17 Dog Groomer Gifts to Say “Thank You” 2022

Do you want to show some appreciation for the person who makes your canine look beautiful? These gifts for dog groomers will do exactly that, and more! Grooming dogs isn’t an easy task, but these dedicated people make it look simple and fun.

Dog groomers are wonderful people, and their love for animals makes them truly one-of-a-kind. Surprise them regardless of the occasion, be it for a birthday or Christmas. This list of pooch-related goodies is impressive, and you’ll surely find something to say “Thank you!” What are you waiting for? Shopping has never been this meaningful!

1. Photo Christmas Ornament

Talk about a Christmas gift for a dog groomer that will top the rest! Capture the magic of this winter holiday with an ornament featuring someone’s favorite pup. Hanging this lovely keepsake on the tree will definitely make family time extra special. This item is no ordinary decor, and everyone will appreciate that!

2. Dog Apron

When it comes to dog grooming salon ideas, this pretty present is hard to beat. Everyone goes crazy over useful gifts, and this accessory will surely set the vibe. Are you ready for a surprise? This apron is also perfect for gardening, cooking in the kitchen, and even grilling outdoors! Hotdogs, anyone? 

3. Keychain

Cutting dog hair and making pooches look beautiful isn’t as easy as it looks. If you want to show some appreciation, funny groomer gifts are always a great idea. Give this artist the recognition they deserve with a keychain that’s so relevant to their job! It’ll serve as a nice little advertisement for future customers, too!

4. Dog Bag

Make outings with a beloved pet a smooth and easy endeavor with this practical gift. This pretty bag comes with many useful compartments. Hence, it’s perfect for a day at the beach or even vet appointments. There’s no forgetting all the supplies that a doggy needs now, not when they’re all packed and ready!

5. Tumbler

Are you looking for some great ideas to spice up a day of grooming? How about a tumbler to hold a delicious favorite beverage. Splash on some animal art, and a hot or cold drink will never be the same again. If you know a guy who enjoys what he does, this gift is the right one for him!

6. Best Dog Groomer Ever Mug

People who make our pets pretty deserve the nicest dog groomer gifts. Sing your praises with a personalized coffee mug that features a photo of the cutest doggy ever. With a boost of caffeine in hand, you can be sure that a creative haircut is in store. Pretty soon, your pooch will be walking the catwalk in style!

7. Dog Groomer Sign

Every pet salon needs some awesome decor to go along with it. Beautify your preferred hangout place with a simple sign that just says it all! This gift will stand the test of time as it won’t rust or break easily. What a great feeling it will give to the owner and their clients!

8. Cosmetic Bag

Give the lovely person who grooms your pet a beautiful cosmetic bag. Themed with the cutest animals around, this gift is good for travels or to stay organized. Your dog lover will be thankful that every little makeup tool has its own pocket. The next weekend trip can’t come soon enough!

9. Personalized Candle

Here’s a thank-you gift that will relax and set a nice ambiance for people and animals alike. Show how grateful you are to the person who treats your pet like royalty every single time. Don’t let their hard work go unnoticed. If your doggy salon owner is someone special, make sure they know it!

10. Wall Clock

No pooch parlor is complete without a personalized clock to signal the time. Make your pet’s salon a favorite place to be with an awesome dog-themed piece of decor. It’ll help your grooming professional stick to appointment times and offer great service, too! Now, is that a fantastic gift or what?

11. T-Shirt

Make this year’s Groomer Appreciation Day an event to remember for eons to come with a cute t-shirt. This soft and comfortable outfit is perfect for everyday wear and might even be someone’s new uniform. Working in a pet salon means that you really love what you do. Let this top express the joy of working with animals!

12. Welcome Hope You Like Dog Hair Doormat

Printed with a fun font, this doormat is the perfect way to welcome people into the shop. It isn’t just an excellent item to set the mood; this gift will also keep dirt out. This way, your pet’s favorite place to chill will always be nice and clean. That’s useful and adorable all in one!

13. Dog Paw Print Coasters

Aren’t these paw print coasters the cutest little things? If you’re on the lookout for some cool stuff for those who make your pet look dashing, you’re in luck! These are great to keep water stains off the table. If minimalist and classy is your pup’s salon’s style, these gifts will fit perfectly in the workplace!

14. Necklace

The lady who grooms your doggy isn’t just about making your pet look pretty. Here’s a piece of jewelry for her that will dress up any outfit she’s in. This necklace is undoubtedly the one accessory she’ll prefer as it gives her the confidence to do anything! When she feels so loved, it’ll definitely show in her work.

15. Dog Grooming Scissors Kit

How many different types of scissors do pet hairdressers need? You’ll be surprised. If you’re looking for a special way to thank the people at your dog salon, how about this professional kit? It contains all the essential tools needed to groom even the hairiest of pups. Every snip won’t hurt a bit, thanks to the safety round tips!

16. Paw Print Shoes

When you’re standing for most of the day, your feet will welcome some much-needed comfort. Get a pair of the best shoes for groomers for the lady who makes your dog look dashing. Featuring 30 adorable designs, these waterproof Sloggers will never fail to make a statement, whether rain or shine!

17. It Is Not Dog Hair It’s Beagle Glitter Custom Pillow

People that complain about dog hair simply don’t understand that it’s pooch glitter. However, there’s one person who won’t ever make a fuss about animal fur, and you know who that is. Get your groomer the best presents! Start with this cuddly custom pillow and show them the love they truly deserve!

Surprise Your Favorite Pet Stylist Today!

It’s time to show some affection with the best gifts for dog groomers out there. When people love what they do, it shows. Every time your canine looks good, you know who to thank. This way, your pet will never have a bad hair day!