7 Cutest Hedgehog Dog Toys Your Pup Will Adore

Did you know that hedgehog dog toys are some of the most enticing play items for pets? Seasoned dog owners know that they make exciting playthings for small and large breeds alike. Moreover, they are also available in fluffy and plush materials to suit your preferences.

You can introduce your puppies to these incredible rewards at any development stage. Get them any of these cute, well-made varieties listed below, and they’ll have a favorite toy in no time!

1. Dizzy Hedgehog Squeaky Dog ToyBuy it here

Price Point: 14.00$

If you’re yet to introduce your young pups to animal play items, they’ll love this dizzy hedgehog. Since it is made from plush material, this plaything is ideal for heavy chewers.

It comes stuffing-free, meaning your dog can rip it apart without worry.

The squeaky, rubber blue ball inside will be the ultimate surprise. Your pup will enjoy listening to the sound every time they bite or step onto it.

For starters, this dizzy hedgehog is perfect for interactive fetch sessions, thanks to its squeaky sounds. It’s also sturdy enough to withstand playful bites and moderate paw attacks. And since it comes unstuffed, your house will remain as clean as you left it. Even after your pup discovers the hidden ball, they’ll continue to enjoy playtime as they did before.

There were hardly any negative reviews for this product. However, some dog owners noticed it was not durable enough to withstand aggressive attacks. 

2. PAWABOO Squeak Plush HedgehogBuy it here

Price Point: 14.99$

It’s hard to deny how cute these porcupine play items look. They’ll make ideal Christmas gifts for your furry friends.

With this set of porcupine dolls, your puppies will enjoy play sessions even in your absence. Whether your pups are playful or not, the squeaker within will surely excite their animal instincts.

On the other hand, old dogs can equally enjoy snuggling next to their new friend.

Unlike big hedgehog stuffed animals, these tiny varieties are reasonably robust for numerous canine breeds. However, they are best for small dogs who are easily intimidated by large playthings. This means that toss games should become more fun. Their fluffy exterior also makes these adorable hedgehogs the perfect sleeping companions for tiny or young pets.

As expected, these dolls can be easily destroyed by large dogs. It’s best also to avoid them if your four-legged friend is extra aggressive.

3. Outward Hound HedgehogzBuy it here

Price Point: 6.39$

Have you been looking for cute stuffed animals for your pit bulls to play with? Give this grunting hedgehog a try. All your pets will love it, even the adult dogs!

They’ll enjoy feeling the plush fabric against their paws and fur. And if the bigger dogs can’t seem to get enough, get them their own huge hedgehog stuffed animals.

Besides, stuffed animals are everyone’s favorite anyway.

Depending on the size, this Outward Hound hedgehog is the ultimate stuffed canine companion. It is available in small and large varieties to suit every dog’s growth stage or breed. In addition to its durable properties, this soft doll produces a grunting sound to excite your pooch. Playtime will never be the same again!

Despite its terrific qualities, several dog owners have complained that this play item comes apart quickly. Consequently, the stuffing soon turns into a choking hazard.

4. ZippyPaws – Loopy Hedgehog No StuffingBuy it here

Price Point: 8.99$

Every Border collie owner knows that these furry animals can quickly become aggressive chewers when bored. That said, it’s essential to find them a fun hedgehog plushie to keep them entertained.

So if you love playing fetch with your buddy, then you’ll love this giant hedgehog stuffed animal.

Its adorable flat design makes it one of the best hedgehog dog chews on the market.

This hedgehog figure is ideal for dog owners looking for dog squeaky toys for small and medium-sized canines. Its well-made design and size make it one of the best hedgehog play items for pets. Last but not least is the adorable grunting sound it produces when squeezed. Your pupper is sure to bite and squeeze any chance he gets.

Although most customers have enjoyed this stuffed animal, some dog owners have mentioned it’s not for adult dogs. They can destroy it in under five minutes. 

5. Coastal Pet Latex HedgehogBuy it here

Price Point: 8.99$

If your hedgehog and dogs can’t seem to get along, get your canine friends this interactive dog toy. This bright orange ball will keep your puppies and older doggos entertained. Not only will they enjoy running after it, but they’ll also love hearing the squeaky sound.

Get one or more today! None of your pets will resist the latex hedgehog’s unmistakable charm.

If there’s one thing you won’t have to worry about, it’s finding this brightly colored chew ball on the playground. Pitbulls and other small-sized canines will enjoy chewing on it to hear the squeaky noise. If you want it to be more durable, buy it for the younger pups as their bites are still friendly.

Several dog owners have warned other users that this play item is too hard to squeak. This troublesome feature makes it incredibly unimpressive to docile furballs.

6. Outward Hound – Hide – A – SquirrelBuy it here

Price Point: 10.39$

Interesting dog puzzle toys can be challenging to find, especially for novice dog owners.

Get your furry friend this adorable stuffed animal. It will become his favorite plushie in no time. Don’t be surprised if the bigger dogs join in the fun. After all, the squeaky sound is captivating to humans too.

Buy this Outward Hound hedgehog, and you’ll be amazed at your pup’s excitement during playtime!

Which other plush puppies hedgehog play items are compatible with refill animals? This fluffy product comes with three small hedgehogs your pupster can play with. On the other hand, adult dogs like German shepherds and Collies will enjoy solving the puzzle. That said, it comes in handy for holiday trips to keep your pets busy!

Unfortunately, this product can quickly become a choke hazard thanks to the stuffing. It’s essential to keep a keen eye on your pups during play sessions.

7. Zoobilee Hedgie Plush Dog ToyBuy it here

Price Point: 9.99$

Have you been looking for cute stuffed animals for your furry friends to no avail? Try this grunting hedgehog from Petmate.

If your furry friends love their hedgehog stuff, they’ll adore this superhero doll. It’s perfect for cuddly dogs who enjoy the feel of soft fabric.

Besides, the grunting sound it makes when squeezed will take away your pup’s boredom in seconds!

Hedgehog lovers will enjoy how light and soft this stuffed animal is. It is best suited for Border collies and other relatively large breeds that enjoy playing fetch and playful biting. Even the older dogs will enjoy squeezing and tossing it to hear the squeaky sound. All your pets will keep busy all weekend long.

Several dog owners have complained that it is not durable. With that in mind, it’s probably best for less aggressive dogs.

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If you have been looking for cute hedgehog baby stuff, look no further than these seven adorable porcupine dog toys. Whether big or small, stuffed or not, each play item is sure to excite your dog’s instincts. Buy one today, and enjoy fun-filled games every day. You will not regret it!

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