119+ Cute Flower Names for Dogs

Flower names for dogs have become increasingly popular. People nowadays are taking inspiration from nature and picking beautiful names for their new babies. There was a time when Daisy was one the most common names given to female dogs, but now there’s a tulip, rose, and buttercup too!

There’s something about these names that brings a smile to your face. When someone tells you their dog’s name is after a flower, you start to picture how they must be; you think about their personality and appearance, and that’s what dog owners want.

A name that resonates with their dog. We’ve come up with a list of flower names for dogs from among the countless flowers that exist.

Most Common Flower Names for Dogs

1. Buttercup – A beautiful and one of the most well-known flower names for dogs. Take inspiration and name your friendly pooch Buttercup.

2. Daisy – Among the 400,000 species, Daisy is the most well-known flower name for an adorable and friendly little dog. 

3. Iris – Short and sweet, Iris is such a cute flower name for a beautiful, calm, loyal, and little white female pup.

4. Jasmine

5. Lily

6. Petunia

7. Poppy

8. Rose

9. Violet

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Unique Flower Names for Dogs

1. Amaryllis – Amaryllis is a holiday season favorite! It symbolizes a proud woman. Name your big, bold and beautiful female dog Amaryllis.

2. Angelica – Angelica is a great flower name for your little angel-looking pup inspired by your love of nature or gardening.

3. Angelonia – Has your pup brought colors into your life the same way Angelonia plants bring to the garden? You’ve got your name.

4. Aster

5. Aubrieta

6. Azalea

7. Begonia

8. Bergenia

9. Celosia

10. Chrysanthemum

11. Cleome

12. Coleus

13. Cosmos

14. Crocus

15. Daffodil

16. Dahlia

17. Delphinium

18. Freesia

19. Gardenia

20. Gazania

21. Geranium

22. Gladiolus

23. Heather

24. Hibiscus

25. Hosta

26. Hyacinth

27. Hydrangea

28. Jonquil

29. Kalanchoe

30. Lavender

31. Lilac

32. Magnolia

33. Marigold

34. Narcissus

35. Orchid

36. Pansy

37. Periwinkle

38. Primrose

39. Poinsettia

40. Sunflower

41. Tansy

42. Torenia

43. Tulip

44. Verbena

45. Zinnia

Neutral Flowers Names For Dogs

1. Berry – A unisex name that most dog owners love. Is your dog small and playful? Berry is a good name for them.

2. Bluebell – Bluebell is a great name for dogs who have big and beautiful blue eyes. It would be a great compliment.

3. Carnation – Looking for a flower-themed dog-related name for your gorgeous Canine? Carnation is a dog name that will stand out.

4. Jade

5. Narcissus

6. Pepper

7. Periwinkle

8. Phlox

9. Rhododendron (Rhodie)

10. Snapdragon

11. Snowflake

More Flower-Inspired Name Ideas

1. Rain (Lily) – Love lilies? Get a rain (lily) of your own by naming your new best friend. It’s a simple and cute name.

2. Rose – Is your female dog the most stunning dog you’ve ever seen? If yes, then you should certainly name her rose.

3. Rue – Feeling nature-inspired? Name your dog Rue. It means fame which is one of the unique dog name meanings yet.

4. Sage (Clary Sage)

5. Senna (Wild)

6. Shasta (Daisy)

7. Shirley (Poppy)

8. Sky (Sunny Sky)

9. Spring (Snowflake)

10. Statice (Sea Lavender)

11. Sunflower

12. Tansy

13. Tansy

14. Thistle

15. Tulip

16. Verbena

17. Vinca (Minor)

18. Viola (tri-color)

19. Violet

20. Virginia

21. Wedelia

22. Wisteria

23. Zenobia

24. Zinnia

Dog Names Inspired by Nature

1. Basil – Basil is a unisex name that means royal or kingly. Give this unique name to your little princess or adorable king.

2. Ember – Ember is the perfect name to give your hyper little black puppy who adds all the park into your life. 

3. Flora – A big nature lover? Name your beautiful female baby pup flora if she reminds you of more than two flowers.

4. Meadow

5. Rainbow

6. River

7. Summer

8. Sage

9. Willow

10. Winter

11. Clover

12. Cricket

13. Echo

14. Everest

15. Fennel

16. Fern

17. Forrest

18. Herb

19. Ivy

20. Leaf

21. Wren

22. Crystal

23. Orion

24. Stella

25. Terra

26. Venus

27. Clementine

28. Sunny

29. Harmony

30. Laurel

The first flower that comes to mind when looking at your pet should be your first preference for a name for them. Shorter syllables are easier to understand and don’t require nicknames. Get creative and take inspiration from our list.

Other Dog Names Ideas

If you still want more dog-naming inspiration lists, you should consider watching cartoons, historical documentaries, and TV too. In case you just can’t make up your mind, ask your loved ones for help. Or you may want to read some related posts for your best decision:

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