Top 40 Funny Dog Costumes in 2022

If you have a loved one who adores dogs, you know that they would definitely appreciate funny dog costumes. Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Halloween, any dog enthusiast with a sense of humor will love receiving pet costumes! Dog lovers are even highly likely to match their outfits with their puppies.

Although it may seem ridiculous to some people, dog clothes shopping is a favorite activity for others. This way, your furry friend can resemble your whole family in the Christmas or Easter photoshoot. Here is a list of our favorite hilarious dog costumes!

1. Ups Pal Dog Costume

dog costumes: Ups Pal Dog Costume

Searching for a dog costume can be a daunting task. Costumes with arms are quite popular in the dog lovers’ community. These UPS outfits are incredibly hilarious with large dogs or dog breeds who seem ferocious. The costume is also available in different sizes to fit tiny dogs!

2. Walking Teddy Bear Pet Suit

best dog halloween costumes: Walking Teddy Bear Pet Suit

Your sister will probably love receiving a teddy bear outfit for dogs. Dressing up your Golden retriever or any other medium dog to resemble another animal will definitely be hilarious on Halloween. After all, who doesn’t love teddy bears or seeing dogs in costumes?

3. Lion Mane for Dog Costumes

dogs in costumes: Lion Mane for Dog Costumes

A dog dressed up as a lion would probably terrify a few people. If you’re looking for the cutest puppy costumes, why not get this lion mane costume for your Lab? It’s one of the top go-to large outfits if you’re looking for Labrador dog costumes!

4. Cowboy Rider Style Dog Carrying Costume

dogs in costumes: Cowboy Rider Style Dog Carrying Costume

If you’ve been searching for the funniest male dog costumes, look no further than this cowboy outfit. Your Corgi pup will look so cute that you won’t stop smiling! So, the next time your family wants Halloween costume ideas for dogs, they’ll surely ask you for help.

5. Spider Pup Dog Costume

dog costumes: Spider Pup Dog Costume

What’s Halloween without a fun costume party? Transform your little Chihuahua into a spooky spider! Your kids will be so terrified; they’ll scream when they see this scary dog costume. After this outfit debut, you and your little pooch will likely become the talk of the town!

6. Pet Guitar Costume

dog costumes: Pet Guitar Costume

It’s always someone’s responsibility to develop creative ideas for fun family photoshoots. Celebrate your pup’s first birthday with this cute guitar costume with fake arms? You can also request your family to wear matching clothes. After all, who doesn’t love seeing dogs dressed up in costumes?

7. Costumes Santa Claus Riding on Dog

dog costumes: Costumes Santa Claus Riding on Dog

Christmas Day is a fantastic holiday for people to play dress-up. If you’ve been searching for adorable dog clothes, give this cute costume a try. It’s one of the best costumes for pets, including cats who resemble small dogs. Ho, ho, ho!

8. Wonder Woman Dog Costume

funny puppy costumes: Wonder Woman Dog Costume

Female dog costumes are some of the cutest gifts to buy. This adorable Wonder Woman costume is exactly what your furry friend needs for your upcoming birthday photoshoot. Besides, if your children love girly dog costumes, then they’ll surely fall in love with this one!

9. Funny Dog Shark Costumes

funny puppy costumes: Funny Dog Shark Costumes

Does your son love seeing dogs dressed as other animals? If so, then he’s sure to crack up at this cute shark outfit. You can even dress him to match with it. He’ll be so thrilled he’ll always want to help you shop for little dog Halloween costumes!

10. Banana Dog Costume

funny puppy costumes: Banana Dog Costume

“Where can I get hilarious dog costumes for my dog?” This question is most popular among novice pet owners. Funny dressed up dogs can indeed turn a dull day into a happy one. That said, this banana costume can double up as male and female dog costumes.

11. Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume

funny puppy costumes: Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume

Doggy costumes can often look too monotonous. However, if your girlfriend loves Star Wars, then she’s sure to appreciate this warm Ewok coat gift. She’ll be so happy she’ll immediately want to dress up her Maltese. After all, who doesn’t like seeing cute dressed up puppies?

12. Pet Dog Costume Pirates of The Caribbean

funny puppy costumes: Pet Dog Costume Pirates of The Caribbean

If you’re looking for funny dog costumes with arms, you should try this dog pirate outfit. Your fur kid will look super cute in this humorous costume. Your children will even fight to match their clothes with the dog, even if they’ll only wear a similar hat!

