41+ Amazing Gifts For Cat Lovers in 2022

Are you looking for gifts for cat lovers? If you know someone that is obsessed with cats and are looking to give them a gift, this guide can help. Finding the perfect cat-themed gift for someone can be tricky. This guide is the perfect solution to your gift-giving struggles. Cat parents might be interested in something more unique that no one has.

The gift can also be a fun one to make them laugh. These gift ideas for animal and cat owners can be just what you need. Regardless of your budget or the kind of cat person you’re shopping for, there is an idea you’ll appreciate on this list. Cat owners will always appreciate receiving a gift for their cat. Whether it’s a new collar or a catnip toy, the possibilities are endless. No matter if they’re a new cat owner or a veteran, here are some ideas to consider for the cat person in your life.

Ideas for Gifts for Cat Lovers

Regardless of your budget or gift-giving style, there is an ideal gifts below.

1. Cat Photo Christmas Ornament

Gifts for Cat Lovers

One of the Christmas gifts for cat lovers that you can give is this ornament. Include a picture of the cat along with their name and the year. It’s a gift that can be utilized year after year.

2. 6 Signs That You Are Secretly A Cat Photo Mug

If you’re interested in personalized cat gifts, this photo mug is perfect. It tells you signs that you might actually be a cat. Only true cat owners will appreciate and relate to this gift.

3. Cat Necklace

Not only is this gift ideal for any occasion, but it’s also perfect for a cat memorial. A picture of the cat of your choice will be laser engraved into a necklace pendant for the recipient to wear as they please.

4. Cat Butt Magnets

You might want to give a unique gift to a cat lover in your life that you appreciate and these magnets are perfect. They come in different breeds and can be used on any magnetic surface.

5. Cat Blanket

Everyone loves a good blanket with cats that can make the perfect gift. Blankets make ideal gifts for cat lovers and you can even choose the size of this one.

6. Cat Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoons

The novelty cat lover in your life might also be a baker or someone who tends to use measuring spoons on a regular basis. These ceramic measuring spoons are cat-shaped and come in a set of 4.

7. Cat Planter

This cute cat planter can be perfect for cat lovers and plant lovers. It comes in two different colors, white and black. You can also further customize it by choosing the size based on the type of plants the recipient enjoys.

8. Home Is Where The Cats Are Photo Collage Canvas Print

Another cat gift that you might want to consider is this canvas print complete with a photo collage of all of your favorite pictures of your cat. Personalize it to your standards and choose the size of the canvas.

9. Cute Kitten T-Shirt

Any cat parent would appreciate having a t-shirt with a cute kitten on it. Pick the color of the shirt and the size that you’d like and your gift is complete.

10. Throw Pillow

Throw pillows are always necessary and so versatile. This pillow makes for a cute gift to any cat fanatic. It includes a sweet message along with a picture of a cat for them to enjoy.

11. It’s Too Peopley Outside Cat Mug

Most cat lovers can relate that sometimes people are too much. This mug can explain the exact mood of the cat lover in your life. It’s one of those funny cat gift ideas you can’t pass up.

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12. Cat Socks

Socks might not seem like a good gift, but for a cat lover, these cat-covered socks are perfect. You can personalize them with different accessories and colors. They’ll make an ideal stocking stuffer, too.

13. Purr Me A Glass

Another unique gift for cat lovers that you can consider is this glass. It has a permanent hand-etched design that includes a cat as well as a humor pun-filled message.

14. I Love My Cat Photo Desktop Plaque

If you’re looking for cat dad gifts, this is one that they’ll definitely appreciate. It’s perfect for the office or even for home decor. You can personalize it with your own pictures and the cat’s name.

15. Interactive Cat Feather Toys

Cats love to play and if you’re searching for unique cat toys, these feather toys will definitely keep them busy. They’re ideal for indoor play and can help the cats exercise.

16. A Street Cat Named Bob

One of the gifts for cat lovers that you might be interested in is this book about a stray cat that ends up saving a man’s life. It’s an inspiring read that is perfect for cat owners.

17. Cat Butt Coasters

Coasters are essential for any coffee table and these cat butt coasters make for a yet useful gift. They can be personalized by cat color and eye color so that you have one that resembles the cat of your choice.

18. Cats Are My Favorite People Photo Collage Mug

Another one of those gifts for cat people that you can consider is this photo collage mug. Compile all of your favorite pictures of your cats and add them to a mug to use on a regular basis.

19. Cat Earrings

These cat earrings are perfect for cat people in general or even to give as a Halloween gift. Black cat gift ideas might not seem ordinary unless you’re a cat lover or spooky season lover.

