20 Must-Have Gifts for New Dog Owners 2022

Gifts for new dog owners are great for celebrating a loved one’s furbaby adoption. In fact, some items are essential for those willing to open their hearts to cute barks and canine friends! Although new pup parents are usually head over heels for their pooches, being a first-time owner can be challenging.

What does a new dog owner need to have if they’re a newbie? Well, chances are that they’ll need one of the 20 amazing things from our list! Find the perfect gift for the new puppy parent you love here, and help them excel in their new role!

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1. New Puppy Gift Box

gifts box

A proper canine care package is a fantastic way to surprise your buddy and their new furry friend! From tasty treats to fun toys, this gift set comes with everything a pooch needs to have the best puppyhood. It’s the ultimate kit that will supply new owners with stuff necessary for all of their pups’ activities!

2. Personalized Dog Bowl

This bowl will help your beloved pet owners officialize a furball’s status as a member of their family. It’s one of those essential gifts for fresh pup parents! It’ll help these folks foster their doggo’s healthy appetite! Plus, their cat won’t have any excuses for stealing food from the doggy’s personalized bowl ever again!

3. Leash & Harness Training

Your friend’s new pet will need a good harness for their daily walk around the neighborhood. It’ll be quite tempting for the pup to chase after cats, squirrels, and other canines once outside! Help this furbaby get a good amount of exercise on the street with the PetSafe harness. Puppy presents rock!

4. Custom Dog Bone Shape Toy

Bone-shaped items are gifts for new doggy owners that always make a pup’s tail wave faster. Introduce someone’s puppy to the joy of squeaky sounds with this cute bone-shaped toy! Choose from the many thread and embroidery colors, and make the squeaker drool-worthy! There may be many cute accessories available, but plush herringbones are a classic.

5. Furbo Dog Camera

Pet parents shouldn’t be guessing what their doggies are doing with no one at home. These people should know what their pooches are up to, and the Furbo camera makes that possible! The device also releases treats on command, which is great! If you wanted unique new puppy gift ideas, this one deserves your attention.

6. Dog Treat Puzzle

If your bestie wants to keep their canine mentally sharp, this pet puzzle is a must-have. A handful of treats hidden in the toy can turn pups into active and excited food detectives! The product is one of the best gifts for new puppy owners who want their doggo to be superbly entertained!

7. Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

The Embark DNA test is among the best gifts for new dog owners to know their new puppy. This gift is super thoughtful! With it, all the information about a furball’s origin, ancestors, and health is just a mouth swab away! Get your mate this test, and spare them from days of questionable research about their pooch’s genetics!

8. Dog Shower

Some gifts for new puppy owners are there to keep four-legged babies clean and happy during trips. With the Ivation portable shower, puppies can stay polished at all times! Using it makes pet baths easy for the groomer. Your travel-loving buddy can now continue visiting places even after adopting a pup! Look for no other presents for this person!

9. Dog Bed

After a long day of bouncing around the house, your BFF’s pet will need to take a long, cozy nap. The Furhaven bed offers joy and comfort for sleeping pups! Made of things like foam and plush faux fur, the bed is one of those essential gifts for pooches. Nothing like a top-quality naptime to keep doggos well-rested!

10. Christmas Ornament

If you’ve started looking for holiday gift ideas, we have an exciting suggestion for you. This cute little ornament is a fantastic way for a pet to be part of the Xmas festivity! Get it for a friend, and let them hang it on the Christmas tree, their doggo memorabilia wall, or elsewhere!

11. Best Chew Toys

First-time pupper owners will definitely appreciate a gift that will help them keep their doggie’s teeth healthy. This set of 12 dog toys for teething pups is great for that! Each toy can help a pooch clean their teeth while massaging their tender gums. That’s what makes this inexpensive set one of the most useful new puppy presents available.

12. New Dog Bandana

Why not treat your close mate’s new pet with a fabulous handmade bandana? In fact, they can always enhance a furball’s inner beauty with a touch of fashion! Out of all gifts for new canine owners, this is the one that’ll make a furbaby runway-ready. Small accessories for doggies will never go out of style!

13. Personalized Dog Collar

Puppies can sometimes run away or get lost, which can be a scary experience for them and their owners. Fortunately, this comfy personalized collar can help pup parents find their four-legged friends! Add your bestie’s phone number and animal’s name on the collar, and people will contact them if necessary! Useful new puppy gifts are always in!

14. Candle

It’s no secret that puppies toot at times. Although smelly, their farts are funny and inspiring as well! Take a look at this custom toot-inspired candle, for example! It is one of the funniest gift ideas for pet owners available, and its scent is nothing but relaxing! Order it for your mate, and make them laugh.

15. Hair Remover

Living with a four-legged buddy means having to deal with animal fur embedded in the carpets and furniture. The ChomChom hair remover makes this task easy! This is the perfect present for folks with doggos that shed frequently. It’s also one of the greatest gifts for the new puppy owner who likes their home super tidy.

16. Heartbeat Stuffed Toy

Your friend’s new pup might be feeling a bit anxious while getting used to their new home. This is why the sweet Snuggle Puppy is one of the best gifts for animal lovers! Their furballs will enjoy snuggling with this toy! The gentle heartbeat sound it makes will help the pet relax when stressed.

17. D-BUY 4-in-1 Dog Training Set

Looking for cool presents for pooches? The D-BUY 4-in-1 training set doesn’t cost much and it’s super practical. It is the ideal gift for people who are thinking about potty-training their furry companions and teaching them basic commands. The helpful set is incredible value for money, so check it out!

18. Dog Back Seat Cover Protector

These car seat covers are among the best gifts for puppy owners who like going on trips. They can make traveling with a pet perfect by protecting the car inventory from any pup-induced damage! Who says your BFF’s four-legged friend can’t join them on their next journey and be in their latest travel photos?

19. Distraction Lick Mat

New pet owners might find grooming their doggies challenging or even impossible to do. Fortunately, unique gifts like this distraction lick mat can help them brush or trim their puppies’ hair with ease! All they’ll need to do is stick the mat on a flat surface and put some peanut butter on it.

20. Dog Custom Blanket

Your favorite pet parents will be thrilled to get a blanket customized with their puppy’s name as a birthday present! Nothing like a soft, personalized throw to keep them toasty during the cold winter nights! Cozy and memorable, this blankie is one of the greatest gifts for new puppy parents who like having movie marathons.

Amaze Your Favorite Pooch Person With the Right Gift!

There’s no moment to lose. If you liked the gifts for new dog owners that we shared with you, order one today! Choose the best present for the new doggie parent in your life, and put a smile on their face!