Top 25+ Funny Dog Gifts for People With a Hilarious Pup Of 2022

Have you heard a dog owner say, ‘Lmao, dog, you made my day!’ to their pooch? Well, you can make their day as well! Dog people love receiving funny dog gifts for their birthday, but also Christmas and every other holiday. Simply choose a special occasion, and make their day! Now, we’d like to show you our selection of the best funny gifts for dog lovers in 2022.

25+ Gag Gifts For Dog Lovers

1. My Kids Have Paws Photo Collage Mug

Here’s a dog-related birthday present for the acquaintance you know nothing about, except that they love dogs and coffee. We’re going to be polite and not even wonder where you two met. Seriously, where did you meet? Anyway, cheers to funny dog presents and products that save the day!

2. Not Today T-Shirt

As their Corgi snores through doggo dreams, your friend can show off the sleepyhead with funny dog tees! This unisex tee is a symbol of love and acceptance for pups who like to dream big. One of the best Corgi gift ideas, period!

3. Wine Glass

If your pal likes to booze at home, they should know that the dog’s watching them with those bulgy eyes. Okay, let’s not be creepy. This novelty cup is a great gift for dog owners, especially for female ones. Talking about a fancy-schmancy Mother’s Day present!

4. Beware Of Dog Warning Sign

What could make your favorite dog owner burst into laughter? The frightened faces of guests looking at this funny dog sign! What a warm welcome! They’ll eventually come in and, hopefully, come out if the crazy doge is feeling zen. One of our favorite dog novelty items, period!

5. Fetch This Coffee Mug

Do you think your friend’s sassy pooch is the trouble? We say, let your favorite dog lover drink to that! Funny dog mugs are perfect for coffee, tea, or cranberry juice after a fetch game. Now, let’s make a toast to all the hilarious dog gag gifts!

6. Doormat

Never, ever will there be home decor as perfect as this innocent doormat. Your pal’s guests will have to hop over it for valid reasons, obviously, but rules are rules. You don’t want to get the gag dog gift thinner! Ah, these silly gifts for dog parents!

7. Funky Novelty Socks

These socks are next on our list of funny dog products to gift. But don’t look at your girlfriend’s ankles when the date’s over. Those puppy eyes will make your stay! As a puppy lover, she’ll enjoy them, though! They’re a great pet owner gift and a nice Christmas stocking.

8. Custom Photo Suede Pillow

The best Christmas gifts for dog lovers don’t always go under the tree. Some go on the sofa, and others fly around or stick to the furniture. We bet your favorite pet owner loves their funny doggo despite these ‘presents,’ though. This paw print pillow says it all!

9. Dog Tote Bag

Tick-tock, tick-tock, it’s holiday season o’clock, so here’s a cute tote bag for a lovely dog lady in your life. You thought men wore the pants in your dog-loving household? Think again! This is one of those funny dog accessories that prove ladies know their dogs no matter what!

10. Fine Art Print

We encourage everyone who loves dogs to poop as they peep in this pup print! In the meantime, smile if you can! Hopefully, the silliest dogs don’t read what we just said in the newspapers! Okay, we’ll stop now, but this dog print is seriously an awesome present!

11. Matching Dog Collar And Bandana

Your bestie and their pups might be all scruffy at home, but outside, they should look elegant and natty. These accessories make great gifts for these dogs and owners! Btw, the bandana goes on a four-legged friend’s neck, not on their head. This ain’t a thug life gift idea!

12. Custom Pet Portrait

If Laika could do it, so can your furry best friend, at least in photos! No lies, funny dog gifts like custom portraits can help the pooch make a big step for the canine kind! Portraits make fantastic personalized gift ideas. Hopefully, the pup doesn’t take it personally!

13. Dog Poo Coaster

Some days feel like staring at a dog’s poo. Well, some makers of dog poop gifts looked into it from a different angle and got inspired! That’s why your friend can’t shoo away the bad dog on this Labrador coaster. They’ll surely laugh this Christmas!

14. Hilarious Dog Memes Moodycards

Although the rule says leave your problems at home, some dog people take them to work. Well, these goofy looking dogs will make grumpy look grumpier and sexy look sexier! If your friend’s boss doesn’t appreciate their moodiness, your pal can say, ‘Lmao, dogs,’ and blame it on the pups!

