65 Howliday Gifts for Dog Lovers and Their Pups (2021)

Santa Claus is coming to town with these incredible gifts for dog lovers and their pups. And, believe us, this year, he is going all in! If you’ve no idea what to give your favorite dog owner this festive season, stay put! Here’s a list of 65 unique items that will please dog moms, dog dads, and their four-legged babies alike.

These gift ideas are so good that they also work when celebrating other holidays or even your pooch’s birthday! Go fetch these presents if you want to be the best secret Santa for a furry friend enthusiast this Christmas!

Gifts for Dogs

1. Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

Wishbone Dog Chew Toy - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Here’s a fabulous dog gift idea for those who like playing rough. It’s a super fun and durable chew toy made from real bacon! The aggressive chomper at home will love this entertaining birthday present for dogs. After all, there’s a reason why it made the top of our list of best gifts for dog lovers!

2. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Doggie gifts have never been this fun! A Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes! It’s a cool dog gift that’s bound to turn you into the favorite pet sitter of any four-legged amigo! It’ll keep your pup in shape in an entertaining way!

3. Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Dog Toy

Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Dog Toy - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Want a charming pet gift idea? Get your furry friend this pawsome interactive stuffed toy! It’s an incredible hide and seek activity for dogs. Your pooch will stay entertained for hours on end! This super fun Christmas gift works for any dog breed, no matter how big or how small. 

4. Dog Rope Toy

Dog Rope Toy - Gifts for Dog Lovers or Owners

Now, this is a great gift for animal lovers to bond with their furry pals. A rope dog toy and teeth cleaning go hand in hand. That’s why dog groomers approve of these fun dog lovers’ gifts. It will be the perfect present this holiday season, especially for large breeds! 

5. Dog Chew Ring Toy

Dog Chew Ring Toy - Gifts for Pet Lovers

Now, this is a great gift for animal lovers to bond with their furry pals. A rope dog toy and teeth cleaning go hand in hand. That’s why dog groomers approve of these fun dog lovers’ gifts. It will be the perfect present this holiday season, especially for large breeds! 

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6. Lambchop Plush Dog Toy

Lambchop Plush Dog Toy - Gifts for Dogs

Need puppy gift ideas? Get a lamb chop for your pup-a-roo this Christmas! No, we’re not talking about dinner just yet. All we’re saying is you should buy this cute and soft stuffed animal for your furry baby. It’s a wholesome holiday gift for dogs who need a sleeping buddy! 

7. Dog Snuffle Mat

Dog Snuffle Mat

Is your pup prancing with joy? No? That’s because you haven’t got them this must-have dog product yet! What are you waiting for? Such an awesome item is an excellent present for all pet owners! It’s the kind of stuff for dogs your pooch wants to find under the tree! 

8. KONG Classic Durable Natural Rubber

KONG Classic Durable Natural Rubber - Dog Toy

If you’re looking for original dog gift bag ideas, here’s a terrific one. What pup doesn’t love playing chase and fetch? Up your game with this trainer-approved natural rubber toy! Veterinarians recommend at least 30 minutes of physical activity for most breeds. With this fun toy, they’ll certainly fly by!

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9. Dog Licking Mat

Dog Licking Mat - Gifts for Dog Groomers

Not willing to pay a dog groomer to get your good boy nice and clean? Hyperactive dogs have a way to make bath time nearly impossible! This birthday present for dogs will help big time. Just add some peanut butter to it and watch your problems go down the drain!  

10. Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toy

Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toy

Here’s a great idea for dogs that love themselves a good challenge. This treat dog puzzle is the best product you can bring home this holiday season. It’s the perfect dog present for those who want to keep their hyper pups entertained for hours on end! Dog trainers love it! 

11. MaroSnacks Dog Treats With Real Bone Marrow and Calcium

MaroSnacks Dog Treats With Real Bone Marrow and Calcium

We all want our four-legged friends to have strong teeth and bones. That’s why this present will have your favorite dog parents wagging their tail! These meaty dog treats are incredibly nutritious. They’ll keep your good boy healthy and in shape. Get this terrific dog walker gift for any occasion! 

