65 Gifts for Dog Lovers and Their Dogs (2022)

If you’ve no idea what to give your favorite dog owner this festive season, stay put! Here’s a list of 65 unique items that will please dog moms, dog dads, and their four-legged babies alike.

These gift ideas are so good that they also work when celebrating special holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Day or even your pooch’s birthday! Go fetch these presents if you want to be the best secret Santa for a furry friend enthusiast!

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

1. Custom Dog Pillow

Custom Dog Pillow - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Some dogs leave paw prints on your heart, and that’s a fact. With this comfy throw pillow, you will keep that in mind. It is a fantastic gift! Get it as a housewarming present. It’ll forever remind them of their little furball, even long after they’re gone!

2. Custom Dog Definition Desktop Plaque

Custom Dog Definition Desktop Plaque

This Desktop Photo Plaque allows you to upload one photo and customize the definition. Moreover, it is great for dog people on their birthdays or other special occasions. The décor item can be easily kept on the work desk or a table in the living room.

3. Custom Dog Blanket

Custom Dog Blanket

Share your pooch’s philosophy with this custom pet photo blanket. It’ll brighten up any dog lover’s days with its simplicity. This cozy throw is the perfect gift for remembering a pet that recently passed. This beautiful piece of decor will remind you to live, laugh, and bark, no matter what!

4. Custom Pet Mug

Custom Pet Mug - Gifts for Dog Lovers

This photo coffee mug is almost as wholesome as your best friend. It’ll remind you that he is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. With this adorable gift for dog parents, you can cheer up even the gloomiest of your friends today!

5. Pet Memorial Desktop Plaque

Pet Memorial Desktop Plaque - Pet Memorial Gifts

Here’s a lovely present to remember their furry family members after they’re gone. This cute pet plaque is a thoughtful gesture to comfort a mourning pet parent. Celebrate a pup-a-roo’s beautiful life! If you’re looking for a meaningful deceased dog gift, you’ve found the perfect one!

6. Pet Photo Canvas Print

Pet Photo Canvas Print - Gifts for Dog Owners

Do you feel something is missing in your heart? This sweet gift for dog people will tell you exactly what it is! Make any pet parents’ room stand out with this super thoughtful present. It’ll remind everyone that a house is not a home without a dog. Wise words!  

7. Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera

If you spend more hours at your office than at home, get this high-tech pet camera. Play with your beloved pup-a-roo from afar! If your pooch loves the game of catch, this device won’t disappoint. Your pooch will surely understand you work extra time to buy such awesome dog stuff!

8. Furhaven Dog Bed

Furhaven Dog Bed

Don’t be fooled by its name. This pet-friendly cushion is not yet another dog novelty item. In fact, it is probably the most comfortable bed we could find out there. Give one to your furry babies on their birthday. Enjoy the convenience of having your own all to yourself again!

9. Portable Water Dispenser

Portable Water Dispenser

Quench a furball’s thirst with a practical dog water bottle! Long walks will never again leave them dehydrated, with their tongues glued to the ground. This dispenser is one of the best pet products available!

10. “Canines of New York,” by Heather Weston

"Canines of New York," by Heather Weston

Owning packs of dogs sounds lovely, but we only have so much space in our mansions. Accommodate 500 doggies on your guy’s shelf with this book! It’s one of the coolest presents for him.

11. Fun Feeder Slow Bowl

Fun Feeder Slow Bowl

Here’s a fantastic gift for those who love dogs with a voracious furry pal at home. A slow feeder bowl is extremely helpful in preventing canine obesity. It’s a great way to reduce overeating behavior and keep digestive issues at bay. Health-conscious pet owners will totally appreciate this amazing dog present!

12. Did You Feed The Dog?

Did You Feed The Dog?

Wondering what to buy for a first-time dog owner? Here’s a hint: they could get a bit overwhelmed by the parenting responsibilities and forget to feed their pooch! This feeding reminder device is great for these owners.

13. Pet Snuffle Mat

Pet Snuffle Mat

Is your dog prancing with joy? No? That’s because you haven’t got them this must-have pet product yet! What are you waiting for? Such an awesome item is an excellent present for all pet owners! It’s the kind of stuff your pooch wants to find under the tree!

14. Dog Magnets

Dog Magnets

Crystal glass fridge magnets are such a versatile present! You can take them out of the kitchen and use them for office cabinets and whiteboards at work. This custom dog set will be the envy of your coworkers. It has the classic paw print magnets and several other designs!

