Hawaiian Dog Names for the Pups that are a Breath of Fresh Air

You might not always be on a tropical island, but you can bring Hawaii to yourself by choosing a dog name for your dog. By doing so, you will have a cool Hawaiian-themed name for your pup which reminds you of the incredible culture.

Here are a few suggestions from our end to help you select the best one.

Male Hawaiian Dog Names

Opting for a traditional Hawaiian name for a male dog works well because there are several cool options to choose from. Whether you want to represent their warrior spirit or their mischievous nature, there is a name for all of them.

1. Alemana – Warrior

2. Analu – Manly

3. Kahoku –  Star

4. Kale – Strong and manly

5. Kapono – Goodness

6. Kekipi  – The Rebel

7. Keoki – George in Hawaiian

8. Kolohe – Little rascal

9. Malo – Winner

10. Mano – Shark

11. Oke – Oscar in Hawaiian

12. Paul – The day is done

13. Polo – Large and plump

14. Waha Nui – Big mouth

15. Weuweu – Fluffy

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Female Hawaiian Dog Names

Girl dogs are cool, sweet, and happy. They deserve names that encompass their personalities. If you have a female pup at home, you should check out the following names and prepare to be amazed!

1. Akela – Wisdom

2. Alani – Orange fruit tree

3. Aliikai – Queen of the sea

4. Haimi –  The seeker

5. Halia – Fond remembrance

6. Iniki – Famous Hawaiian hurricane

7. Inoki – Devoted

8. Kaia – The sea

9. Kaiolohia – Calm of the sea

10. Kalena –  Brightest start

11. Kamea – the one and only

12. Kona – Lady

13. Lani – Sky

14. Luana – Happy

15. Malia – Calm and peaceful

16. Miliani – Gentle caress

Names of the Hawaiian Islands for Dog Names

The Hawaiian language is diverse and beautiful. Instead of going generic, you can also choose a tropical name for your puppy so you get reminded of glowing sunsets when they rush into your arms.

  • Hawaii – Refers to the island itself with the literal translation being ‘Big Island.’
  • Kauai – A scenic and enchantingly beautiful island with historical and cultural significance.
  • Maui – One of the most famous islands, home to volcanoes and magical tropical views.
  • Niihau – A sparsely inhabited island with rich aspects of Hawaiian culture and traditions.
  • Oahu – With the perfect balance of metropolitan and nature-based living, this island is popular and home to Honolulu.

Dog Name Hawaii Cities and Sites

Some pet names can be derived from the names of the city and sites in the region. This practice is mainly because these names carry rich cultural or historical significance, giving them more depth than usual names.

  • Koloa – Located in Kauai, this historical island is known for being home to a sugar plantation in the 19th century.
  • Manele – A gorgeous town with only 30 inhabitants and a beautiful resort. 
  • Pearl – The site has extensive historical significance since it was where the Pearl Harbor attacks happened.
  • Waikiki – A flourishing neighborhood in Honolulu with exciting shops, eateries, and beaches.
  • Diamond – An official National Natural landmark, diamond is one of the most majestic volcanoes near Honolulu.

Hawaiian Foods That Could Be Great Dog Names

If you’re looking for names for dogs from Hawaii Island, taking a look at their rich cuisine and foods should give you amazing ideas. Here are a few Hawaiian food-inspired names that appealed to us the most.

  • Coco/Coconut – One of the most important food options from Hawaii, the coconuts are delicious!
  • Opah – It means Moonfish, which is a highly demanded commodity Hawaii exports.
  • Pineapple – The sweet and tangy tropical fruit that is both common and delicious.
  • Poi – A staple Hawaiian food, Poi is made of mashed taro roots.
  • Poke – A popular dish from Hawaii, Poke is a common appetizer with tuna, vegetables, and your preferred seasonings.

Lastly, various traditional Hawaiian phrases make for great options for dog names because of the beautiful meanings they carry.


We hope you enjoyed reading through our list of dog names from Hawaii Island and hope you found just the right one for the newest four-legged addition to your household.

Other Dog Names Ideas

If you still want more dog-naming inspiration lists, you should consider watching cartoons, historical documentaries, and TV too. In case you just can’t make up your mind, ask your loved ones for help. Or you may want to read some related posts for your best decision:

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