12. Triple Flavored Rawhide Kabobs for Dogs

Triple Flavored Rawhide Kabobs for Dogs

Your dog-loving friend will be thrilled to receive such a good present. These dog treats are so yummy that they’ll quickly become your pooch’s favorite snack! Plus, they’re bound to make training time much more fun! Without a doubt, the triple flavored kabobs are an outstanding gift for fog parents

13. Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Here’s a fantastic gift for dog lovers with a voracious furry pal at home. A slow feeder dog bowl is extremely helpful in preventing canine obesity. It’s a great way to reduce overeating behavior and keep digestive issues at bay. Health-conscious dog owners will totally appreciate this amazing pup present!

14. Neater Feeder Deluxe

Neater Feeder Deluxe

This item seems like it’s a good Christmas gift for dogs. However, it’s the dog mom who will appreciate it the most! She will feel lucky to get the perfect dog feeder. Not only will this cool merchandise prevent an eyesore, but it’ll help her keep things neat at mealtime! 

15. Automatic Pet Feeder

Automatic Pet Feeder

If you want to have healthy pets, you must make sure they stay hydrated and well-fed. This gravity food or water station is the perfect present for busy dog parents. It’s one of the best dog gadgets on this list. Definitely a great gift for dog moms this holiday season!

16. Collapsible Dog Bowl

Collapsible Dog Bowl

Don’t sweat it! Finding the perfect gift for dog dads is absolutely paw-sible. This collapsible travel bowl is the alpha item of all gift guides. It’s extremely useful when you’re out and about with your pup. If you’re looking for good things for dogs this holiday season, search no more!

17. Dog Travel Water Bottle

Dog Travel Water Bottle

Your favorite dog walker will feel so fur-tunate when you give them this new dog accessory. Sturdy yet lightweight, this water dispenser is perfect for carrying around everywhere you go with your four-legged friend. It’s one of those cool things you never knew you needed! Get one in every color! 

18. BarkBox Dog Chew Toys: All Natural Dog Treats

BarkBox Dog Chew Toys: All Natural Dog Treats

Finding things to get for a puppy is not rocket science. But, if it’s getting a little ruff, you can never go wrong with a subscription box. Let somebody else find the ideal dog supplies for you! This present is the perfect stocking stuffer for a pet sitter this Christmas. 

19. Waterproof Pet Food Mat

Waterproof Pet Food Mat - Gifts for Dog Lovers

People who love dogs are aware of how rough feeding time gets. That’s why most dog parents know a waterproof food mat is necessary! It’s one of those items we take for granted but make a huge difference. Get them in multiple sizes and say goodbye to your pup’s mess! 

20. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

Don’t be fooled by its name. This pet-friendly cushion is not yet another dog novelty item. In fact, it is probably the most comfortable bed we could find out there. Give one to your furry babies on their birthday. Enjoy the convenience of having your own all to yourself again!

21. Donut Dog Bed

Donut Dog Bed

‘Tis the season of cold paws. Keep your pup-a-roo toasty with this super soft bed with a blanket. It’s an incredibly cozy nestling space for your pooch to dream of a white Christmas. You should definitely add it to the list of things for dogs you need to buy ASAP! 

22. Foldable Steps for Dogs

Foldable Steps for Dogs

Dog people, rejoice! Make your munchkin’s life much easier with these foldable steps. They’ll let your four-legged friend get on top of things without your help. Simply put them next to the bed or the sofa and let them work their magic. This item is a fantastic Chihuahua lovers’ gift! 

23. Dog Car Seat Cover

Dog Car Seat Cover

Seasonal shedding is a nightmare! You might be wondering how to keep all that fur out of your car. Lucky for you, this merchandise makes it pretty easy! Dog owners swear by these seat covers. They even have holes for the seat belts to punch through. Best dog item ever! 

24. Professional Dog Grooming Kit

Professional Dog Grooming Kit

Dog grooming tools are always useful for the DIY pup owner. This kit comes with numerous combs for dog hair. If you want to play dog groomer, this veterinarian-approved clipper is a must! You can even get this cool dog gadget as a gag gift for a heavily bearded friend. 

25. Waterless Pet-Friendly Shampoo

Waterless Pet-Friendly Shampoo

This dry shampoo for dogs is a pet sitter’s best-kept secret. And now, it can be yours too! If you’re over bath time madness, you must definitely try this! Simply spray it all over your pooch’s hair for effortless cleaning and conditioning. It’s a great gift idea for dog groomers!

26. Puppy Hoodie Coat

Puppy Hoodie Coat

Here’s a gift for dog lovers who enjoy sports. If you like jogging with your furry best friend, get them this trendy puppy jumpsuit. It comes with a warm sweater to keep your pooch toasty during your daily morning strolls. It’s an adorable puppy themed gift for this holiday season!