20. Cat Treats

Cat people typically love spoiling their feline friends so what better way to do that than with some treats? These treats are low in calories and come in appealing flavors.

21. Cat Bed

You can’t forget about the cat accessories that every feline lover needs. This cushiony bed will help your cat get cozy and comfortable on a regular basis. Plus, it’s machine washable.

22. For A Balanced Life – Dog And Cat Canvas Print

Animal lovers will definitely enjoy this canvas print, especially if they own both a cat and a dog. It includes a yet very true message that only true dog and cat people will enjoy.

23. Cute Kitty Kids Night Light

This night light can be perfect for the kid cat lovers in your life. It’s a cute night light that can make for the perfect accessory in any room. It’s portable and squishy with tap control.

24. Cat Calendar

If you know someone that likes calendars, this cat calendar would make the perfect gift. The cat owner in your life will appreciate having 365 days of cat pictures and more for each day of the year.

25. Cat Scratch Bookends

The cat enthusiast in your life might have a bookshelf or even a library with books that need to be held up in some way. These bookends can come in handy and they include playful cats.

26. Pet’s First Christmas Ornament

For the people in your life that just recently got their cat, this Christmas ornament is perfect. It represents the cat’s first Christmas and is a keepsake that they will cherish for years to come.

27. Cute Basket

Finding a place to store all of the cat toys, accessories, and more can be tough. However, this basket is one of the cute cat gifts that will definitely be utilized for this case.

28. Don’t Stress Meowt Cat Candle

A great gift for cat people is this candle with a fun pun. You can pick the scent and the size of the candle, but the saying is worth keeping as it is.

29. Photo Mug

Cat mom gift ideas don’t have to be tough to figure out and with this photo mug, you’ll be all set in the gift department. Customize it with your own cat photos and more.

30. Note Dispenser

Cat parents will definitely appreciate this gift. It’s perfect for the office or even to have around the house whenever you need to write down a quick note.

31. Cat Shaped Wine Holder Wine

Do you know a wine lover that is also into cats? This wine bottle holder would make the perfect gift. It’s an adorable way to store wine bottles around the house.

32. Cutting Board

When you’re looking for the perfect wedding gift for a cat lover, you’ll want to consider this cutting board. Include the names of the newlyweds and their wedding year for a personalized touch.

33. Cosmetic Bag

Another cat gift for women that you’ll want to consider is this cosmetics bag. They can store all of their makeup and cosmetics inside the waterproof bag so that they don’t have to worry about a thing.

34. Un Deux Trois Cat Tote Bag

This tote bag would make a cute and useful gift for anyone who enjoys cat graphics. The color of the tote is customizable and the message is one that any cat lover would appreciate.

35. I Work Hard So That My Cat Can Have a Better Life Mug

Some more cat gift ideas include this mug that has a comical message on it. The mug is available in different colors which makes it perfect for a man or woman cat lover.

36. PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic

One of the kitty gifts that can make cat owners’ lives easier is this food dispenser that works automatically. It’s wi-fi enabled and even works with portion control settings and programmable timers.

37. Need Wine Right Meow Wine Tumbler

If the cat lover in your life enjoys an awesome gift and wine, this tumbler is perfect for any occasion. It has an interesting message and your own personalization can also be added.

38. Laser Pointer Cat

What better way to keep a cat busy than with a laser pointer? This is a hands-free laser that helps cats with anxiety relief. It has an automatic shutoff and is battery-operated.

39. Cat Hanger Hooks

If you’re looking for cool gifts for cat lovers that will be utilized no matter what, these hanger hooks are ideal. They can be used in the bathroom for towels, robes, and more.

40. Cat Toy Roller

Even cats enjoy puzzles and they can engage in some physical activity with this toy roller. It’s strong and tear-resistant so they’ll be able to play long-term. It’s perfect for one or more cats.

41. Cat Portrait Ring

If you have a cat lover in your life that you want to surprise with a thoughtful and sentimental gift, this cat ring is perfect. Choose the finish based on their preference and select the ring size and you’ll all set.

42. Cat ID Tag

Gifts for Cat Lovers

An ID tag is always useful and this one can make for the perfect gift for any cat person. Personalize it by choosing the size, finish, and include the name of the cat, along with other crucial information.

43. Cat Garden Flag

Garden Flag for Cat Lovers

This Cat Garden Flag will be a perfect gift for cat owners. Adding style and colors to his or her home to upgrade their outdoor space. Even their cats will love it. Shopping for more designs of cat garden flags at 365Canvas.


These gifts for cat lovers are ideal for any occasion and will definitely be able to put a smile on any feline fanatic’s face. Choose one or combine a few of them to make the perfect gift.