10+ Electronic Interactive Dog Toys Every Tech-Savvy Pup Parent Will Love (2022)

Electronic interactive dog toys are a must-have in every pup’s life. They provide hours of entertainment while developing your four-legged friend’s cognitive and motor skills. Additionally, whenever your pooch is acting particularly naughty, these products will divert their attention to a more productive task.

The bones, balls, and ropes in our list have it all, from flashing lights to smart features. If you want to keep your doggo’s mind in fur-midable condition, you’ve come to the right place. Read on! 

1. PETGEEK Automatic Toy  

PETGEEK Automatic Toy Electronic interactive dog toys

With a charging time of 1.5 to 2 hours, the PETGEEK Dog Bone promises to keep your pooch entertained all day. This convenient, easy-to-use product is not like a conventional bone. It features programmed moving patterns that will engage your doggo’s attention for hours. Its tires have a non-toxic, thermoplastic rubber shell that will last for a long time. They’re resistant to your dog’s teeth and detachable for faster cleaning.


Owning this durable dog bone has many perks for fur parents. It moves automatically, so you can keep Spike busy while you take care of your household chores or watch TV. Most happy customers claim the detachable rubber shells make this fun product extremely easy to clean. However, its most striking advantage has got to be its long battery life.


This item is practically flawless. Still, some buyers often complain about its price. While some say it’s worth the splurge, others claim it’s too expensive for an electronic dog bone. 

2. Flashing Elastic Ball LED Molar Ball Glowing Ball  

Flashing Elastic Ball LED Molar Ball Glowing Ball - electronic interactive dog toys

It’s no lie all fur babies L-O-V-E playing fetch. Make Fluffy’s favorite activity much more exciting by adding an unexpected twist! The Skylety LED dog balls flash colorful light every time their durable materials hit the ground. This highly elastic product’s incredible bounce will make your little buddy absolutely lose it! Don’t let the fluorescent glow scare you. The non-toxic and safe TPR material is not dangerous to chew on. 


These cool glowing balls have tons of positive reviews online. Skylety’s satisfied customers claim their canines enjoy its superior bounce. Additionally, the light flashes long enough for doggos to engage. Ever lost a dog ball at the park or in your own backyard? That’s a thing of the past! This product’s bright colors make it easy to find it outside.


The only problem with these otherwise great LED dog balls is that they’re way too small. With only two inches in diameter, these bouncy playthings are not for large dogs. 

3. Wickedbone Smart Bone  

Wickedbone Smart Bone - electronic interactive dog toys

These days, electronic interactive dog toys can have fascinating features too! This Bluetooth-enabled bone will please pups and tech-savvy fur parents alike. Its hands-free way allows owners to control it from up to 30 feet away. Downloading the Wickedbone app will turn your phone into a virtual joystick to explore this product’s varying speeds. The bone comes with an FDA food-grade polycarbonate cover to protect your puppy’s claws and teeth.


Cheerble knows all dog parents worry about hygiene. That’s why they equipped the Wickedbone with removable covers that make it easy to clean. But that’s not this product’s most impressive characteristic! With built-in 12 types of emotionally-driven systems, they made it responsive to different kinds of play. On top of that, this smart bone only needs charging for 1 hour.


Some customers worry about the app, as it requires permissions to access your phone’s location and files. Others share a common warning: do not put the speaker in the bone. 

4. iDig Digging Toy by iFetch  

iDig Digging Toy by iFetch - electronic interactive dog toys

If your doggo’s inner archeologist is ruining your floors and furniture, here’s a fun solution! The iDig is a terrific product to canalize your dog’s natural digging behavior. It features plenty of hidden pockets and mesh areas to hide treats and other surprises for your pooch to find. A product like this provides both exercise and mental stimulation. It’s perfect for indoor or outdoor play and does not require electricity. 


One of the many perks of this digging mat is that it does not require electricity to function. This helpful characteristic makes it a lot more convenient and portable. Most importantly, it makes it simple to use. You can forget all about crazy long manuals and complicated instructions. Take it out of the box and put the treats in. Voilà!


Some potential buyers find the iDig relatively expensive. They prefer an ordinary digging experience that won’t cost them a dime. Other than that, there are no complaints about this product. 

5. PetSafe Treat & Train Manners Minder Remote Reward  

A remote reward dog trainer is all you’ll need to make your pooch listen. Some positive reinforcement will encourage Spanky to behave. The PetSafe Treat & Train is great for all breeds and ages of dogs. This battery-operated device features an extendable target wand that lets you use it from up to 100 feet away. The food rewarded will be an amazing incentive for your good boy to be “gooder.” 


Some automatic dog feeders are annoyingly noisy. Not the PetSafe Treat & Train! Most buyers say that the noise is not too loud, making it perfect all for nervous doggos out there. Another outstanding characteristic of this fantastic product is that it’s remote-controlled. You won’t even have to get off of the couch to reward your furball for being nice.


The Treat & Train is an excellent product. There are not so many complaints about it online. Its only downside might be that the remote range is only 100 feet.  