27. Warm Dog Winter Jacket

Warm Dog Winter Jacket

If you think your puppy is already as cute as can be, imagine them in this adorable outfit! Such a cozy dog vest a timely present for the winter. It’s the warmest Christmas sweater for small dogs you’ll find! Rest assured that your four-legged friend will never be cold again!

28. Shoe Boots 2 Pair

Shoe Boots 2 Pair

Get in the festive spirit as you protect those cute dog paws with these sherpa-lined red boots. They also come in three additional colors. Keep your Chihuahua warm while parading all over town in style. Can you think of a better dog walking gift for this Christmas? Neither can we!

29. Custom Dog Tag

Custom Dog Tag

You probably put a lot of thought into finding the perfect appellative for your doggo. Now, it’s time to display it proudly and in style with this trendy dog name tag. Chose between a heart, paw, or bone design and get it engraved for a personalized dog collar. How cool! 

30. Dog Leash

Dog Leash

Keep your pup under control with this terrific Christmas gift for a dog walker. This comfortable dog leash is a perfect size. Its six-foot length will give your pooch enough freedom to move around. Not only is it ideal to please dog walkers, but also for the average dog owner! 

31. Dog Collar for All Breeds

Dog Collar for All Breeds

This collar is a no brainer. It’s weatherproof and comfy to protect your dog’s neck. It works even for the most playful dogs! If you’re looking for a neat present for a dog owner, here it is! This fantastic all-breed accessory is an excellent addition to any pup’s walking gear. 

32. Dog Training Collar

Dog Training Collar

Because we know not everybody can afford a dog trainer, here’s the next best thing. Get this high-tech collar for a struggling dog parent, and they’ll be forever thankful. It’s a great dog gift for all breeds. Is your pup an avid swimmer? No worries! This gem is completely waterproof!

33. Dog Harness

Dog Harness

If your pooch is a puller when outdoor walking, this sturdy harness is for you. It’s one of the best dog presents to keep your furry baby safe. Its vibrant colors will make your pup visible at all times. Get this unique gift for a dog dad in your family!

34. Soft-Sided Mesh Pet Travel Carrier

Soft-Sided Mesh Pet Travel Carrier - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Who said your fluffy kid couldn’t be part of the jet-set? Get ready to travel the world along with your best friend with this sherpa-lined pet transporter. Its shoulder strap makes it comfortable to carry around for long periods. This Henkelion essential is a must-buy dog people gift this Christmas!

35. No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller for Dogs

No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller for Dogs

If your short-legged pal can’t keep up with you, get a pet stroller! Yes, we all have given a fellow dog owner the stinky eye for having one, but they rock! This merchandise has a storage basket to keep things easy. It’s a great thing to get a dog lover! 

36. Dog Poop Bags With Dispenser and Leash Clip

Dog Poop Bags With Dispenser and Leash Clip

Are you a new puppy owner? Don’t make the rookie mistake of forgetting your essentials on your daily strolls. Get this useful dispenser with extra thick and strong poop bags with EPI technology. From all the dog-related gift ideas in this list, this one is, by far, the smartest choice. 

Gifts for Dog Lovers by Breed

Have a friend or loved one that loves a certain breed of dog? Our dog breed gift guides have specially selected items sure to amaze any fan of the following breeds:

Gifts for Dog Owners or Lovers

37. Dog Lover Photo Mug

Dog Lover Photo Mug

Need a useful gift idea for dog owners? This funny pet gift will help anyone unwind! Get it for the dog mom or dog dad that needs an impromptu happy hour! It’s a fantastic birthday present for puppy lovers who enjoy a solo coffee mug every now and then.

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38. Dog Stemless Wine Glass

Dog Stemless Wine Glass

These days, when you cannot gather with friends, there’s no shame in having a glass of wine by yourself. Besides, it’s not really drinking alone if the dog is home. Let this fantastic product remind you of that every so often. It’s the best gift for dog owners on lockdown.

39. Personalized Dog Photo Collage Mug

Personalized Dog Photo Collage Mug

This dog photo coffee mug is almost as wholesome as your pup. It’ll remind you that a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. With this adorable gift for dog lovers, you can cheer up even the gloomiest of your friends today!

