12 Virtually Indestructible Dog Toys for Pit Bulls

Tired of looking for indestructible dog toys for pit bulls? We gathered the top-rated ones for your pup to enjoy. These energetic doggos have a reputation for being overly active. They seem to accidentally destroy everything they touch!

Pit bulls are amongst the most misunderstood furbabies out there. That’s why they deserve a little extra love. Get your four-legged friend a sturdy and durable plaything that’s suitable for their grand jaws and tenacious chompers!  

1. The Aerobie Dogobie Disc  

The Aerobie Dogobie Disc - Indestructible Dog Toys for Pit Bulls

Flying discs are probably the most coveted item for pit bull parents. The Aerobie Dogobie Disc, in particular, is excellent for a day in the park or playtime in the back yard. It’s pretty light, so it’s ideal for dogs of all skill levels. If your pups have a great leap and expert precision, they’ll love it. Even if they’re clumsy, the soft rubber will ensure they don’t get hurt.


The Aerobie Dogobie Disc has received riveting reviews. Those who purchased it were impressed by the soft and pliable material and the variety of colors. Most Pittie owners heavily praise this item, and according to their reviews, they’d purchase again. Its use on land and in water is a recipe for success. If your dog enjoys a good game of tug-of-war, this is a really great option.


The only complaint about the Aerobie Dogobie Disc is that it is not suitable for powerful chewers. However, this was only a small number of customers. The vast majority loves the soft rubber-like material because it lasts longer than plastic. Durability is important for most owners. Keep in mind this flaw is not uncommon even amongst the strongest dog frisbees. They are simply not meant to be chew discs. 

2. Chuckit! Large Kick Fetch Ball  

Chuckit Large Kick Fetch Ball  - Indestructible Dog Toys for Pit Bulls

Are you looking for a ball that’s nice for fetch or even water games and can float? This awesome doggie product won’t let you down! It features a high-quality rubber that will withstand the most formidable jaws. Your adorable Pittie deserves a sturdy ball with an unpredictable bounce that he won’t destroy. Featuring an EVA foam and polyester, it’s perfect even for power chewers. It’s also available in different sizes.


Most buyers loved that it’s easy to grab and hold for the dog. They were also ecstatic about the fact that it’s easy to wash and extremely durable. Its bright blue and orange colors make it attractive for all pups. Plus, it is easy to find both at home and in the park. Because it’s not very heavy, your adorable cuddle buddy won’t get tired of running with it. 


Most buyers loved that it’s easy to grab and hold for the dog. They were also ecstatic about the fact that it’s easy to wash and extremely durable. Its bright blue and orange colors make it attractive for all pups. Plus, it is easy to find both at home and in the park. Because it’s not very heavy, your adorable cuddle buddy won’t get tired of running with it. 

3. GoughNuts Virtually Indestructible Stick  

GoughNuts Virtually Indestructible Stick - Indestructible Dog Toys for Pit Bulls

GoughNuts is well known for unique and virtually toys. This long-lasting chew stick is one of the toughest on the market. Your pooch can play with it daily for months without causing a single tear. Yes, it’s that durable! It is a great rubber training stick for the most energetic power chewers. Sizes for every type of dog jaw and chewing intensity are readily available. 


Most of the owners who tried this resistant chew stick were happy about its safety aspect. Others praised the fact that it floats in water and features high-quality material. Dogs just love it! You can leave this toy outside and not have a single worry because it is that durable. This item is the perfect sturdy plaything for your Pittie.


A few dog owners found that their pooch didn’t particularly like the flavor. Most of them seem to love it, though. Some owners also did not appreciate the smells of pungent rubber, but such complaints were rare. Moreover, it is more expensive than most mainstream chew sticks. However, given its high-quality material and durability, this should not be surprising at all. 

4. KONG – Extreme Ball  

KONG - Extreme Ball - Indestructible Dog Toys for Pit Bulls

KONG is a beloved brand with a reputation for making durable dog balls. It will be a while before your power-chewers can get through this one. You can insert a treat in the hole on the ball to deliver jaw-satisfying pleasure to your doggo. It is ideal for a fun game of fetch. You can bet that your pit bull will always find a reason to play with it.  


The KONG Extreme ball has always received great reviews from owners. Most of them enjoy the extended play they get thanks to the treats inside. Some just love that it’s durable, so they don’t have to keep throwing their money away. Your furry baby will appreciate the extreme bounce!