6. Pet Qwerks Blinky Babble Ball   

Pet Qwerks Blinky Babble Ball - electronic interactive dog toys

Balls most definitely cannot talk. Or can they? Let the Babble Ball tell you! This motion-activated plaything has over 28 different sounds to amuse your pup. What’s more, it flashes lights to catch their attention. Made in the USA, this exciting chew toy encourages exercise and helps reduce anxiety and boredom. It’s suitable for dogs 10 to 25 pounds. Unlike other Pet Qwerks products, this is not a floating toy.


The Babble Ball features motion sensors that allow it to automatically turn off when unattended. This handy characteristic is the secret behind its impressive run time. Still, should your pup’s new favorite plaything run out of juice, don’t sweat it! This product has a replaceable battery. Customers love the variety of sizes and the fact that it retails so cheap!


Although they’re an innovative feature, the Babble Ball sounds might be irritating to dogs with hearing sensitivities. Some customers shared their nervous pups were afraid of playing with this product. 

7. Nerf Dog Bash Ball   

Nerf Dog Bash Ball - electronic interactive dog toys

Nerf manufactures some of the most durable electronic interactive dog toys on the market. This lightweight bash ball, for example, is both weather and water-resistant. The Nerf-quality materials will withstand anything while protecting your pooch’s well-being! Suitable for medium and large breeds, this product is terrific for fetch and for teaching your dog new tricks. It features bright LED lights to improve your pup’s visual skills and keep them engaged. 

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The Nerf bash ball features extremely tough materials that endure any level of aggressiveness. This product is made from food-grade heavy-duty rubber to keep your puppy safe and happy. Its unpredictable bounce will give your pup-a-roo hours of healthy entertainment. Plus, this ball is great for playing fetch in the dark, as doggos tend to find the flashing ball easily.


Some upset buyers have complained that the colorful lights went off after a couple of minutes. Although remarkably durable otherwise, this Nerf product might not have the longest battery life. 

8. PetSafe Ricochet Electronic Toys  

PetSafe Ricochet Electronic Toys - electronic interactive dog toys

Ready for a game of hide-and-squeak? Your pup will pounce with joy while looking for these ingenious 2-paired toys! Their hard, durable plastic will make self-directed play a safe activity. Your good boy will hear their squeaking sound from up to 9m away! Although you’ll need 3 batteries for each ball, they’re bound to last. This electronic squeaky automatically turns off after 60 minutes of inactivity to save battery life. 


These creative PetSafe electronic squeakies are not your average dog product. The ricochet balls can be synced via Bluetooth. Their intriguing noises will motivate your pooch to run back and forth to find them. Additionally, safety is not an issue with these balls. They’re made of hard, stiff plastic to ensure they won’t break in the middle of having fun!


These squeakies require 3 AAA batteries each to keep up with your dog’s energy. If your pup-a-roo is notably active, you’ll always have to keep some spares handy at home. 

9. NEILDEN Automatic Electronic Entertain  

NEILDEN Automatic Electronic Entertain - electronic interactive dog toys

If your goofball loves playing with stuffies, these critters will be an instant hit! They will automatically shake and send a simulated dog barking sound. With their environmentally safe and non-toxic materials, your pup’s health will never be at risk. This entertaining product features durable, high-quality plush covers that can be replaced or washed. Besides, its new battery design allows you to charge it instead of replacing the whole thing.


Forget about buying endless battery supplies or replacing your toys once the power runs out. This product is easy to charge with a USB cable. Just take the ball out of the cover, plug it, and relax! The squeaky comes with two plush covers to add variety to your pup-a-roo’s playtime. These colorful critters are both visually and intellectually stimulating.


Before buying this adorable NEILDEN product, keep in mind it is supposed to make noises. If you have a nervous doggo or simply want some peace and quiet, steer clear! 

10. Pet Prime Automatic Ball Launcher   

Pet Prime Automatic Ball Launcher - electronic interactive dog toys

Does it break your heart when your pooch wants to play, but you’re too tired for a game of fetch? This product is a godsend. It features 3 throw distance settings ( 10ft / 20ft / 30ft), lights, and an AC adapter. Made of high-quality plastic, it’s ideal for both indoors and outdoors. Small and medium dogs can’t get enough of it! Once the distance is selected, the fun just keeps on coming! 


This ball launcher is the doggie toy you never knew you needed. It’s made with mostly plastic, so it’s resistant and very easy to clean. Enjoy a nice fetch sesh with your playful fur baby without ending it with a sore arm! The product’s design makes it easy on the eye, and its motor sound is not loud or scary.


If you’re planning on bringing this item to the park, make sure you’ll have enough power! The Pet Prime ball launcher needs 6 pcs of C batteries when playing outdoor. 

Nowadays, there’s a wide variety of electronic interactive dog toys on the market. It can be overwhelming to find out what the best alternative for your beloved furry pal is. Don’t get lost navigating the sea of options available online. Just follow this short guide, and you’ll be playing challenging and exciting games with Fido in no time! Happy shopping!

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