40. Pet Pawprints Picture Frame and Ink Kit

Pet Pawprints Picture Frame and Ink Kit

Feeling crafty lately? Remember your lovely doggo fur-ever with this paw print impression kit. It’s one of those personalized dog gifts to keep the memory of your fuzzy pal alive. You can get creative with this mess-free present. Buy it as a birthday gift for a puppy lover you know.

41. Dog Custom Photo Canvas Print

Dog Custom Photo Canvas Print

Do you feel something is missing in your heart? This sweet gift for dog people will tell you exactly what it is! Make any dog parents’ room stand out with this super thoughtful pup-themed present. It’ll remind everyone that a house is not a home without a dog. Wise words!  

42. “Thanks For Everything” Custom Photo Plaque

“Thanks For Everything” Custom Photo Plaque - Gifts for owners whose dog died

Here’s a lovely present for dog lovers to remember their furry family members after they’re gone. This cute pet memorial plaque is a thoughtful gesture to comfort a mourning pup parent. Celebrate a pup-a-roo’s beautiful life! If you’re looking for a meaningful deceased dog gift, you’ve found the perfect one! 

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43. Custom Pet Portrait

Custom Pet Portrait

Want a portrait of your pup? If you won’t unleash your inner Picasso, we got you! This artist will make a dog art print from your favorite pooch’s pic. Get this unique gift for dog owners on a special occasion. It makes a significant gesture as a dog memorial present.

44. “Always in Our Hearts” Dog Photo Christmas Ornament

“Always in Our Hearts” Dog Photo Christmas Ornament

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the right ornaments. This decoration is so cute you’ll want to hang it year-round. It’s an incredibly touching gesture to mark the loss of a dog. Such a moving item is a perfect dog-related holiday present. Get it to honor your pooch each year!  

45. Puppy Short Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt

Puppy Short Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt

Custom dog shirts for humans are the way to go if you want something simple yet meaningful. This tee is perfect for showing some puppie love in honor of rescue dogs in America. Plus, when you purchase this puppy-themed gift, you’re helping a noble cause! Snatch yours while supplies last!

46. Cute Dog Mom & Dog Dad Baseball Cap

Dog Mom & Dog Dad Baseball Cap

Here’s THE perfect gift for dog lovers. Don’t believe us? Check it out! Say Feliz Navi-dog with these matching vintage baseball caps. Mom and dad will look so cute wearing them as they walk around with their pup! They’re a precious item for pet lovers to display their biggest passion.

47. Dog-themed Women’s Fun Socks

Dog-themed Women’s Fun Socks

Baby, it’s oh so cold outside! Have you been suffering from pup-sicle feet this winter? Here’s something for you! These cute dog-themed socks will keep your feet toasty through the coldest months. Such unique novelty socks are a housewarming gift ideal! Get it for your favorite dog moms these howlidays!

48. Dog Leggings

Dog Leggings

These comfortable yet stylish dog-themed leggings are a must-have in a pup owner’s closet! They make the best pooch-inspired workout gear. Something about those furry faces in the dog pattern is hugely motivational! This unusual item will keep any dog mom up and running at the gym! Way to go!

49. Pet Photo Face Mask

Pet Photo Face Mask

What a fun way to keep your loved ones protected and germ-free! Customize this piece of pet memorabilia with a dog photo, and get ready to face the wild outdoors! Buy this small dog-themed gift as a stocking stuffer this Christmas. You’ll be the talk of the party. Stay safe!

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50. Women’s Beach Bingo-Dog House Party Sneaker

Women’s Beach Bingo-Dog House Party Sneaker

Make your way around town with this stylish dog-themed gift. It’s an adorable way to show the world you’re a pup lover! Get this fancy pair for a dog mom who likes to be trendy but needs to stay comfy. It’s the best dog gift for humans she’ll ever receive!

51. Custom Photo Collage Dog Lover Blanket

Custom Photo Collage Dog Lover Blanket

Share your pooch’s philosophy with this custom pet photo blanket. It’ll brighten up any dog lover’s days with its simplicity. This cozy throw is the perfect gift for remembering a dog that recently passed. This beautiful piece of decor will remind you to live, laugh, and bark, no matter what!  

52. Pet Photo Collage Pillow

Pet Photo Collage Pillow

Some dogs leave paw prints on your heart, and that’s a fact. With this comfy throw pillow, you will keep that in mind. It is a fantastic gift for dog lovers! Get it as a housewarming present. It’ll forever remind them of their little furball, even long after they’re gone!

