96+ Best German Dog Names for Your Furry Schatz

German dog names are great for all doggos, especially those with German heritage. Thanks to dog breeding, German puppies can always spread their joy around the world. Giving your German Shepherd a cool name will show how proud you are of your pup’s roots!

If your new furry friend is a Schnauzer or a Dachshund, keep scrolling! You’ll find the greatest name ideas for your lovely pupper in our list of cool German names. We share the best male and female names, and options inspired by locations, food, and famous Germans. Take a look!

Male German Dog Names

Are you the parent of a GSD boy that needs a popular name to fit his personality? Here are the top 100 German Shepherd names! They all have very interesting meanings! 

1. Aldo – old and wise

2. Alvin – noble friend, friend of the elves

3. August – great, magnificent

4. Baldwin – brave friend

5. Bernard – strong, brave as a bear

6. Claus/Klaus – people of vistory

7. Dieter – ruler of the people

8. Emmet – universal, truth

9. Frederik – peaceful ruler

10. Heinrich – home of the king

11. Leonard – brave lion

12. Roland – famous throughout the land

13. Schwartz – black hair or dark complexion

14. Sigmund – victorious protection

15. Wolfgang – traveling wolf

Female German Dog Names

Name your cool, four-legged girl now! Is she going to be Miss Gretchen or Lady Beatrix from Germany? Choose a cute option from these German names for female dogs! 

1. Addie – also noble, nobility

2. Amelia – work

3. Annette – the Lord has favored me

4. Beatrix – she who brings happiness

5. Bernadette – brave as a bear

6. Brunhilde – armed for battle

7. Caroline – free man

8. Ella – all, completely; fairy maiden

9. Frederika – peaceful ruler

10. Fritzi – also peaceful rule

11. Gretchen – pearl

12. Ida – industrious one

13. Liesel – pledged to God

14. Marta – lady

15. Sofie – wisdom

German Dog Names

German Dog Names Inspired by Locations

If you want to give your pup a unique German dog name, think about cities and rivers in Germany. You’ll run into awesome puppy names! Here are some fun ideas:  

1. Düsseldorf

Famous German names shouldn’t be hard to find! Show your appreciation for European culture by naming your Rottweiler Düsseldorf!  

2. Frankfurt  

Name your Pomeranian Frankfurt! It’s a funny German name for such a small pet! Your doggo will be happy. 

3. Salzburg

This is an Austrian city that tops most German police dog names! Your Saltz will guard you like a pro! 

4. Stuttgart

Here is one of the truly unique male dog names for German Shepherds. It’s also great for badass female pups!  

5. Danube

If your silly canine sometimes wets your carpet like the Danube, pick this clever name for His Naughtiness! 

6. Hessia

You should celebrate a Great Dane that won’t fit on a standard dog bed! Name your big German girl Hessia! 

7. Dresden

This name belongs to queens like your female Weimaraner! Look for no other noble names for dogs!  

8. Rhine

Rhine is one of the best German dog names for a girl Dachshund. It really captures this dog’s length! 

9. Berlin

Do you have a cute German dog that could sing at the Berlin State Opera? Here’s a name for them! 

10. Cologne

Cologne is one of the best German pet names for your cool German Shepherd with a Gothic charm! 

Fun Food-Inspired Dog Names

Some German food words are also powerful German names! Check out these cute, unique food names for dogs, and give meaning to your pet’s name!  

1. Wurst

Looking for good German names for your girl or boy Dachshund? Your search could end with this funny suggestion.  

2. Spätzle

If your Schnauzer waves its tail at the smell of noodles, Spätzle is the German name for this dog! 

3. Goulash

Is your German Shorthaired Pointer quiet when you eat goulash for dinner? What a strong dog! Name them Goulash! 

4. Brezel

Pick this one out of all male German Shepherd dog names for a good puppy that’s always chasing their tail! 

5. Schnitzel

Schnitzel might not be the German word for loyal, but it’s great for doggos faithful to their food. 

6. Sauerkraut

Is your military pup a strong, masculine Rottweiler? Sauerkraut is one of the best male German dog names for them! 