15. Dog Shaming Coloring Book

If your friend is angry at their naughty dog, it’s time to intervene. This unique coloring book is among the funniest things to get for dog lovers. They’ll relax and forget about their dog’s temperamental nature. Just wait for their angry giggle when the dog eats the book! Ah, presents!

16. English Bulldog Travel Mug

If this dog dad you know always talks about his pooches, drinks will keep his throat moist. You don’t want that voice squeaking as he tells stories about his comical dogs! On second thought, that could make this funny dog dad even funnier. Naughty us! It’s a lovely gift, though!

17. Throw The Damn Ball Book

We understand if you’re a dog grandpa after years of putting up with a naughty dog. But hey, it’ll pass. In the meantime, start reading this funny dog book in the shade. Once you feel young again, gift it to another granddad for a holiday. It’s last-minute gift ideas 101!

18. Dog Tag

There’s nothing cute or funny about a lost dog. Unfortunately, many people who’ve just adopted a doggie go through this experience. That’s why the best gifts for new puppy owners are accessories that make finding a pup easier. The s-word on this tag will make good-hearted strangers notice your dog.

19. Poop Bag Holder Dispenser

If you’ve successfully tricked your dog sitter into picking up poop for you, convince them to use poop bags too! You did it once, and you’ll do it again. With funny dog stuff like this, you shouldn’t have a problem! Seriously, though, ridiculous dog gifts are a thing too!

20. Dog Toilet Paper Holder

Some weird dog gifts for humans make a great addition to new homes. In a house, a toilet is essential, and if someone disagrees, let them hold it in when nature calls. If you understand why this toilet paper holder is a great housewarming present, you’re a genius!

21. Swimming Dog Shower Curtain

Here we go again, talking about those novelty gifts, and this time it’s a silly shower curtain! The dog-themed present features a funny dog trying to get either a tennis ball or your friend’s naked butt. For the sake of the pet owner, we hope it’s the first one!

22. Light This When The Dog Farts Candle

If you think your puppy will not toot this Christmas, you’re wrong. Poor thing, it will, and your good friend will go green. Unless you want to take the blame for guests leaving early, buy this for the dog mom organizing the gathering!

23. Dog Paw Backpack

If your favorite dog lover is a schooler, they’ll love this dog-themed backpack. You can fill it up with funny pet products, wrap it up, and make it be their birthday present. With a bag like this, the kid can prove that a dog ate their homework!

24. Dogs Stickers

A sticker or two won’t do for the greatest puppy lover on Earth. Mm-hmm, you’ll need a set of funny doggy stickers. They’ll need them for their water bottle, laptop, travel case, TV, desk, car, notebooks, phone, and some of your stuff. What a great holiday gift!

25. Cute Phone Cases

Staring is caring! As your pal takes selfies, hilarious puppies will make them say ‘cheese’! That’s what pup life be like, all about being the jury of your friend’s Instagram photos! The doggies won’t bark at your pal, though. They like pretty dog people. Wait, are they pretty? gulp

26. Laptop Case

Doggo-themed laptop cases are one of the most unique gifts for dog lovers. They’re practical, worth taking a glance at, completely childish, and way too beautiful! If there’s an item on this list that would put a smile on a hardworking pet lover, it’s this one.

27. Cute Plush Dog Toys

Here’s a parody dog toy for that friend who makes their dog do funny things. The puppy will enjoy some nice barking water for their birthday and be sober for the next fetch game. Mm-hmm, if something squeaks, it’s not the doggo having hiccups, but the squeaker in the toy!

28. Dog Statue

This is the most serious of all the funny dog gifts on the list! The home decor makes a great present for people who’d like to calm their barking minds. Can your friend meditate better than this doggy thing? We are not sure, but we’d like to see them compete!

29. Rogz Grinz Medium Ball

ROGZ by KONG Grinz Treat Ball Dog Toy is sure to have your pup grinning for ear to ear once he gets his paws on it! Made from SEBS, this toy is not only lightweight but also floats on water which makes it ideal for beach and outdoor play. Grinz will also provide endless hours of interactive play for your furry friend as it has compartments to hide his favorite treats! Rating a 3 on the Bite-o-Meter, this toy is sure to spark any pup’s interest.

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