53. Dog Tote Bag

Dog Tote Bag

Why not show some puppy love while running errands for your furry bundle of joy? Customize this tote bag with your pet’s name to make it unique. Let everybody know who you’re shopping for! This item makes a terrific gift for a dog sitter to keep her doggie things organized!

54. Personalized Dog Applique Seersucker Backpack with Name

Personalized Dog Applique Seersucker Backpack with Name - Gifts for Dog Lovers

What a better dog gift for kids than a custom dog backpack for toys or books? You can get it as soon as your baby is born and use it as a handy diaper bag. This cute embroidered item will display the bond between your children and their four-legged siblings! 

55. Dog Dish Towels

Dog Dish Towels - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Here’s some merchandise that’ll help pet lovers dry their dishes in style. These kitchen towels with a neat dog print are simply paw-some! With their top dog graphics, they make super cool housewarming gifts for pet enthusiasts. They’ll absorb pretty much any dog mess and leave your home squeaky clean!

56. Kitchen Paper Towel Holder

Kitchen Paper Towel Holder - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Brag about your love for everything pups with the newest dog product in your kitchen. This handy home decor item is not only good-looking, but it’s also useful. Get it as a present for the puppy lovers in your life. It’ll make any dog lovers’ days a bit more fun!

57. Dog Magnets

Dog Magnets - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Fridge magnets are such a versatile present! You can take them out of the kitchen and use them for office cabinets and whiteboards at work. This custom dog set will be the envy of your coworkers. It has the classic dog paw print magnets and several other designs!

58. “I love My Grandog” Bone Car Magnet

“I love My Grandog” Bone Car Magnet - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Here’s a little gesture for the pooch nanas and gramps. The “I Love My Granddog” dog bone magnet will melt their heart! They can place it on their car for everybody to admire. The dog bone shape makes this item an instant crowdpleaser. Get it as a last-minute stocking stuffer!

59. Dog iPhone Cases

Dog iPhone Cases - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Turn your smartphone into a lovely piece of art with this Golden retriever iPhone case. You can also purchase other designs with pugs, French bulldogs, and Yorkies on them. The hand-drawn furry faces make these covers an immediate hit! Get one for every member of your family this festive season!

60. Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure - Pet Memorial Gifts

It’s hard to get a gift in memory of a dog that’s both beautiful and appropriate. This hand-painted sculpture is perfect for that purpose. It depicts the Angel of Comfort cradling a pup. Such a fantastic sympathy gift for the loss of a dog will cheer up any sad heart! 

61. Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - Gifts for dog Owners

Pet hair gets everywhere, and it’s so hard to clean unless you own this gift for dog owners! If you’re looking for a useful dog people gift, this is it! When you purchase this gadget, you save pets! It’s a charity gift for dog lovers you won’t want to miss!

62. Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera- Gifts for Dog Lovers

If you spend more hours at your office than at home, get this high-tech pet camera. Play with your beloved pup-a-roo from afar! If your pooch loves the game of catch, this device won’t disappoint. Your pup will surely understand you work extra time to buy such awesome dog stuff!

63. Puppy Love Paw Necklace

Puppy Love Paw Necklace - Dog Necklace - Gifts For Dog Lovers

Carry your doggo close to your heart with this paw print necklace. You can’t go wrong when gifting handmade memorabilia. Get the dog lover accessory every puppy mom wants! Without a doubt, such a cute piece of jewelry will make her simile! She’ll always think of you and her pooch! 

64. Dog Memorial Candle Holder

Dog Memorial Candle Holder - Gifts for Dog Lovers

When shopping for a sweet remembrance present, it’s always best to get a personalized piece. That extra inch of thoughtfulness goes a long way for a family that lost a dog recently. This cute pup memorial candle holder makes a beautiful dog decoration for their home they’ll surely treasure forever!

65. The Dogist: Photographic Encounters with 1,000 Dogs

The Dogist: Photographic Encounters with 1,000 Dogs - Gifts for Dog Lovers

To close with a flourish, here’s another awesome item for dog people. This beautiful photo book with a thousand doggie pics is everything! Such a funny dog present will undoubtedly brighten up anyone’s day! It’s the kind of gift for dog lovers we would like to get! What about you?

Top Gifts for Dogs

It would be wrong to forget your furry best friend on the holidays or birthday, right? These dog gift guides and resources are perfect for your dog or any beloved dog in your life. From toys to beds to specific holiday items, these gifts should get two enthusiastic paws up.