30+ Funny Cat Gifts for Your Favorite Kitty Lovers

We’ve sifted through the vast world of cat products to find you the most purr-fectly delightful, funny cat gifts. Whether it’s Christmas, Father’s Day, or a birthday, every occasion is great to celebrate the cat lover in your life. We’ve got tons of ideas, from quirky wine glasses to the funniest work ties. We know that the feline-obsessed can be quite particular when it comes to gifts. That’s why our guide contains funny gifts that check all the boxes, ranging in price and purr-sonality!

Funny Gifts For Cat Lovers

1. Wine Glass

Are you looking for funny gifts for cat lovers? Look no further! “Show me your kitties”, isn’t that original? This wine glass is the perfect gift for the feline-obsessed humans in your life. It’s one of the best gift ideas for someone who enjoys wine after a long day at work.

2. Jeasona Fun Socks

Finding funny cat-related gifts for women is not child’s play. They can be quite picky when it comes to presents. You can’t go wrong with these Jeasona fun socks. These soft novelty funny socks feature lovely cat patterns with beautiful colors. They offer a great way for her to show the world how much she loves her fur-baby!

3. Time Spent With Cats Is Never Wasted Mug

This one is for the pet parent with the mischievous feline. They probably already have their hands full with the busy body! So, thoughtful or unique cat birthday gifts would mean a lot. This elegantly designed custom photo mug is one of the cutest gifts we’ve come across! It is a constant reminder that the time we spend with loved ones is precious.

4. Grilling & Baking Gloves

For the female feline lovers, there’s probably nothing better than a super-nice cat-themed gift. If she loves the kitchen, these gloves will be perfect for cooking, baking, or serving. Dinner parties will never be the same again! Who said funny cat gifts aren’t attractive and functional? We know mom will love this one!

5. Cat Magnets

Talk about a cool and unique cat gift! These cute, playful magneticats will brighten up any home. Each set has four feisty felines, purr-fect for keeping reminders, your favorite photos, and stuff in place. The Magneticats fridge magnets are cheap and yet so decorative. This one will make for an unusual present for the cat person in your life!

6. Day-to-Day Calendar

What more can we say about this? The Cat Shaming 2022 calendar will make for a thoughtful gift for cat owners. They can step inside the creative and wickedly funny world of cat jokes. With plenty of commiseration and comic relief, this cat gift idea is one of our best office gifts!

7. Paper Towel Holder

This unique little bedside accessory will have them saying aww quite a lot. If the lady in your life has a little kitty, chances are she’ll appreciate funny Christmas cat gifts. It’s just the right amount of cute to make for one of the most adorable collectibles! Featuring quality glazed ceramic, it’s perfect for handling necklaces, earrings, hand chains, and bracelets!

8. Butt Wine Bottle Stopper

Here’s a paw-sitively hilarious gift for cat dads! It’s the perfect present for cat lovers who also happen to be wine enthusiasts. Sometimes finishing a wine bottle is just not in the cards. So you recork it and keep it for next time. This sturdy and durable wine bottle stopper is an interesting conversation piece for any home or office. Who doesn’t like funny cat gifts?

9. Paper Memo Clips Bookmark

If there was an award for the most useful funny cat lover gifts, this one might take the cake. Is there a more fun way for the guys to keep their stationery under control? It’s one of our many crazy cat-themed accessories. These unusual cat-shaped paper clips will be keeping him well-organized for a very long time!

10. CAT-opoly Board Game

What do you call a hilarious cat-themed Monopoly game? Yep, you guessed right! CAT-opoly, of course. The game has all the excitement of the traditional Monopoly set-up and gameplay. However, there are a couple of cat-astrophic twists for family members to enjoy. Featuring properties with feline-based names, it’s one of the best Christmas presents for cat lovers!

11. Photo Ornament

Christmas is right around the corner! Anyone who adores their four-legged hairy creature will love a personalized cat photo ornament. One can never have enough cat Christmas decorations. Because you can customize the photo ornament with your favorite picture of your fur-baby, it’s even better. For the feline-obsessed, it’s only a must. You can’t go wrong with cat collectibles this holiday season!

12. Cat Book

Are you tired of the same old cat person gifts? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This super-nice gift book features humorous original pre-internet cat memes that will have you laughing your lungs out. Cat humor always brings out the purr in everyone. It’s the perfect gift for the snarky cat lovers in your life!

13. T-Shirt

Are you all about your fur babies? As a personal cat servant, you need a t-shirt that says that boldly. Express your kitty addiction in style. This classic pet lover’s t-shirt is more comfortable and softer than regular heavy, scratchy cotton t-shirts. It’s a unique and attractive cat birthday gift for feline obsessed adults!

14. Magnets for Fridge Refrigerator Locker  

Do you know someone who will love looking at crazy cat faces all day? Then you’ve come to the right place! With 30 different magnetic cats, we don’t think there’s a better way to add pur-sonality to home decor! These humorous magnetic kittens will make great funny cat mom gifts. They are one of the quirkiest gifts for someone who is crazy about cats! 

