be the best option for them. 

9. KONG SqueakAir Tennis BallBuy it here

Price Point: $.$$$

KONG is widely known for making products that last for all different size dogs. All of their items, including their duck dog toy, are made of dog-safe material.

The tennis balls are fun for playing jump and fetch with your furry friend. They come in every size, from mini to jumbo, and are sure to excite even the laziest canines. Get one for your dog and watch them go wild!

These KONG tennis balls are a bright green color, just like the real deal. They do float but make sure to bring them inside.

They will sink if left in the water too long. If they do get ruined, rest assured these balls are cheap and easy to get. 

These tennis balls may be a pup favorite, but they are not chew-proof. They’re best for playing fetch and chasing. When your doggo is done playing, put them away. 

10. Blush Pink Gingham Buy it here

Blush Pink Gingham - dog squeaky toy

Price Point: $$.$$$

This perfect plush bone is beyond adorable. The pink gingham exterior is soft, so puppies and big dogs will both love it. It makes a great dog squeaky toy sound when they pounce, fetch, or chew.

All Foggy Dog offerings are created with sustainability in mind, including using recycled material. Rest assured that they have your pet’s health and wellness in mind!

Your pup deserves nothing but the best. This awesome gingham bone is one of the greatest toys from the company.

Foggy Dog runs an innovative, ethical operation. This includes using recycled materials made in the USA and fair wages for employees.

Since this is a soft squeaky dog bone toy, it won’t stand up to a lot of abuse. If your dog likes to chew, always supervise them. 

11. KONG Squeezz Crackle Stick Buy it here

KONG Squeezz Crackle Stick - dog squeaky toy

Price Point: $.$$$

Spice up playtime with this cool dog stick squeaky toy. Your pup will love the sound, which is a traditional squeak paired with a crackle.

Use the KONG crackle stick for fetch and tug or to stimulate your dog’s appropriate chewing behaviors. Dogs learn through play, so you can use play sessions for training and fun at the same time.

Get something good for your dog’s happy jaws! Your pooch will love playtime with the KONG crinkle stick.

It is durable and can withstand tough chewing and rambunctious play.

It’s got a great sound to encourage your dog toward productive chewing and will keep them from destroying your shoes

The end cap on this crackle stick can come off if you have an aggressive chewer. Always supervise your pup while they play to avoid choking hazards and possible ingestion. 

12. Hartz DuraPlay Bacon Scented Dog ToysBuy it here

Hartz DuraPlay Bacon Scented Dog Toys - dog squeaky toy

Price Point: $.$$$

Dog owners will go crazy for these scented chew-proof squeaky dog toys. The medium size is perfect for puppies. These DuraPlay chewies encourage interactive outdoor play.

This kind of play is important for your pup’s brain development and building social and emotional bonds. Get active, get out, and have an adventure in the great outdoors this summer with your happy dog!

If your pooch loves noisy dog toys, then they’ll love the DuraPlay squeakies. These fun chewies are waterproof and great for water play because they float!

This is especially great for pups with natural hunting or retrieving instincts. They’ll work up those swimming skills!.

Some owners complain that this has a really strong rubber and chemical smell. Also, be aware that heavy chewers might destroy these balls really fast.

13. Hear Doggy Blowfish Small Whale Ultrasonic Silent Squeaker Dog ToyBuy it here

Hear Doggy Blowfish Small Whale Ultrasonic Silent Squeaker Dog Toy - dog squeaky toy

Price Point: $$.$$$

Pups everywhere are going wild for this fun silent whale! It has an ultrasonic squeaker, which means that only your dog can hear it. The squeaker operates on a frequency that is silent for humans.

The whale stands up to a lot of abuse, so if your pup likes to chew, you can’t go wrong. They are a lot more sturdy than other popular hedgehog dog toys.

This fun plush squeaky dog toy has a lot of great features. First, this is a squeaker that lasts. It is made from tough, sturdy fabric.

But the real selling point is the squeaker that only has a doggie sound effect! Your dog can play, and you can enjoy the silence!

If your dog’s jaw strength is super powerful, this whale isn’t for you. The fabric is not sturdy, so pups who like to chew can destroy this easily.

When you have a dog who loves to play with squeaky things, you always want to buy the best. Poorly made products can pose a ton of health problems, so safety is always a factor. Every item on this list is safe, fun, and all the squeak your dog could want. So get ready for some lively play sessions!

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