78+ Cutest Food Names For Dogs (2022)

If your dog loves to eat as much as you do, our list of food names for dogs will help you a great deal in picking the perfect name for them. It will also have you smiling ear to ear at the names people are choosing to keep for their four-legged best friend.

Many of these food dog names are quite unique, while others appear in the top 100 dog names. Get creative and choose a name that you and your family will enjoy calling your dog.

Funny Food Dog Names

Need cool names based on food for your pup? We’ve got you covered.

  1. Waffles – Short and cute, you can name your little female pup Waffles. It is a lovable name for a dog who enjoys her sweet treats and is a fun pup to be around.
  2. Chalupa – Short and saucy, a Chalupa is a pooch who is feisty and ever-ready to jump around the house. It is a cool name based on food for your new best friend.
  3. Hotdog – If your dog is a Dachshund; cute, tiny, has short legs, a long petite body, with all-brown skin, then Hotdog is indeed a funny apt name for it.
  4. Pork Chop – Inspired by Disney’s Doug, Pork Chop is a name greatly used as one of the funniest names ever given to a dog. You, too, can name your pup Pork Chop.

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Our list of food dog names can be taken as inspiration for female and male dogs. 

Top Food Names for Female Dogs

  1. Ginger – If your beautiful pooch is a fan of gingerbread cookies, then it is a fine decision to name her Ginger. It is one of the most popular names for a female dog.
  2. Pepper – If you love to play with spices in the kitchen then you can take some inspiration from them and name your beautiful dalmatian or a black and white spotted pup, Pepper.
  3. Olive – Olive is a sweet, attractive and famous name for a female pooch. It can be used short for Olly or Ollie. Give your pet this adorable name strengthen to your bond.
  4. Cookie – Cookies are known to be the best form of comfort food. They can make anyone’s tail wiggle. Sweet and catchy, Cookie is a great name for your brown, short-legged female puppy.

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Food Names For Dogs

Top Food Names for Male Dogs

  1. Pickles – Pickles is a great plural food name for a small male Dachshund dog. They are known to be overly energetic and always up for some playful activity outside with their owner.
  2. Peanut – Most dogs named Peanut are mixed breed or rescued dogs. Even though they are small in size, they are playful, funny and adorable! If yours is, too, name him Peanut.
  3. Pepper – Strong, muscular, and active, Pepper is a unisex name given to dalmatians. They are middle-sized dogs who are known for their unique black or brown colored spots. Name your new friend pepper.
  4. Brownie – Brownie is by far the best brown male dog name ever! It’s sweet, loveable and denotes the chocolate or coffee-brown color of your adorable little puppy best friend.

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Fruits and Vegetables 

Take inspiration from these cute fruits and vegetable-themed pet names.

  1. Artichoke – If you’re very inspired by the farmer’s market and Artichoke is one of your favorites then you can name your cute little pooch Artichoke to show your love for them.
  2. Apricot – Looking for an attractive name for your beautiful golden female pup? You can now give her the famous name ‘Apricot’. This way you’ll be complimenting her natural hair color too.
  3. Asparagus – If Asparagus is your favorite vegetable and you happen to bring home your male dog in the Asparagus season, then it’s a sign that you should name him Asparagus too.
  4. Banana – The name Banana would be best suited to a male Wiener dog who gets excited at the very sight of you and slips way too often on his tiny feet.

Bakery-inspired Dog Names

Listed below are unique dessert names for dogs you’ll love.

  1. Amandine – Spongy and soft, A traditional chocolate cake filled with chocolate and caramel that comes in small pieces. It is a great name for your caramel-colored female pup Amandine.
  2. Babka – A dark cake with layers of chocolate reminds you of an adorable little wrinkly dog. If you’ve recently gotten one then Babka is the perfect name to give them.
  3. Baguette – The attractive and unique name Baguette will best suit a tall, broad and beautiful French bulldog who is sweet, gentle and caring towards her owner and their family.
  4. Bao – If a dog looks good enough to eat, let that be an inspiration for their name. Best suited as a name to give your adorable tiny-sized Chinese puppy.
Food Dog Names

Tips for Naming Your Dogs

It can be very daunting for some people to choose the right name from the list of food dog names for your pet. Of course, we all want our dogs to have unique and catchy names, but how do we do that?

For starters, look at your pet’s appearance and then start thinking of a food-themed dog name that you think would suit them best. Keep in mind their personality, their bark, the way they act around people. Whether your dog is a boy or a girl, get creative with their names with our list of food names for dogs.

Other Dog Names Ideas

If you still want more dog-naming inspiration lists, you should consider watching cartoons, historical documentaries, and TV too. In case you just can’t make up your mind, ask your loved ones for help. Or you may want to read some related posts for your best decision:

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