150+ Creative Husky Names for Newborn Puppies

Have you been wondering where to find cool Husky names for your cute Siberian puppies? This article will help you find the perfect Alaska-inspired names, no matter where you’re from. By the time you’re done, you’ll have several good dog names for your snow dog you can even share with your friends!

Dog breeds from Alaska are slowly becoming popular all over the world. Their furry coats and beautiful blue eyes are enough reason to fall in love with them. That said, here are fantastic name ideas for cute Siberian Husky puppies. 

Male Husky Names

What are good Husky names for a cute boy? Below are 15 great options for male snow dogs. 

1. Hudson

2. Jake

3. Leo

4. Boone

5. Heath

6. Glenn

7. Ace

8. Flynn

9. Chase

10. Bryce

11. Jet

12. Cade

13. Maverick

14. Buck

15. Rex

Female Husky Names

When looking for exotic girl names for female Huskies, it’s best to use simple ones. Below are some exciting options. 

1. Faith

2. Blaire

3. May

4. Rae

5. Zoey

6. Joy

7. Fiona

8. Bea

9. Ruth

10. Elsa

11. Piper

12. Riley

13. Sloane

14. Liv

15. Val

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Husky Names

Cute Husky Dog Names

What are some cute names for your sled dogs? Below is a list of Siberian puppy names from popular movies. 

1. Baby

2. Oreo

3. Buddy

4. Fuzz

5. Buddy

6. Puff

7. Paws

8. Pup

9. Twinkle

10. Glue

11. Boots

12. Glimmer

13. Muffin

14. Lamb

15. Cubby

Badass Husky Dog Names

Are you a huge fan of movies? Here’s a list of 15 awesome Alaskan monikers for a newborn pup.  

1. Chase

2. Slick

3. Knox

4. Ryder

5. Kong

6. Hunter

7. Creed

8. Kryptonite

9. Sabre

10. Goliath

11. Captain

12. Striker

13. Thunder

14. Wolf

15. Storm

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Husky Dog Names

Unique Husky Dog Names

Have you been looking for inspiration to find unique names for Huskies? Here are 12 creative yet simple puppy names

1. Echo

2. Domino

3. Smoky

4. River

5. Jasmine

6. Orion

7. Xander

8. Majesty

9. Pip

10. Moon

11. Pepper

12. Aurora

Famous Husky Dog Names

Siberian dog breeds often appear on TV shows and movies. Below are ten creative dog names from movies you like. 

1. Maya (Eight Below)

2. Everest (PAW Patrol)

3. Dallas (Danica Sue Patrick’s husky)

4. Gus (Iron Will)

5. Diesel (Snow Dogs)

6. Theo (James Van Der Beek’s husky)

7. Mishka

8. Balto

9. Fritz

10. Togo

Alaska-Inspired Husky Dog Names

Are you moving to the United States? Here are some of the most common pet names that Husky lovers prefer. 

1. Coldfoot

2. Juneau

3. Ketchikan

4. Anchorage

5. Sitka

6. Homer

7. Palmer

8. Whittier

9. Gakona

10. Nome

11. Seward

12. Haines

13. Foraker

14. Dilingham

15. Cordova

Husky Dog Names

Siberia-Inspired Husky Dog Names

Are you a fan of Russian movies? Below are 15 Husky names for dogs that love playing in the snow. 

1.  Andrei

2. Dimitri

3. Luka

4. Katya

5. Irina

6. Sonia

7. Igor

8. Pavel

9. Maxim

10. Adrian

11. Viktor

12. Oleg

13. Svetlana

14. Boris

15. Alexei

Great Names for White Huskies

Have you been looking for puppy names for snow dogs without success? Below are great options for boys and girls.  

1.  Latte

2. Buttermilk

3. Cream

4. Peppermint

5. Ash

6. Vanilla

7. Ghost

8.  Angel

9. Marshmallow

10. Coconut

11. Arctic

12. Polar

13. Glacier

14. Winter

15. Diamond

16. Bunny

17. Pearl

18. Cotton

19. Lily

20. Nimbus

Great Names for Red Huskies

Looking for a unique pet name for your Siberian dog? Below are 15 sweet options for all dog breeds.

1. Ginger

2. Robin

3. Blush

4. Fox

5. Clifford

6. Scarlet

7. Red

8. Ruby

9. Rover

10. Strawberry

11. Rudolph

12. Peach

13. Tomato

14. Cherry

15. Dahlia

Tips for Naming Your Husky

“What are some cute names for your Husky?” If you’re yet to find the answer to this question, this article will help you out.

After getting a Husky, it’s best to ask other Husky lovers for their advice. However, if this is not possible, you can find other sources of inspiration. Some of them include your favorite movies, celebrities, foods, cities, etc.

It’s also best to avoid giving the sled dogs names that sound like commands. Doing this will prevent confusion during the training period. If you wish, you can give your pups simple male and female Husky names to tell them apart.

Lastly, it’s best to use exotic names that everyone is comfortable using. This way, your blue-eyed furry friends will stand out in a crowd.

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