27+ French Bulldog Gifts For Frenchie Lovers (2022)

Seeking the most adorable French Bulldog gifts for this holiday season? Here’s a list of ideas to wow even the pickiest of dog lovers in your life. Not only will these presents be a lifesaver on Christmas, but they’ll also work for birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day. Check them out!

1. Live Love Bark Custom Blanket

Live Love Bark Custom Blanket

French Bulldog baby gifts are hard to come by. Luckily, you can get a bit creative. Just look for a soft and comfy blanket that will keep the little one warm. Make sure it’s washable in case of any messy mishaps! This adorable Frenchie throw will undoubtedly do the trick!

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2. French Bulldog Ornament

French Bulldog Christmas Ornament


This personalized decoration might just be the cutest on your Christmas tree this year! Customize it with the doggo’s name and photo, and voilà! You’ll have a unique keepsake any Frenchie enthusiast would gush on this holiday season! It’s a gift all French bulldog lovers are sure to find charming. 

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3. Home Is Where Someone Runs To Greet You Canvas Print

Home Is Where Someone Runs To Greet You Custom Canvas Print

Our pets are the most wonderful companions. Show off your fuzzy pal with this custom piece of home decor. Personalize it with your favorite pic of your four-legged friend and display it where everyone can see it! This photo canvas also makes a perfect French bulldog gift for any occasion. 

4. French Bulldog Custom Pillow

It's Not Dog Hair It's Frenchie Glitter Custom Pillow

Who doesn’t want to have sweet Frenchie-themed dreams? We know we do! Get inspired by this adorable pillow cover and drift into your slumber thinking about your Frenchie love. Let this unique gift for French bulldog owners kiss you good night and good morning! What else could you ask for?

5. Dog Lover Custom Mug

A Dog Is The Only Thing On Earth That Loves You More Than He Loves Himself

If the more you know people, the more you love your furry friend, this cute mug is right for you! It’ll surely be your favorite French bulldog gift this festive season! This funny piece of Frenchie mug is the best way to display your true feelings towards pups and humanity! 

6. In Loving Memory Desktop Plaque

You Were My Favorite Hello And Hardest Goodbye

The passing of a furry family member is never easy. However, you can ease the mourning process with this lovely French bulldog gift. The personalized frame makes a great memorial for a recently deceased pup or for one that’s long gone. Get it for any grieving pet lover out there. 

7. French Bulldog Wine Glass

French Bulldog Wine Glass

If you need a cute housewarming present for him, search no further! These unique wine glasses are here to save the day! A 2020 favorite, they’ll be the talk of the family at any gathering. Say cheers to your furry bundle of joy with this gift for French bulldog owners. It is also on our list of unique Dachshund gifts for dog lovers.

8. Ring Holder

Ring Holder

Stop looking for useless items and gifts to celebrate your recent engagement. Show your new fiancé you support her love for quirky pups with this small French bulldog themed gift! Pups might not be the perfect guardian dogs, but this little guy sure knows how to keep a ring safe!

9. Dish Towel

All You Need Is Love And A French Bulldog

Surprise mom on Mother’s Day with a great gift that enlists her favorite fun facts about her four-legged baby. While it’s true you can find other neat French bulldog gifts and collectibles out there, this one’s hard to top. Any proud Frenchie owner would simply love this colorful kitchen towel!

10. French Bulldog Backpack

French Bulldog Backpack

Online classes are the norm now, but everybody must return to the classrooms at some point. Celebrate your favorite girl going back to school with this funny backpack. It’s a fantastic gift for French bulldog lovers that need to carry their books around! Give it as a present this Christmas! 

11. Pedigree Poem French Bulldog Art

Pedigree Poem French Bulldog Art

Roses are red, violets are blue, small doggos are great, and this French bulldog gift for her is too! Present your wife on her birthday with a unique decoration that enlists her favorite breed’s best traits. It’ll help any Frenchie lover discover everything they didn’t know about their adorable pet! 

12. French Bulldog Pin

French Bulldog Pin

Wishing you could bring your pet everywhere you go? This accessory gift will make your dreams come true! If you’re the proud owner of a white French bulldog, get this novelty item and wear your pup’s doppelgänger daily! Any outfit will look even better with this funny French bulldog gift!

13. Bracelet


Frenchie owners love their dogs, and they’re not afraid to show it! Let them do it by wearing this beautiful bracelet! Such a unique French bulldog gift won’t go unnoticed. Its adjustable cord makes it perfect for folks of all ages! You can get matching ones for the whole family!

14. French Bulldog Bodysuit

French Bulldog Bodysuit

You’re never too young to show some puppy love! This gorgeous bodysuit is the perfect French bulldog gift for your little one this Christmas. It has an embroidered Frenchie face that makes it even cuter! Get it in a bunch of different colors and keep your baby warm this winter.

