25+ Sentimental Dog Mom Gifts for 2022

Dog moms come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. However, they all have one thing in common; they’ll love these adorable dog mom gifts. Puppy presents are perfect for the relationship between a fur mama and her fur babies also for holidays like Mother’s Day or National Dog Mom Day. Surprise your favorite mama with a dog gift from her puppy on her birthday! Our 25+ gift ideas for dog owners will cover all occasions, and every type of dog mama, no problem!

Perfect Dog Mom Gifts

1. Best Dog Mom Ever Photo Collage Mug

Best Dog Mom Ever Custom Photo Collage Mug - dog mom gifts

For the dog mom who loves her morning brew, this great personalized coffee mug is a must. Customize it with a photo of her and their fur baby. All pet owners will like this mug, it is top among dog mom gifts.

2. Dog Mama T-shirt

T-shirts are always perfect dog mom Mother’s Day gifts. She’ll love showing off her passion among other dog lovers at the dog park or the grocery store. Give this tee to every pet mother you know!

3. Desktop Photo Plaque

Here’s a fantastic sentimental Mother’s Day gift for pet moms. If she loves spending all day with her cute furball, this plaque will make her happy. Get her one step closer to her dream!

4. Dog Paw Earrings

This jewelry is an awesome Mother’s day gift for fur mama in your life. A wonderful paw print gift, these earrings are a fun change from boring studs or hoops. Simulated opals add some sparkle to these elegant pieces.

5. Dog Pillow

This pillow is one of our favorite presents for dog owners. Perfect as a holiday gift for your favorite dog mom, the cushion is easily customized. Just pick eight photos of her favorite pooch and add their name! She’ll love snuggling with it!

6. Wine Glass

Tumblers as dog-loving lady gifts are peak wine lovers! Show her you recognize that with this cool graphic glass. This dog-related gift is pure fun! It is dishwasher-safe, meaning that the cute logo won’t fade. Also suitable for juice!

7. Tote Bag

Never cross a dog mom! This hilarious gift for a dog lover will help her carry her stuff around. Tote bags are infinitely practical. This spectacular present for puppy lovers will certainly attract attention at the dog park or grocery store!

8. Matching Pet Owner Set

Christmas morning will be perfect with matching sweatshirt costumes. The best dog parents want their pooch to be festive for the holidays. Colorful sweatshirts to fit any size of dogs make the funniest mom and me dog gifts.

9. Dog Socks

If you want awesome dog gifts, check out this pair of dog socks! These unique dog-themed pair feature little weiner dogs in festive sweaters. Make their next Christmas special by adding these accessories to her stocking. She’ll love you for it!

10. Memorial Christmas Ornament

A small but meaningful Christmas present goes a long way. This ornament memorializes her loss of a beloved pet. Things can be tough for the first year without a dog. This keepsake recognizes that, which is why it’s one of our best gifts for dog moms.

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11. Phone Case

This Mothers Day, we’ve got the mom who has everything all taken care of. She’ll love this pup-covered cell phone case, which is one of our favorite dog gifts for mama. A silicone bumper case to protect her phone is among the best dog-related gifts!

12. Dog Tag

This personalized dog tag is the best idea for a dog baby mama. You can choose a cool design for your pup. Add the pooch’s name and the owner’s contact info. These tags make a perfect gift for a new dog owner and will help keep her fur babies safe.

13. Dog Friendship Bracelet and Collar

For a cool complimentary gift, check out this collar and bracelet set! Your favorite fur mama gets a wristband while her fur babies get new neckbands! This dog mom jewelry is a gift for a cause. A percentage of all proceeds go to help homeless pets.

14. Love is A Four-legged Word Canvas Print

Dog parents everywhere will love this canvas print. It is a perfect way to display photos with their dog and to share their love for their pets. Customizable with two pictures, this is one of the best dog picture gifts of the year.

15. Baseball Cap

Every pet mama has bad hair days every so often. This baseball cap is a thoughtful holiday gift. It makes early morning dog walks or funky cowlicks and creases easier to deal with. For that reason, it’s one of our favorite pet mom gifts.

16. Pet Portrait

These custom portraits are the most amazing dog picture gifts. They are a great pet memorial to give after a loss. However, they make an awesome thank you or housewarming present. You’ll surely make her smile with this detailed doggie portrait.

17. Dog Necklaces

This sterling silver necklace is a great birthday gift for a dog mama. You can customize up to eight bone charms with her pets’ names. These personalized gifts for a dog mom are also a good idea for memorial gifts.

18. Pups Magnetic Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

If you’re looking for cute gifts for dog-obsessed ladies, check out these salt and pepper shakers! These adorable dining accessories are perfect for the mommy who loves collectibles. So the next time you need a housewarming present, pick up a set!

19. Tumbler

Who’s the best dog mom ever? She’s the one that’s always spending time with her fur babies, regardless of how tired she is. If you know someone like that, get her this tumbler to quench her thirst!

20. Best Dog Mom Gift Box

Tell a very special lady how much you love her with a dog mom gift box full of little goodies. Imagine how happy she’ll feel as she goes through this personalized present. It’s going to bring tears to her eyes!

21. Sweatshirt

Meaningful clothes are the best gift ideas for dog moms. This is a sweatshirt so comfy, she’ll be wearing it wherever she goes. Everyone will be able to see how proud she is of her furry baby!

22. Dog Drink Markers

How about a guardian dog for your drink? They are perfect gift ideas for a whiskey woman. These pups fit snug on any stemmed glass base, making for easy drink identification at parties. While these markers are unique gifts for dog breed lovers, they are also useful.

23. Paw Print Love Heart Opal Rings

If you need the best present for dog lovers, you can’t go wrong with a ring. This silver band is one of the great dog print gifts for a birthday or holiday. Make their next one memorable by gifting this thoughtful item. All pet lovers adore accessories.

24. DIY Dog Scarf

If you feel like making something cool, try out this easy scarf. This simple DIY gift for dog moms doesn’t require any sewing skills, so you can relax. Doggy’s going to feel warm and cozy this winter season!

25. Pajama Pants

Make her Mother’s Day cozy with a must-have gift for dog moms. These soft jammies have cute puppies all over! They are great sleeping pants or loungers. These are top sellers among all dog-themed merchandise. Let mama have sweet doggo dreams!

26. Flower Pot

Gifts for dog moms under $10 are hard to find. This pup flowerpot is one of our favorite gifts for dog lovers. It is the perfect size for miniature cacti or a succulent. Get creative and put a votive candle in it, or use it for storage.

27. Candle

Get sentimental for those puppy days with this fabulous candle. It is perfect for a holiday gift exchange or office party. It is one of the best fur mom gifts for sheer cuteness.

28. Towel

If you need gift ideas for your favorite dog lady, check out these dishtowels! They come three on each pack and have special sayings about unconditional love. These would be a great housewarming present or something to include in welcoming puppy gift bags.

29. Coordinating Gift Set

This matching Mug & Dog Bowl Set is a great idea for funny gifts. Make it into a present from her furry friend, or give it to both mama and her pup! A dog adoption day is a perfect time to gift this set.

30. Live Love Bark Blanket

Are you looking for custom dog parent gifts that double as home decor? Give this blanket a look. It’s perfect for mom and dog to snuggle under as they enjoy each other’s company.

Fur Mama Gifts Are Pure Happiness

The best dog mom gifts will make a very special lady feel like she’s truly treasured. Pets express love with actions, and what’s better than licks and cuddles to brighten a day?

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