Some owners complained about the hole in the ball. Although it is a unique feature, treats often fall out of the hole, defeating the whole purpose. By gaining a consistent grip, some dogs were able to tear through it. Others did not like how heavy it is since throwing the ball becomes quite the workout. Also, it is not easy to clean inside. 

5. DIBBATU Spring Pole Rope  

DIBBATU Spring Pole - Indestructible Dog Toys for Pit Bulls

The DIBBATU Spring Pole is perfect for getting rid of a pup’s built-up energy. Are you wondering how to make playtime fun but also physically beneficial for your Pittie? This item is one of the best exercise dog spring poles on the market. Hang it around a tree and watch your doggo have fun and build some muscle while at it. Fido will feel more energetic in no time. 

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Owners love the DIBBATU Spring pole because it builds muscle. Furbabies seem to love how it makes them feel too! Because of its 100% satisfaction guarantee, we highly recommend it. Others who purchased it also gush about how it includes a rustproof spring pole. Moreover, compared to mainstream poles, it is easy to use and has an affordable price. 


The only minor complaint is that older dogs might consider it too much effort. It should be noted that this observation comes from a small number of people. However, it is understandable, considering how much strength a dog actually needs to hang on the pole. That doesn’t necessarily mean the older dogs can’t enjoy it. They just won’t be using it 24/7.

6. Monster K9 Dog Ball  

Monster K9 Dog Ball - Indestructible Dog Toys for Pit Bulls

If you and your best friend love to play fetch or tug of war, here’s a perfect ball for you. Like most Monster K9 chew toys, this ball contains natural rubber, which makes it more durable. Even the most tenacious jaws will have a hard time destroying this one. It is not a typical chew ball. That’s why it is excellent for aggressive and powerful chewers like pit bulls. 


The Monster K9 Dog ball has received some impressive and noteworthy reviews. Most owners appreciate that it is a lifetime replacement for most mainstream dog balls. Some have even gone to the extent of saying it is the toughest one they have come across. With a 100% safe industrial quality rubber, your Pittie will be entertained for hours.


A few owners complained that it was pretty rigid. Some also pointed out that although it’s pretty durable, it can still wear down over time. Moreover, it is only available in one size. Although that is unfortunate, it’s a standard size that almost any dog can have fun with. That’s one of the many reasons why it’s so highly rated! 

7. Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone Bacon Flavor  

Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone Bacon Flavor - Indestructible Dog Toys for Pit Bulls

Finding non-toxic and non-allergenic bones in the dog market is not an easy task. If you have an aggressive dog that bites into any plaything, you don’t want to be worrying about its dangers. Rightly so! A bone should be safe for your furbaby. That’s why an FDA compliant nylon stick is perfect for your dog’s teeth. It will also massage their gums while he is gnawing away at it.


One of the best playtime options you can get is one that cleans dog’s teeth as they chew. This bone also controls the plaque and tartar levels. That’s why owners love the Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone. Not only does it offer a safe chewing experience, but it can also prevent destructive behavior. Others also appreciated that it is dishwasher safe.


Some owners took note that it gets several sharp needle-like points from chewing. Although a small number of people actually experienced this, it is still something to look into. However, keep in mind that not even the sturdiest of chew toys is entirely indestructible. Nothing can last forever at the helm of the extraordinary chompers of a pit bull. Every single chew bone in the market will give in eventually. 

8. KONG Extreme Dog Toy Toughest Natural Rubber    

KONG Extreme Dog Toy Toughest Natural Rubber - Indestructible Dog Toys for Pit Bulls

Like most KONG products, this one features ultra-durable materials. For anyone with an energetic dog that needs stimulation, this is a heaven send. If your pit bull makes mincemeat out of regular toys, this rubber chewer is perfect. Most large pit bulls have a strong desire to gnaw. If yours needs something special to withstand those teeth, this product holds up pretty well. 


Most owners who purchased this chewer were happy to praise it in the review section. Several users were glad that it is ultra-strong and also ultra-durable. Moreover, because it can be stuffed with treats, the pups enjoyed extended playtime. All doggos love that about it! Even puppy parents can purchase this product because it is available in sizes. 


The only complaint about the KONG Extreme dog chewer is the pungent hard rubber smell. This issue is not unusual with this material, which is terrible for those sensitive to strong odors. Believe it or not, the scent from your pooch’s breath can remain on their chew toys too. It is nothing a good wash once in a while can’t solve, though.  