13. Puppy Latte Costume

funny puppy costumes: Puppy Latte Costume

This latte costume makes a great coffee-themed gift for dog and coffee enthusiasts. It’s the go-to outfit if you want to see your puppies dressed up for the Christmas card shoot! What other funny dog costumes will light up your world like this?

14. Holy Hound Dog Costume

funny puppy costumes: Holy Hound Dog Costume

Have you been searching for little dog outfits to no avail? This unique white dog Halloween costume is what you need. Your friends will be jealous of your cool Yorkie outfit, they’ll wonder why they hadn’t thought of this before!

15. Ghostbusters Movie Pet Costume Jumpsuit

cute puppy costumes: Ghostbusters Movie Pet Costume Jumpsuit

If role-playing is right up your alley, then you should buy your family dog this creative Ghostbusters jumpsuit. Dog cosplay costumes can add that much-needed excitement when it comes to photoshoots. You can be sure you won’t regret buying Halloween costumes for your dog!

16. Dog Dinosaur Costumes

cute puppy costumes: Ghostbusters Movie Pet Costume Jumpsuit

A dog dressed up for Halloween will get you more candy than your kids ever imagined. Although dogs wearing costumes might end up looking somewhat ridiculous, they make good topics for conversation and laughter. For sure, this outfit is the most awesome small dog dinosaur costume you’ll find!

17. Oscar The Grouch Dog Costume

funny puppy costumes: Oscar The Grouch Dog Costume

Laughter is the recommended medicine you need, sometimes. Get your pups these silly Oscar the Grouch dog costumes, and you’ll notice your smile every time they pass you. Besides being super cute, this bodysuit makes an easy pet costume since it’s not difficult to maintain!

18. Titans Robin Pet Costume

funny puppy costumes: Titan Robin Pet Costume

Puppies in cute costumes always get attention wherever they go. Of course, this is regardless of what holiday or occasion it is. Get your little pups these awesome doggy outfits for their birthday. They’ll look so cute, you’ll remember why Robin was always your favorite cartoon character!

19. Costume Cupcake Dog Costume

funny dog costumes: Costume Cupcake Dog Costume

As you celebrate your kids’ birthdays, so do most dog parents. If you’ve been looking for tiny dog Halloween costumes for your girlfriend’s pup, search no more! This hot number is one of the cutest girly dog costumes that any female dog can wear!

20. Hot Dog Pet Costume

funny dog costumes: Hot dog pet costume

Have you ever seen dogs dressed as food? Get your pup this hot dog outfit for dogs so that you can flaunt him every day. You can be sure your Dachshund will be the cutest dog among all others at the park!

21. Carrying Pumpkin Costume

funny puppy costumes: Carrying Pumpkin Costume

“What are the best Halloween costumes for dogs?” Is this a question you’ve been asking yourself since you adopted your puppy? How about this weird yet appropriate outfit? Just remember to get the dog costume front legs right so that the doll faces the front!

22. Beetlejuice Pet Costume

cute puppy costumes: Beetlejuice Pet Costume

This original woof costume will give you a little taste of horror and laughter. The black and white stripes and the wig will make your puppy look like the crazy movie character! So, if you’re looking for scary costumes for dogs, you won’t go wrong with this set.

23. Witch/Wizard Costume for Dogs

cute puppy costumes: Witch - Wizard Costume for Dogs

Human beings love dressing up in wizard and witch costumes for Halloween. How about dressing your young Poodles in these funny dog costumes and going for a walk in your neighborhood? Everyone is guaranteed to admire you for your clever idea!

24. Princess Pet Costume

cute puppy costumes: Witch - Princess e

Whoever said that dog Halloween costumes for big dogs don’t look cute had probably never seen this princess outfit. Dress your furry friend in this lovely dress, and she’ll look like a big fairy walking on land. Besides, what other dog’s fancy dress can match up to this one?

25. HP Scarf for Dog Costumes

funny puppy costumes: HP Scarf for Dog Costumes

What better way to express your undying love for your pet and everyone’s favorite franchise than with this Gryffindor scarf? Any HP fan will be happy to see your dog adorning this Harry Potter dog costume. After all, it’s one of the best pet costumes ever created!

26. Walking Vet Pet Costume

funny puppy costumes: Walking Vet Pet Costume

Is your boyfriend a veterinary doctor and a dog father? Why don’t you surprise him with this amazing and thoughtful doggy costume? He will love his pup dressed up as a human being. Besides, it will probably be one of the best dog Halloween costume ideas he’s ever seen!