7. Knödel

If your funny pooch sleeps curled up like a ball, this is the name to wish it sweet canine dreams! 

Badass Beer-Inspired Names for Dogs

Do you enjoy talking about the meaning of life while drinking beer with your friends? Here are some awesome German names that celebrate this drink! They’re all cute and unique! 

1. Paulaner

Strong German male names like Paulaner are great for tough doggies, even for those who get scared sometimes! 

2. Maibock

This name will motivate your badass pupper to run fast. It’s one of the best German hunting dog names, period. 

3. Oktoberfest

German dog names tell a lot about this country’s culture. Oktoberfest is a clever name choice for silly puppies!  

4. Märzen

If you love the German ‘r,’ Märzen is a good German word for a dog’s name. Bavarians make awesome beers! 

5. Bierkrug

Name your boy dog Bierkrug, and tell all your friends about the big, furry beer glass you just bought! 

6. Hopfen

Do you own a masculine, alpha GSD? Unique male dog names for German Shepherds like Hopfen are amazing for him!

7. Krombacher

You can call your German Shorthaired Pointer Krombacher! This is a common name for pups with cool and sparkly personalities. 

8. Dunkel

This is a popular German name for black puppies. Show your admiration for your dog’s dark coat with this option! 

Dog Names Inspired by Famous Germans

Germany is the home country of many gifted and clever individuals. Find the best inspiration for your puppy’s name among the following eight names of famous Germans! 

1. Ludwig van Beethoven

Name your silly Silver Ghost like this! Many famous Weimaraner names are names of German composers. We dig this! 

2. Johann Sebastian Bach

This could be your dog’s German name if you are a fan of the breathtaking Brandenburg Concertos!  

3. Sigmund Freud

Many people like naming their pups after this great psychologist! It’s a fantastic name for dogs that enjoy armchair naps!  

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Help your tiny Pomeranian feel like a badass with this name! German puppy names inspired by actors are lit! 

5. Heidi Klum

Your sweet Schnauzer diva needs a name that matches her unique strut, like the one of the German model! 

6. Nicolaus Copernicus

Some German dog names can show that your furball is the Sun in your life! Call your pup Nicolaus Copernicus!  

7. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Does your doggo chill by the piano after breakfast? This is a great German name for a dog like that! 

8. Albert Einstein

Giving your clever male Dachshund this outstanding German man’s name is super nice! He’ll feel like a scientist! 

Other Awesome German Dog Names

Would you like to read about other German Shepherd names and their meanings? Or are you still looking for the right name for your Weimaraner? Here are ten more suggestions.

1. Schnucki

A doggo that is as cute as a button can have the name Schnucki, which means “sweetie” in German! 

2. Maus

Maus is a pretty name or nickname for smaller doggies! See how funny German names for pups can be? 

3. Bärchen

Puppies with soft, fluffy coats like the Pomeranian look like adorable little bears. Why not go with this funny option? 

4. Mercedes

Strong German names are awesome! Mercedes is a classy name for military pooches as quick as lightning!  

5. Prost

Prost is the cool German word for cheers. A dog with this name will be the life of your parties!  

6. Deutsche

Introduce your girl pup named Deutsche to your friends, and tell them she’s German! Boy, are dog names fun!  

7. Rapunzel

You can find wonderful German female names for dogs in fairytales! Rapunzel is a charming option for your four-legged princess! 

8. Gretel

There are good dog names for German Shepherds in the stories by the Brothers Grimm. Gretel is one of them! 

9. Hase

Big or small, you can call your pet bunny! It’s a popular nickname for Dachshund, Schnauzer, and Pomeranian pooches. 

10. Hansel

Here’s another name from the Grimm’s Fairy Tales that’s more famous than other German male dog names. We love it! 

Bonus Ideas for Your Dog’s Name

How did you like our lists of German dog names? Did you find your favorite strong name, or are you still deciding? In case you need more ideas, you can always look for some common European dog names. Check out our Swedish dog names, Irish dog names, and Spanish dog names suggestions. Happy searching! Tschüss!

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