9. GoughNuts Tug Dog Toy Black Maxx  

GoughNuts Tug Dog Toy Black Maxx - indestructible dog toys for pit bulls

If you and your furbaby love a good game of tug-of-war, this is an indestructible dog-ring you will both enjoy. Its primary purpose is to protect your hands by keeping them away from your dog’s teeth. So you can safely grip one heavy-duty ring as Fido eagerly pulls and tugs on the other ring. That’s why we love this original ring toy. Your Pittie will also adore the creative colors.


The new GoughNuts Tug Dog Toy owners love that it’s perfect for tug of war. It is made of durable rubber material, so you won’t have to worry about a new toy anytime soon. Actually, most owners have had theirs for years. The rubber is carbon reinforced and made in the USA. That is yet another reason to love it!


The most common complaint amongst the owners was that it doesn’t have a scent or flavor. However, dogs don’t seem to mind it too much. It’s also more expensive than other options on our list. But, because of its high-quality material, it is worth the hefty sum. Some owners couldn’t overlook the bad smell, though  

10. Titan Busy Bounce  

Titan Busy Bounce - indestructible dog toys for pit bulls

The Titan Busy Bounce is one of the most durable treats dispensing pet bones on the market. It is extremely tough, so it will stand up to the most destructive biting. If you are looking to incorporate some crate training and obedience training into your schedule, this is the perfect bone. It is a marvelous tool to remedy separation anxiety. The unpredictable bounce will also keep your furbaby mentally stimulated.


Owners of the Titan Busy Bounce love that it is perfect for training. Even dogs with separation anxiety respond to it pretty well because it’s calming. Its fun and unpredictable bounce are incredibly mentally stimulating. Most buyers appreciate that it is freezable for future use and dishwasher safe. Because it is FDA approved, you don’t have to worry about potential health threats!


We would like to tell you that there is something wrong with the Busy Bounce, but there simply isn’t. The only complaint that owners have is that it only comes in the color red. It would be great to have a wider variety of colors. However, we’re sure your Pittie won’t mind. After all, its benefits far outweigh the color issue. 

11. West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Dog Bone Chew Toy  

West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Dog Bone Chew Toy - indestructible dog toys for pit bulls

Does your pit bull love the pool or weekends at the lake? If the answer is yes, you must purchase the floatable West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Dog Bone chew bone. Because it is durable, it is guaranteed to last for long chew sessions. You can also be sure that it won’t cause your Pittie any harm because it’s non-toxic and FDA compliant. It gets extra points for also being recyclable! 


Owners of the dog bone love that it is flexible and recyclable. Most of them gushed about how bouncy it is and that it also floats. That makes it more exciting for the pup. Additionally, the EPA and phthalate-free chew bone is compliant with FDA regulations. It’s made in America, which means you can expect a high-quality product.


Unfortunately, it has a spongy, rubbery feel that not all dogs prefer. However, most of them love it! A few owners were disappointed that their pooch was able to destroy the ZogoFlex. The final verdict is that it won’t stand up to the most powerful chewers. Some pups might be able to rip it up sooner than others. 

12. Arm & Hammer Dental   

Arm & Hammer Dental - indestructible dog toys for pit bulls

Made up of chewable rubber, this Arm & Hammer Dental offers fun for days! No dog chewer lasts forever, but this one comes pretty close. It cleans the dog’s teeth, while it helps freshen their breath and stimulate their gums. Plus, it comes infused with Arm & Hammer’s baking soda. This sturdy dental will catch your pup’s eye with its cute color. 


This dental received outstanding reviews. The one that stood out the most is that it removes foul odor and bad breath. Pittie owners seem to really appreciate that! It also has a cute color and design that is stimulating for most dogs. Lots of vets consider this product is the best for periodontal diseases. That’s an excellent reason to try it out!


Just like most high-quality chew dentals, this one is not completely unbreakable. A few dogs were able to easily break it off. However, some owners have had it for years. Many buyers did not particularly enjoy this chewer’s very strong scent. Yet, given it’s infused with baking soda, it should not come as a surprise. 

It’s no secret that pit bulls are some of the most aggressive chewers on earth. Finding indestructible dog toys for pit bulls and their majestic jaws is therefore not an easy task. These products are made of high-quality, non-toxic material, so your Pittie can chew away safely. Some may be on the expensive side, but they are worth every cent!

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