15. Canvas Tote Bags 

Who doesn’t love funny cat cheap gifts? This one is for the female feline lovers. We can guarantee that this adorable gift will be their new favorite tote bag! It shows off their pur-sonality in a fun and captivating way. Also, it’s very stylish, lightweight, and durable. Who says you can’t look elegant with a cat-themed accessory?

16. Butt Crochet Drink Coaster

This one may seem like a silly gift for a snarky cat-lovin’ co-worker, but it’s a super fun present. These handmade original cat butt coasters are sure to add sunshine to someone’s life. With funny cat gag gifts, there’s no guarantee that the recipient will love them. Still, it’s worth a try. We’re certainly crazy about them!

17. Water Bottle Travel

This one is for those cat owners who enjoy coffee or tea almost as much as they adore their cat. The cute cat coffee mug has double-wall vacuum insulated technology. The ensures that liquids remain hot up to 6-8 hours. No more Starbucks stops on the way to the office or cold coffee from ineffective flasks. How adorable and practical! Funny cat things always make the best gift ideas.

18. Ice Cube Tray  

One can never have enough funny cat gifts! Get ready to enjoy im-paw-sibly cool drinks. A whole litter of cat-shaped ice cubes! Where do we sign up? This hilarious cat-themed merchandise will have everyone in a crazy cat frenzy and the holiday mood. Chocolates, jelly, and other treats will also fit well in the mold.

19. Bed Blanket

‘Tis the season for cat-ified gifts! It’s time to get cozy with this warm, breathable, and lightweight blanket. It doesn’t get better than this for the ladies. We think this crazy cat lady birthday gift is going to be a favorite. The kids may even end up making it their own. It’s that soft and comfortable!

20. Card Game

Here’s one of the most interesting cat-themed gifts. It is a game that all cat lovers will enjoy, even if they are not crazy cat ladies. This colorful game features a modern twist on everyone’s classic pastime. It’s packed with gorgeous illustrations and an excellent gift for kids and people of all ages. Game night will never be the same again!

21. IPIDIPI TOYS Flippy Kitten

Sometimes life can get the best of our children. That’s okay because there are always solutions to reduce stress. Anxiety and stress are never good for young kids. Next time they feel anxious out or out of control, this cute squishy squeeze toy could be a perfect remedy. It’s one of the best funny gag gifts for cat lovers! 

22. Mug Container Candle

This decorative piece is a great way to celebrate our beautiful fur babies. It’s a warm, beautiful way to honor a lost life, but also a way to welcome brand new family members. The best gifts for cat lovers aren’t easy to find, but we know you’ll love this one. After the candle runs out, you’ll still have an adorable kitty mug!

23. Baseball Cap

For the feline-obsessed girl, there’s no reason to hide her love for her beautiful animal. So an adjustable baseball cap that embraces that makes perfect sense! We believe that embracing your cat addiction is a beautiful thing! This crazy cat face cap is so lovely, stylish, and elegant. It’s by far one of the most quirky gifts around. 

24. Large Kitchen Towel

This decorative flour sack towel is expressive of what’s important to the cat lover in your life. How sweet is that? The high-quality, super soft material makes this one the perfect gift for all occasions! Whether it’s a housewarming or a birthday gift, female feline lovers will appreciate this cat face funny present!

25. Coloring Book

If you’re looking for kitty gifts for ladies who love art, how about this book? It’s one of the best feline-related items to help a lady pass the time. She’ll also get a healthy dose of laughter along the way!

26. Don’t Stress Meowt Mug

Here’s a stress-free novelty mug that will set the day up in the best way possible. Morning coffee is going to taste extra delicious with this relaxing gift. If you know someone who appreciates cute cat stuff, get them this!

27. Hoodie

A woman who loves her pets simply cannot say no to stuff related to animals. That’s why she’ll take this hoodie and wear it as often as she can. Who can blame her? This outfit isn’t just pretty – it’s purr-fect for a lazy day in!

28. Grass

When it comes to offering gifts to people who love kitties, it doesn’t hurt if they’re useful and cute. Take this grass kit, for example. It’s adorable and will prevent kittens from eating things they’re not supposed to. Save your flowers!

29. Note

Here’s a cat-themed gift that’s perfect for the office. Colleagues will be green with envy when they spot this cute little thing dispensing colorful sticky notes. It’ll do such a great job and make the workday that much more enjoyable!

30. It’s Too Peopley Outside Funny Cat Mug

If you’re looking for a gag gift to make a special person smile all day, you’ve found it! This mug is for your cool introverted friend that just loves staying home. Their morning routine is looking better by the minute.

31. Welcome Sign

It’s difficult not to fall in love with felines. They’re intelligent and have an attitude quite like no other. That’s why they’re always a welcome guest in the home. Looking for funny cat things? This sign puts purring animals first and people second!

32. Funny Canvas Print

This wall art is truthful and funny at the same time! Cat owners will agree that their pets do a pretty good job of ignoring them most of the time. However, it’s so difficult not to love these gorgeous meowing cuties.


We know you’ve already scoured the internet looking for funny cat gifts. Whether you are a crazy cat lady or someone who loves their fur baby, we have something for you. For most people, pets are an important member of the family. Our guide has identified the funniest, thoughtful, and inexpensive gifts to make this holiday season that much better!

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