15. Wisdom Panel Essential

Wisdom Panel Essential

Help your friend get a good insight into their big family tree! Let them uncover fun mysteries about their pet’s grandparents, great grandparents, and the pooch’s health! Cool dog things make fantastic presents.

16. “Dogs on Instagram,” by @dogsofinstagram

"Dogs on Instagram," by @dogsofinstagram

Animal lovers adore being part of puppers’ high points in life. That’s why the ‘Dogs on Instagram’ book is so fantastic! This cool present lets animal enthusiasts have a peek into the goofy adventures of furballs!

17. Dog Blueprints

Dog Blueprints

Custom dog gifts are a unique way to show a loved one that you know the depths of their heart. A beautifully framed blueprint that describes their four-legged friend head-to-toe is a hit! Pamper them with one!

18. Wipe Your Paws Welcome Mat

Wipe Your Paws Welcome Mat

Dog enthusiasts enjoy hanging out with their furry and not-so-furry friends alike. Let them just welcome everyone to their homes with a hilarious but reasonable request! The Wipe Your Paws doormat will leave their buddies’ paw-wear impeccably clean!

19. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

Pet hair gets everywhere, and it’s so hard to clean unless you own this gift for dog owners! If you’re looking for a useful gift, this is it! When you purchase this gadget, you save pets! It’s a charity gift you won’t want to miss! 

20. Dog Memorial Candle Holder

Dog Memorial Candle Holder

When shopping for a sweet remembrance present, it’s always best to get a personalized piece. That extra inch of thoughtfulness goes a long way for a family that lost a hound recently. This cute candle holder makes a beautiful decoration for their home they’ll surely treasure forever!

21. Custom Pet Portrait

Custom Pet Portrait

Want a portrait of your furry friend? If you won’t unleash your inner Picasso, we got you! This artist will make a dog art print from your favorite pooch’s pic. Get this unique gift for pooch owners on a special occasion. It makes a significant gesture as a memorial present.

22. Dog Mom Baseball Hat

Dog Mom Baseball Cap

Here’s the perfect gift for a dog mom. Don’t believe us? Check it out! Say Feliz Navi-dog with these matching vintage baseball caps. Mom will look so cute wearing them as they walk around with their furry friend! They’re a precious item for pet lovers to display their biggest passion.

23. Customized Dog Socks

Dog Mom Baseball Hat - Personalized Dog Gifts

We bet your loved one will be thrilled to see their pooch’s face in a magazine. But seeing it on a pair of socks – that’s both funny and happy-dance-worthy! Silly pet gifts for owners are a game changer!

24. Dog iPhone Case

Dog iPhone Case - Dog Lovers Gifts

Turn your smartphone into a lovely piece of art with this Golden retriever iPhone case. You can also purchase other designs with pugs, French bulldogs, and Yorkies on them. The hand-drawn furry faces make these covers an immediate hit! Get one for every member of your family this festive season! 

25. Puppy Love Mini Eye Shadow Palette

Puppy Love Mini Eye Shadow Palette

Let your girlfriend’s next look be inspired by the puppy eyes ‘guarding’ this fantastic make-up palette! It’s one of the best presents for animal lovers without a pup. She’ll be blown away!

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26. “Physically I’m Here, Mentally I’m With My Dog” T-shirt

"Physically I'm Here, Mentally I'm With My Dog" T-shirt

Here’s a cool t-shirt for those who have their pets on their minds when away. That can be a dog dad or a very busy dog mom who misses her pet. Comfort them with this garment!

27. Dog Leggings

Dog Leggings

These comfortable yet stylish dog-themed leggings are a must-have in a pet owner’s closet! They make the best pooch-inspired workout gear. Something about those furry faces in the pattern is hugely motivational! This unusual item will keep any pet lover up and running at the gym! Way to go!

28. Chillydog Fair Isle Knit Sweater

Chillydog Fair Isle Knit Sweater

Dress up someone’s large four-legged friend in a sweater that spells “cozy”! It’s a present that will keep the chills away from the furball! Talking about gifts for dog lovers that bring tons of knitted joy!

29. Knit Dog Socks

Knit Dog Socks

Help your BFF’s dog master their bouncing around the house with the cheap Frisco socks! Your friend’s floor will start to flourish under those scratch-free paws once again! Thoughtful gifts for people with dogs are fantastic.

30. Dog Winter Jacket

Dog Winter Jacket

If you think your dog is already as cute as can be, imagine them in this adorable outfit! Such a cozy pet vest a timely present for the winter. It’s the warmest Christmas sweater for small dogs you’ll find! Rest assured that your four-legged friend will never be cold again!

