69+ Funniest Irish Dog Names For Your Puppy

When looking for Irish dog names, it’s best to ensure you find the most suitable one for your little puppies. Irish-inspired names are perfect for dog breeds of Irish heritage, like the Irish Setter. Even though your puppy may not come from Ireland, you can still use your Irish background as inspiration. It’s an exciting way of remembering your history.

Cute Irish Dog Names

Have you been thinking about giving your newborn pups cute Irish nicknames? Below is our list of top Irish names for dogs whose owners enjoy Irish culture!

  1. Carrick – Have you been looking for Irish pet names with meaning? Carrick is an excellent fit for a big, strong dog!
  2. Dublin – Do some of your puppies have black fur coats? You can always consider giving them badass Irish boy names. 
  3. Conan – What other Irish wolfhound name sounds cooler than Conan? It is the most popular title for a wolf-resembling dog. 
  4. Fitzgerald – If your boyfriend comes from Ireland, he’ll love the name Fitzgerald. It’ll always remind him of his family and friends. 
  5. Liam – Liam is the best Celtic dog name for a pooch who is very protective. He’ll always be by your side! 
  6. Murphy – If your mom and dad love watching Irish-themed films, they will probably consider Irish names like Murphy. 
  7. Sullivan – Is your dog Irish? You can consider giving him this popular Irish surname. Even your kids will love it! 
  8. Angus or Aengus – Angus is the perfect Irish pet name for your newly adopted puppy. Besides, it’s also easy to remember!  
  9. Puca – Puca is a good Irish name for spiritual dog owners with a mix of black and white puppies.
  10. O’Malley – Is your dog a happy-go-lucky type of pup who always makes you smile? O’Malley is the perfect name for him! 

Female Irish Dog Names

Have you been considering giving your female pups original Irish names? Here is our top 10 selection of Irish girl dog names your friends and family will love!

  1. Fiona – If your four-legged member of the family has a white coat, then Fiona is the best name for her! 
  2. Colleen – Colleen is a cool Celtic dog name for female puppies, particularly those with a kind and gentle nature. 
  3. Ciara – What are the best Irish dog girl names for fur babies with black fur coats? Ciara is a hot contender!  
  4. Molly – What other Irish name for female dogs is ideal for your cute Irish Terrier dog breed besides Molly?
  5. Sorcha – If your doggo has a great and bright personality, she deserves a cute Irish female name for dogs.
  6. Aoibheann – What other Gaelic dog name for female puppies is as unique and fitting for your beautiful furry friend as Aoibheann?
  7. Erin – If you’re yet to find interesting Irish girl names for dogs, Erin is a fantastic option for your sweet puppy! 
  8. Nola – Nola, Irish for white shoulder, is the best name for a puppy with a good, fluffy, and shiny coat.
  9. Shannon – If you have recently adopted a sweet and calm Irish puppy, then Shannon is a suitable name for her. 
  10. Ailbhe – If you are looking for popular Irish names for pets, Ailbhe is the best option for your favorite pup! 

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Irish Dog Names

Male Irish Dog Names

After adopting Irish pets, it’s essential to give them names matching their personalities. Male dogs should have popular or hilarious Irish-inspired dog names, as shown. Below are the best ones! 

  1. Alby – Alby is an excellent Irish puppy name for male dogs with funny personalities. It’s also ideal for adventurous pups! 
  2. Kieran – What other Irish word for black is best suited for your jet black dog other than Kieran?
  3. Alby – Alby is an excellent Irish puppy name for male dogs with funny personalities. It’s also ideal for adventurous pups! 
  4. Kieran – What other Irish word for black is best suited for your jet black dog other than Kieran?
  5. Cullen – Cullen is a good Irish dog name for a playful, handsome male puppy who loves being in the limelight. 
  6. Finian – If you are looking for Irish boy dog names to match your doggo’s calm personality, then Finian is ideal! 
  7. Patrick – What other St. Patrick Day names for dogs are ideal for religious dog owners other than Patrick? 
  8. Oscar – Does your Irish Setter enjoy watching animal programs like National Geographic with you? Oscar is the perfect name for him!
  9. Shay – Have you been looking for exciting boy dog names for Irish puppies? Shay is an excellent unisex option for you!
  10. Alastar – If you are lucky enough to have an Irish Wolfhound, Alastar is probably the best name for him! 
  11. Brian – Have you been looking for Irish Gaelic dog names with positive meanings? Brian is ideal for puppies with charming personalities. 
  12. Eoghan – Eoghan is the perfect Gaelic dog name for dog owners who enjoy reading or writing about famous monarchs. 

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Dog Names Inspired by Locations in Ireland

Although your pups are from Italy, you can still give them male and female dog Irish names. Here are unique dog names to provide you with the inspiration you need! 

  1. Limerick – Limerick is the perfect name for a feisty, badass dog who enjoys playtime and his own company. 
  2. Dublin – If you are going for unique boy and girl Irish dog names, give Dublin a try! Everyone will love it!
  3. Kilkenny – Have you ever considered giving your fur baby an Irish-themed name? Kilkenny is a unique name for a special dog. 
  4. Connemara – If you are looking for memorable Gaelic dog names for female and male pups, Connemara is a fantastic option! 
  5. Galway – Do you live in a harbor town? If yes, then Galway is an excellent name for your four-legged member.
  6. Cork – Cork is a fantastic unisex option if you’re searching for the top Irish female dog names in the world. 
  7. Blarney – Have you been looking for local Irish pet names for your boyfriend’s dog? Blarney is ideal for any dog breed!  
  8. Wexford – Is your dad or mum originally from Ireland? How about naming their new Finnegan dog after their hometown Wexford? 
  9. Burren – Is your house near a cliff? You can get creative by considering the name Burren for your adopted dog. 
  10. Donegal – Instead of giving your dogs Irish terrier names, you can consider using towns and cities in Ireland as inspiration. 

Gaelic Dog Names

Whether you’re from Italy, Texas, or Ireland, you can always adopt Gaelic pet names for your fur babies. Below are the best pet names inspired by Gaelic culture.

  1. Selkie (for a black dog, perhaps)
  2. Rogan (red-haired)
  3. Murphy (hound of the sea)
  4. Madigan (little dog)
  5. Felan or Phelan (wolf – spelled Faolan in Gaelic)
  6. Conry (king of the hounds)
  7. Cael (slender)
  8. Lorcan (little wild one)
  9. Bran (raven)
  10. Keeva (gentle and precious)

Top Female Dog Names Associated With the Color Green

After helping your pup settle at home, it’s time to find cool female dog names from Ireland and their meanings. What you need is a traditional name that reminds you of your favorite fruit or herb. 

  1. Clover
  2. Apple
  3. Jasmine
  4. Ivy
  5. Kiwi
  6. Fern
  7. Jade
  8. Pickles
  9. Juniper
  10. Sage

Top Male Dog Names Associated with The Color Green

If you want to use green Celtic dog names on your puppies, it’s best to research in advance. This way, your Irish Terrier will feel right at home, in Ireland! 

  1. Forrest
  2. Cash
  3. Hunter
  4. Zen
  5. Yoda
  6. Aspen

Other Dog Names Ideas

If you still want more dog-naming inspiration lists, you should consider watching cartoons, historical documentaries, and TV too. In case you just can’t make up your mind, ask your loved ones for help. Or you may want to read some related posts for your best decision:

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