Top 10 Toughest Indestructible Dog Toys for Labs

Owning a Labrador can be a drain on their human’s energy and wallet. Labs are notorious for wrecking toys through chewing and play. Whether you have a devilish puppy or a super-chewer of an adult dog, you always need new ideas for fun. Our guide to indestructible dog toys for Labs features a variety of playthings that are guaranteed to excite your pooch. Use this list to find toys for training, play, agility, enrichment, and more!  

1. Rocco & Roxie Dog Toys Balls  

Your Lab will be at their best playing fetch with this ball. This colorful orb has long-lasting construction, and it comes in two sizes. It is made in the USA from non-toxic, high-quality elastomer plastic. It is also super-durable. You can leave it outside without worrying about it losing its color or texture. This bouncy ball is a clear winner among doggie parents, puppies, and full-grown pups, too! 


There are many things to love about Rocco & Roxie balls. Quality is always a concern. Rest assured that these colorful bouncy balls are safe for your pet. Non-toxic, fade-resistant plastic withstands even the most energetic games of fetch or a puppy in their seek-and-destroy phase. In case your pet doesn’t like them, the company offers a 100% cash-back guarantee!


Some customers maintain that it is still possible to destroy these balls if your pup is persistent. As always, supervise your Labrador, especially if they are a really strong chewer. 

2. Pineapple pineapple - labs

This fun pineapple is a wonderful, multi-purpose chew. Clean your doggo’s teeth by chewing instead of brushing, as the pineapple controls plaque and tartar. Exercise your pup’s strong jaws with the tough, non-toxic rubber. Chewing can also help relieve anxiety and frustration. Give this to your puppy in place of shoes or stuffies to curb their teething instinct! If they somehow manage to destroy it, there’s a lifetime replacement guarantee!


This pineapple’s unique construction helps support good dental hygiene. The spikes and crevices help to clean your pup’s teeth while playing. For pet parents who are concerned with toxins, rest assured the pineapple is non-toxic! Another feature that lots of praise from owners is the highly bite-resistant rubber. You won’t have to worry about your pupper chewing pieces off!


As great as this chewy is, your pet may feel bored after playing for a while. Some customers have also complained that the rubber has a somewhat strong smell.

3. ABTOR Ultra Durable  

Give your dog hours of fun with this multi-purpose ring. Encourage your Lab’s natural retrieving instincts by playing a game of fetch. Then please their need to chew, all with the same plaything. The nubs clean teeth while also providing interesting textures for heavy chewers to exercise their jaws. The ring has a delicious flavor you can enhance by stuffing with peanut butter and freezing for a long-lasting treat!


The ABTOR ring chewer is rugged and hard enough to withstand even a puppy’s sharp teeth! The nice round design makes the transition between playtime and chew-time seamless. The non-toxic rubber is eco-friendly, BPA and phthalate-free, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals. Multi-featured chews like this one offer endless hours of enrichment for your Labrador!


This bone is somewhat softer than some plastic and nylon options, so you don’t have to worry about broken teeth. Certain owners also complained about a strong odor. 

4. Feeko 15 Inch Interactive Bone  

Feeko 15 Inch Interactive Bone - indestructible dog toys for labs

Promote healthy chewing habits and clean your dog’s teeth with this fun rubber bone. The large size is perfect for playing tug with your Lab! Interactive play with your pup is ideal for training and bonding. Playing also relieves anxiety and boredom and can help stop barking problems. The Feeko bone is hard, flexible, and made from non-toxic, natural rubber. The manufacturer offers lifetime replacement and a 2-year money-back warranty!

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The Feeko bone is affordable and long-lasting. It is great for games like tug of war or for playing fetch outside. Your excitable puppy and energetic older dog will both love interactive playtime. Use play to teach skills and build your relationship. You will love the teeth-cleaning action that means you don’t have to chase them down with a toothbrush!


This bone weighs more than similar toys, so it may be difficult for dogs to carry. Also, it is painful if your pooch manages to run into you with it.

5. Dog Frisbee Indestructible Disc  

Dog Frisbee Indestructible Disc - indestructible dog toys for labs

What Labrador retriever doesn’t love to chase, jump, and fetch? Support your pup’s natural working instincts by picking up this frisbee. It’s the perfect way to spend more time outdoors. The indestructible flying disc is made from a combination of hard plastic and soft rubber for durability. If you or your furry friend are unhappy with your purchase, you can request a refund. Damaged discs can be returned or exchanged.


This frisbee is specially-made with your Lab in mind. The blue color is highly visible to your dog, and the aerodynamic design flies easily. Use this frisbee to increase your doggo’s agility and adventurous spirit. The disc also doubles as a water bowl! You’ll never find yourself without something for your thirsty baby to drink after all that hard running!


Customers complain that the disc is heavy and doesn’t fly as well as professional frisbees. Also, it tends to roll after landing, so you may lose it in the shrubbery. 