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31. Calming Coat for Dogs

American Kennel Club Anti-Anxiety and Stress Relief Calming Coat for Dogs

Innovative presents for people who love their hound always bring better solutions to problems. This calming coat definitely checks as one of those items! It’ll help a pup feel hugged at all times. 

32. Cute Knitted Dog Jumper

Cute Knitted Dog Jumper

Make a pup’s beautiful coat stand out with a brightly colored jumper! There’ll be room for nothing more than radiant positive energy in whichever place the doggie shows up. This sweater is fashion material!

33. Dog Boots

Dog Boots

Get in the festive spirit as you protect those cute paws with these sherpa-lined red boots. They also come in three additional colors. Keep your Chihuahua warm while parading all over town in style. Can you think of a better dog walking gift for this Christmas? Neither can we!

34. Hoodie Calming Dog

Happy Hoodie Calming Dog Compression Hoodie

Swaddle your friend’s four-legged buddy during the holiday season, and help them get through loud celebrations and family gatherings! The Happy Hoodie calming cap is one of the handiest dog things available. It’s perfect for stressed dogs.

35. Boots with Rubber Soles

Ruffwear Grip Trex Pairs All-Terrain Paw Wear - Gifts for Pet Lovers

Unique dog accessories give us ideas about how to better care for our companions. Introduce a pupper to hours of walking, running, and playing with these boots! Your friend’s pet will be hopping outside forever, safe and protected! 

36. Black Bear Zoo Snood

Black Bear Zoo Snood

Your buddy’s dog’s coat might be long and thick, but their heads are on the thinner side of furriness. Those ears can freeze flopping in the cold winter air! Products like this ear wrap keep pets toasty.

37. The Foggy Dog Palm Bow Tie

The Foggy Dog Palm Dog Bow Tie

We love tyke gifts that bring out a cute furball’s inner gentleman. With this bow tie, your loved one’s furry friend will be too distinguished to call them’ dog.’ ‘Mr. Wetnose’ will be a better suiting name!

38. Dog Leash

Dog Leash - Gifts for Dog Owners

Keep your dog under control with this terrific Christmas gift for a walker. This comfortable leash is a perfect size. Its six-foot length will give your pooch enough freedom to move around. Not only is it ideal to please dog walkers, but also for the average pet owner!

39. Treat Dispensing Mat

Treat Dispensing Mat

Not willing to pay a dog groomer to get your good boy nice and clean? Hyperactive canines have a way to make bath time nearly impossible! This birthday present for dogs will help big time. Just add some peanut butter to it and watch your problems go down the drain!

40. Highwave Squeeze-able Water Bottle

Highwave Squeeze-able Water Bottle - Gifts for dogs

Your favorite dog walker will feel so fur-tunate when you give them this new accessory. Sturdy yet lightweight, this water dispenser is perfect for carrying around everywhere you go with your four-legged friend. It’s one of those cool things you never knew you needed! Get one in every color!

41. Pet Tote Bag

Pet Tote Bag - Dog Themed Gifts

Why not show some pet love while running errands for your furry bundle of joy? Customize this tote bag with your pet’s name to make it unique. Let everybody know who you’re shopping for! This item makes a terrific gift for a sitter to keep her doggie things organized!

42. Dog Harness

Dog Harness

If your pooch is a puller when outdoor walking, this sturdy harness is for you. It’s one of the best dog presents to keep your furry baby safe. Its vibrant colors will make him visible at all times. Get this unique gift for a dog dad in your family!

43. Dog Car Seat

Dog Car Seat

Seasonal shedding is a nightmare! You might be wondering how to keep all that fur out of your car. Lucky for you, this merchandise makes it pretty easy! Pet owners swear by these seat covers. They even have holes for the seat belts to punch through. Best dog item ever!

44. Dog Collar

Dog Collar

This collar is a no brainer. It’s weatherproof and comfy to protect your dog’s neck. It works even for the most playful pooches! If you’re looking for a neat present for a pet owner, here it is! This fantastic all-breed accessory is an excellent addition to any walking gear.

45. Dog Bowl

Dog Bowl

Don’t sweat it! Finding the perfect gift for dog owners is absolutely paw-sible. This collapsible travel bowl is the alpha item of all gift guides. It’s extremely useful when you’re out and about with your furry friend. If you’re looking for good things for him this holiday season, search no more!

46. Homestead Sliding Barn Door Dog Crate

ECOFLEX® Homestead Sliding Barn Door Dog Crate - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Choosing gifts for a dog lover who has everything is not easy. But when you buy their pet a sleek crate, you’ve won the game. You’ll give their house dog an extra nook to sleep in! 