15. Tote Bag

Tote Bag

Just like your doggo, this handy French bulldog related gift has many nice qualities. It’s durable, stylish, and will comfortably carry all your essentials around. The tote bag comes in a beautiful cream color and will match with your favorite outfits. Get the perfect present to tell Frenchie lovers apart!

16. Shirts


Personalized items are the best French bulldog gifts for any occasion! These tees, for example, will make parents of Frenchies rejoice! Don’t forget to ask for the good boy’s name so that you can customize them! The whole pack will look absolutely adorable on their next family portrait! These shirts are listed on best dog dad gifts for dog lovers.

17. Decal Macbook

Decal Macbook

Is your Frenchie-loving boyfriend a workaholic that can’t live without his computer? Then, get this amazing French bulldog gift for him! He’ll surely think of you every time he takes out his laptop and sees this fun decal. Such a high-quality item is bound to make him smile every time! 

18. French Bulldog Duvet Cover Set

French Bulldog Duvet Cover Set

Puppy cuddles are the absolute best! This cozy duvet cover set will make you feel like you’re always snuggling your Frenchie! It’s one of the best gifts for a French bulldog lover this holiday season. If you’re looking for high-quality merchandise to display your love for dogs, you’ve found it! 

19. Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain

We’ve got a gift idea for your boyfriend’s bachelor pad. Get him this black and white French bulldog gift! It’s one of those items that’ll surely make all his guests smile. If you keep on giving him such funny home accessories, he’ll confirm what he already knows: You’re a catch! 

20. Wine Bottle Holder

Wine Bottle Holder

Maybe it’s not the smartest move to teach your doggo how to hold a wine bottle. Here’s where this gift for French bulldog enthusiasts comes in handy! Such an original piece of decor is a must-have. It won’t be super plush, but it comes hand-painted and polished to look incredible!

21. French Bulldog Cutting Board

French Bulldog Cutting Board

Becoming an adult is not as fun as it sounds. You have to work hard, pay bills, clean, and cook for yourself. Make this last task more bearable with a handy French bulldog Gift. Have this piece of merchandise personalized with a funny or sentimental quote to make it meaningful.

22. Amigurumi Crochet

Amigurumi Crochet

Personalized French bulldog gifts are good, but DIY ones are even better! This Frenchie crochet pattern is an extremely creative present for kids. You can keep even the most mischievous ones entertained while they make their own toy! Once finished, they will get hours and hours of playtime. Pure genius!

23. French Bulldog Keychain

French Bulldog Keychain

Let your good boy open a lot of doors for you! And no, we’re not talking about training your pup to twist knobs and push slabs! All we’re saying is that you should get this bright keychain! An adorable white French bulldog gift makes a great gesture for your friends!

24. Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine's Day Card

Sometimes the smallest items make the most significant gestures. Search no more for French bulldog lovers’ gifts this Valentine’s Day. With this sweet card, you’re all set! If you’re dating a Frenchie-loving woman, she’ll fall head over heels after receiving such a thoughtful keepsake from you! No need for chocolates!

25. French Bulldog Surprise Box

French Bulldog Surprise Box

Now, if you’re looking for good French bulldog gifts for men, this might not be your best option. However, every dog mom in your life will definitely appreciate this amazing gesture! Believe us when we say this surprise box is full of unique items every Frenchie lover will highly value!

26. Earrings


Jewelry is a classic present for women. But even if your special lady has tons of earrings already, she surely doesn’t own such a unique pair! These accessories will top any other French bulldog gifts she’s received! You get extra points if they slightly resemble her puppy. She’ll love them! 

27. French Bulldog Socks

French Bulldog Socks

Cuddly pups are the best foot warmers. However, if your doggo has things to do and places to be, these lovely socks will help you out! Cute French bulldog items and gifts like these are very popular stocking stuffers. They’ll keep your loved ones cozy and toasty on winter nights! 

28. Slippers


Some Frenchies have a thirst for biting all of your shoes and slippers. Maybe an adorable pair will prevent your pup from doing so! Get these soft, warm, and comfy loafers as a Christmas gift for French bulldog owners and test our theory! We’re curious to see if it works!

29. Cosmetic Bag

Cosmetic Bag

If your girlfriend is hard to shop for, get her this Frenchie pouch. It holds everything from makeup to pencils and will help bae keep her stuff organized in style. Plus, it’ll let everyone know about her one true passion! This item is the best gift for French bulldog fans! 

30. Women French Bulldog Watch

Women French Bulldog Watch

Is your little sister a Frenchie lover too? Let her make a big statement by wearing this collectible wristwatch! French bulldog accessories gifts are always a good idea, especially for young ladies who fancy looking stylish and trendy! This cool timepiece makes a great stocking stuffer for the holiday season!


Shopping for French bulldog gifts to surprise your pup-obsessed friends just became thirty times easier! We’re sure in this list you’ll find at least one item they’ll love. There’s no excuse! Now you have plenty of great ideas to keep the dog moms and dads in your life happy year-round!

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