6.FAYOGOO Grenade  

FAYOGOO Grenade - indestructible dog toys for labs

The size of this durable grenade makes it perfect for your puppy and your adult dog. Your pets will love chewing on the 100% natural rubber. On top of that, it’s eco-friendly, non-toxic, and harmless. Play fetch outside or add a rope to enjoy some indoor tug of war together. A feeding hole at the top means the grenade is perfect for a nighttime treat or for crate training!


This grenade’s multi-level chewing surface is ideal for a little extra tooth cleaning while Fido plays. The perfect size and durable material make the grenade perfect for managing anxiety. Rope attachments and the feeding hole increase versatility and reduce toy clutter in your home. FAYOGOO offers free replacement or refunds for life if you don’t like the toy.


Be aware that power chewers might manage to bite off pieces of this toy. Use with supervision until you see how your dog interacts with the grenade.

7. Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball  

Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball - indestructible dog toys for labs

This motion-activated talking ball is just the thing for your busy Lab! Twenty different sounds make playtime fun and stimulating for your active pup. The ball floats on water, so get your puppy swimming and stimulate those retrieving skills in the pool or lake! Or let your older Labrador relive puppyhood! When play is finished and your doggo is ready for a nap, the Babble Ball turns off automatically.


The talking ball speaks to your pooch in a wide range of sounds, providing enrichment even when you can’t. The ball is made in the USA from durable plastic that will hold up to years of doggie abuse. Use it on land and on the water for training, enrichment, and fun! Interactive play will strengthen your relationship with your pupper.


The Pet Qwerks ball is battery-operated, and these batteries will eventually need replacing. Also, the hard plastic may be uncomfortable for your pup to hold and can cause broken teeth. 

8. PetSafe BB-Penguin-ML Chilly Penguin   

PetSafe BB-Penguin-ML Chilly Penguin - indestructible dog toys for labs

Give your pooch some safe enrichment with this durable rubber penguin. The penguin is designed specifically to provide frozen fun for your Lab. Fill the adorable snowflake-shaped design with peanut butter, yogurt, broth, or whatever else your doggie enjoys. Freeze overnight, and then put in their crate when you leave in the morning. Your furry friend will love this cool treat all year round, but especially in the summer months.


Pet parents love the customizable nature of the Chilly Penguin. Just stuff it with your pup’s favorite treat for a healthy and yummy alternative to a Puppuccino. There are no small pieces to worry about, making it safe even for hyper canines. The entire penguin is easy to clean; simply put it on the top rack of your dishwasher.


The penguin is made from hard rubber, which some dogs don’t like. One owner commented that the stated size and actual size are different. Make sure to double-check before purchase. 

9. Nerf Dog Nylon Flyer  

Nerf Dog Nylon Flyer - indestructible dog toys for labs

This flying disc has an aerodynamic design and dog-friendly color that will provide your pooch with hours of exercise-packed fun. Let it fly, and enjoy watching your pup race and jump. The water-resistant fabric is also great for water play. The nylon interior combines with a wear-and-tear-resistant coating, preventing rips and punctures from your most exuberant pupper. This flyer is 100% non-toxic and BPA-free, making it safe for all dogs.


Labrador parents everywhere love everything about the Nerf Flyer. The lightweight design makes it easy to toss. It floats really well and is water-resistant, which makes it good for all kinds of daily exercise and mental stimulation. Durable construction with tough materials means the flyer stands up well to active play and busy teeth. Your puppy will love it!


Owners report that the Nerf Flyer isn’t as sturdy as a traditional frisbee. This may not be the best choice for puppies in full destroy mode, or with sharp teeth! 

10. BLUEISLAND Combine Ball Rope  

BLUEISLAND Combine Ball Rope - indestructible dog toys for labs

If your Lab is an aggressive chewer, then the ball and rope combo is the toy you’ve been looking for! Natural hard rubber will stand up to powerful chewing and tearing. Pieces won’t break off by accident or with vigorous attention. The distinct texture of the ball massages your pup’s teeth. Meanwhile, playing tug of war with the cotton rope will help clean their teeth, promoting and maintaining oral health. 


Chewing can help your furry friend relieve anxiety, boredom, and destructive tendencies. This makes the ball and rope combo’s durability a big selling point for Labrador owners. Dogs love the texture and don’t mind the taste of the rubber, either. BLUEISLAND offers replacement of damaged items or a full refund if you or your pooch are unhappy with this toy.


The only complaint pet parents had was that the knots in the rope don’t stay tied. This is easily fixed by re-knotting, or by encouraging slightly gentler tugging and chewing.

The next time your pup destroys a chewy or stuffie, redirect their attention to an indestructible dog toy for Labs. Instead of destruction, feed their natural instincts with games of fetch and tug. Use one of the multi-purpose toys to introduce your puppy to water or provide stimulation when you are gone. Your Labrador and your wallet will be grateful!

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