30+ Top Game of Thrones Inspired Dog Names 2022

Are you looking for great dog names? Are you also a fan of Game of Thrones? If you’re both, you must have thought about giving your furry-buddy, a GOT-inspired name. You are not alone!
No matter who you adore, House Stark or House Targaryen, this list brings for you an assortment of incredible names for your doggo, taking inspiration from your favorite series.  

Many of these names are unique, while others show up on the list of top 100 dog names.

Game of Thrones Dog Names Inspired By the Direwolves

The following GOT-inspired names for your pooch will leave others in awe. No need to alter these names at all:

  1. Nymeria
  2. Ghost
  3. Summer
  4. Grey Wind
  5. Lady
  6. Shaggy Dog

Game of Thrones Dog Names Inspired By Dragons

Drogon is one mesmerizing GOT-themed name that suits different dog breeds. These dragon names are so cool you can literally pick them without having to make changes. Some other GOT’s dragon inspired names are:

  1. Rhaegal
  2. Viserion
  3. Syrax
  4. Dreamfyre
  5. Seasmoke
  6. Silverwing
  7. Stormcloud
  8. Balerion
  9. Shrykos

Male Characters of Game of Thrones Dog Names

How about Jon Snow? Some of the popular dog names after GOT’s male character names are:

  1. Hoffrey
  2. Tyruff
  3. Big Finger
  4. Jamutt
  5. Khal Doggo
  6. Tywind
  7. Robbrobb
  8. Golly
  9. Rickor

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Female Characters of Game of Thrones Dog Names

And a few dog names for genuine Game of Thrones fans are:

  1. Daeneruff
  2. Aryam
  3. Khaleesit 
  4. Cersleep
  5. Sansar
  6. Brieny 
  7. Lyannarr
  8. Myrcelluff
  9. Yaralol
  10. Catelo

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For true dog lovers at heart, we have some fun, GOT-related names:

  1. Greyscale
  2. White Runner
  3. Valyrianteeth
  4. Warthog
  5. Ravendog
  6. Little Dracarys
  7. Essosy
  8. Westerough

Greyscale is our personal favorite! Originally cool.

Other Ideas for Game of Thrones Dog Names?

If you plan to adopt a puppy near soon, then these GOT-inspired dog names spoil you for choices. What name did you like the most? Which name do you think is great for your pup?  

Or do you have some cool dog names inspired by GOT?  Share with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear!

More Dog Names Ideas

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