47. Musher’s Secret Paw Protection Natural Dog Wax

Musher’s Secret Paw Protection Natural Dog Wax - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Pupper wax is one of the best things for dogs that are active. From the beach to the mountains and back to the coast – your BFF’s pet will become the greatest traveler ever! Dog owners love this product!

48. Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner - Gifts for Dog Lovers

This portable paw cleaner is an excellent present for canines! Playing in puddles and exploring muddy pathways comes at a dirty price that doggies need to pay. With this item, though, dirty paws are not an issue!

49. Drinking Bottle for Pets

Drinking Bottle for Pets - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Looking for some dog walking gifts? We have an item that will keep a pup well-fed and hydrated whenever they’re outdoor! It’ll fit in your best friend’s backpack and make them and their pet happy!

50. Dog DNA Test

Dog DNA Test - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Do you know pet parents who’ve recently adopted their furball? This DNA test kit is one of the best new dog gifts for these people! They’ll learn all that’s necessary to properly care for their pet.

51. iFetch Frenzy

iFetch Frenzy - Gifts for Dog Lovers

The iFetch Frenzy is one of the best gifts for dog lovers to get! It’s super fun! Their pooch will have a fun time at home while their owner is at work or running errands. 

52. Starbarks Coffee Dog Toy

Starbarks Coffee Dog Toy - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Still wondering what to get your favorite pet lovers? Exclusive things for dogs will always make great presents! The plush Starbucks mug is among the toy gifts that can sparkle a pupper’s interest in coffee-themed playtime!

53. MaroSnacks Dog Treats With Real Bone Marrow and Calcium

MaroSnacks Dog Treats With Real Bone Marrow and Calcium - Giffts for Dog Lovers

We all want our four-legged friends to have strong teeth and bones. That’s why this present will have your favorite dog parents wagging their tail! These meaty treats are incredibly nutritious. They’ll keep your good boy healthy and in shape. Get this terrific dog walker gift for any occasion!

54. Triple Flavored Rawhide Kabobs for Dogs

Triple Flavored Rawhide Kabobs for Dogs - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Your dog-loving friend will be thrilled to receive such a good present. These dog treats are so yummy that they’ll quickly become your pooch’s favorite snack! Plus, they’re bound to make training time much more fun! Without a doubt, the triple flavored kabobs are an outstanding gift for fog parents.

55. BarkBox Dog Chew Toys

BarkBox Dog Chew Toys - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Finding things to get for a dog is not rocket science. But, if it’s getting a little ruff, you can never go wrong with a subscription box. Let somebody else find the ideal supplies for you! This present is the perfect stocking stuffer for a pet sitter this Christmas.

56. Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toys

Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toys - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Here’s a great idea for dogs that love themselves a good challenge. This treat puzzle is the best product you can bring home this holiday season. It’s the perfect present for those who want to keep their hyper pups entertained for hours on end! Dog trainers love it!

57. KONG Classic Durable Natural Rubber

KONG Classic Durable Natural Rubber - Gifts for Dog Lovers

If you’re looking for original dog gift bag ideas, here’s a terrific one. What canine doesn’t love playing chase and fetch? Up your game with this trainer-approved natural rubber toy! Veterinarians recommend at least 30 minutes of physical activity for most breeds. With this fun toy, they’ll certainly fly by!

58. CandyHome Potty Dog Doorbells

CandyHome Potty Dog Doorbells - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Here’s a creative tool that a canine can use to tell their owners when nature is calling. Your BFF will find these doorbells very useful for potty training their doggie! They’ll have a clean house and a happy pet.

59. Women’s Dog-themed Sneakers

Women's Dog-themed Sneakers - Gifts for Dog Lovers

Make your way around town with this stylish gift. It’s an adorable way to show the world you’re a furball lover! Get this fancy pair for a dog mom who likes to be trendy but needs to stay comfy. It’s the best dog gift for humans she’ll ever receive!

60. Automatic Pet Feeder

Automatic Pet Feeder - Gifts for Dog Lovers

If you want to have healthy pets, you must make sure they stay hydrated and well-fed. This gravity food or water station is the perfect present for busy dog parents. It’s one of the best gadgets on this list. Definitely a great gift for dog people this holiday season!

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It would be wrong to forget your furry best friend on the holidays or birthday, right? These dog gift guides and resources are perfect for your canine or any beloved canine in your life. From toys to beds to specific holiday items, these gifts should get two enthusiastic paws up.