27. Business Suit Pet Costume

funny puppy costumes: Business Suit Pet Costume

Dog suit costumes never looked better than this simple business outfit. It’s perfect for people who work in offices with pet daycare facilities. This way, your beloved furry friend can look as sharp as you in his adorable puppy suits!

28. Bat Wings Cosplay Dog Costume

funny puppy costumes: Bat Wings Cosplay Dog Costume

What’s scarier than seeing a spooky dog on Halloween? If you’re invited to a scary-themed party, you’ll need to prepare. We guarantee no one will imagine seeing your dog wearing bat wings! Not only is it an easy dog Halloween costume, but it’s also cheaper than most options.

29. King’s Crown Pet Costume

funny dog costumes: King's Crown Pet Costume

There are times you want to show everyone how precious your dog is. Get your fur baby this stunning pet costume and prove to everyone that he’s your little king. Word will spread quickly that even male dog costumes can look regal!

30. Santa Claus Costume

funny dog costumes: Santa Claus Costume

What’s the best time to dress your pooch in a Santa Claus outfit other than Christmas Day? Make the day twice as memorable by outfitting your pup with an animal costume. Don’t be surprised if your kids insist on matching their outfits with the dressed-up puppies!

31. Candy Pet Costume

funny dog costumes: Candy Pet Costume

If your little nieces love small dogs, then she’ll adore this candy pet costume. It’s one of the best girl dog costumes and is suitable for big dogs too! This outfit is a sweet gift for puppy mom who also appreciates art and creative dog Halloween costumes.

32. Cow Pet Costume

funny dog costumes: Cow Pet Costume

Weiner dogs are so tiny and cute that they still look amazing in anything. If you’ve been searching for costume ideas for your pup, look no further than this unique outfit. Even your snobby neighbors will appreciate seeing your dog in costume!

33. Tiger Clothes

funny dog costumes: Tiger Clothes

You should always ensure your four-legged best friend looks their best on special occasions. That said, how about getting your Yorkie puppy this unusual tiger outfit? The best thing about these funny dog costumes is that they are available in all sizes!

34. Goofy Dog Costume

funny dog costumes: Goofy Dog Costume

Is your daughter a fan of Disney cartoons? How about surprising her with good dog costumes? Start with cute doggie clothes like this Mickey & Friends costume fit for dogs of all sizes! After all, which kid doesn’t love seeing pets in costumes?

35. Werewolf Costume for Dogs

funny dog costumes: Werewolf Costume for Dogs

Most families take family portraits every so often to celebrate different life occasions. Ask your family members to adopt a creepy theme next year. Remember to dress your pitbull in this crazy small dog-wolf costume to fit right in. He’ll also end up looking like a cute boy dog!

36. Scooby Doo Pet Suit

funny dog costumes: Scooby Doo Pet Suit

Scooby-Doo cartoon never gets old. Why? Because it had a perfect, scary yet fun storyline. If you’re hunting for doggy outfits, look no further. Even your little kids will proudly admit that this is one of the best dog costumes ever!

37. Minion Pet Costume

funny dog costumes: Minion Pet Costume

If your baby boy can’t seem to get enough of the adorable minions, get him this ridiculous costume. It’s the perfect gift for a little dog, such as a bulldog. It’s also one of the funniest pet costumes that’s sure to appease kids of all ages!

38. Tootsie Roll Dog Costume

funny dog costumes: Tootsie Roll Dog Costume

If you love chocolate, how about getting your Chihuahua this unique shirt for Christmas? Unlike other costumes, its design is simple, making it easy to wear and take off. Your friends will be so envious of your dog candy costume; they’ll buy similar ones for their dogs!

39. Frozen Olaf Dog Costume

funny dog costumes: Frozen Olaf Dog Costume

Which modern kid doesn’t love watching Frozen or consuming any related products? Surprise your little girl during her birthday party with this cute Frozen dog costume for her furry friend. What’s even better is that such standing up dog costumes truly make the characters come alive!

40. Winter Lord Dog Costume

funny dog costumes: Winter Lord Dog Costume

GOT is another well-loved show, especially by adults. So, if you’re looking for doggie outfits that borrow from the show’s dressing style, this one will do the trick. For sure, this Game of Thrones dog costume will top the list of funny dog costumes!

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