50+ Unique Italian Dog Names That Sound Amazing

Just because your furry friends are not from Italy doesn’t mean you can’t give them unique Italian dog names. You also don’t have to be living there to consider using Italian-themed dog names. You can call your puppy whatever you like, whether they are male or female. Here’s our selection of top Italian dog names to choose from. 

If you are looking for Italian-themed dog names from the movies, then you can’t go wrong with our picks. Here’s a list of the best monikers for your canine friends. 

  1. Luna (moon)
  2. Bella (beautiful)
  3. Cappuccino
  4. Sicily
  5. Dolce (sweet)
  6. Gianna
  7. Ferrari
  8. Biscotti
  9. Cannoli
  10. Luigi

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Other Dog Names from Italy Ideas

You don’t have to visit Italy to find cute Italian dog names. You just need to do your research. Let us help with these perfect options for male and female puppies. 

Italian Girl Dog Names

Puppy parents with female dogs will certainly enjoy our selection of adorable Italian girl dog names. There’s no denying dog names in different languages sound so cool! 

  1. Bellissimo (very beautiful)
  2. Carina (beloved)
  3. Luna (moon)
  4. Valentina
  5. Sofia
  6. Bianca (white)
  7. Gianna
  8. Amore (love)
  9. Maria
  10. Vita (life)

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Italian Boy Dog Names

Here is a perfect selection for fur parents looking for Italian pet names for Italian mastiffs. Feel free to use these badass names on other male dogs. Everyone will believe you imported your furry baby. 

  1. Michelangelo
  2. Giacomo
  3. Valentino
  4. Romeo
  5. Angelo
  6. Gino
  7. Paolo
  8. Lupo (wolf)
  9. Bruno
  10. Paisano

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Dog Names From Italy Based on Places

Although some dog lovers might have never traveled to Europe, they can still name their pups after Italian cities. Here is a list of six beautiful places in Italy to give you inspiration.

  1. Milan
  2. Venice
  3. Rome
  4. Amalfi
  5. Pompeii
  6. Florence
Italian Dog Names

Dog Names From Italy Inspired by Famous Italians

Have you been looking for unique dog names from Italy with meaning? We’ve got you covered! Below is our list of famous icons from Italy to help you find the perfect name!

  1. Raphael – If you’re in love with Italian art, then Raphael is the perfect Italian male dog name for your little pup.
  2. Galileo – Do you L-O-V-E all things astronomy? Then Galileo might just be an ideal dog name for your male pet.
  3. Da Vinci – Da Vinci is one of the most popular dog names for pups cuter than Mona Lisa’s smile!
  4. Michelangelo – If you’re an artist, you have no choice but to pick this top male dog name for your pooch.
  5. Caesar – Do you have a feisty doggo? If yes, then Caesar is the best dog name for him.
  6. Versace – Versace is a fancy dog name full of character. It’s ideal for a trendsetter’s pup.

Dog Names from Italy Inspired by Food

Don’t you just love Italian food? Consider using one of our food names for dogs. You won’t find a better source of inspiration than these fantastic dishes!

  1. Tiramisu – If you’re looking for sweet names for girl dogs, Tiramisu is the way to go!
  2. Gelato – If you are going for a neutral Italian girl puppy name, then Gelato is an excellent choice!
  3. Biscotti – Biscotti is a cute Italian pet name for those who can’t keep their hands off Italian pastries. 
  4. Espresso – Don’t worry about finding a suitable Italian word for black dogs. Espresso sounds just right! 
  5. Risotto – Risotto is another cute Italian name for dogs with pale white fur coats.
Italian Dog Names

Tips for Choosing Puppies Names

Looking for inspiration for dog names? Try your luck with pet names in Italian! Who knows? It might be an original way to manifest your dream to visit Italy. What’s best is that you don’t need to have an Italian breed to use these cool puppy names.

You can always choose to be funny and go for a good ole’ Italian mafia dog name. However, our extensive selection can give you a much better idea! Whether you have a Greyhound, Cane Corso, or Rottweiler, our list of dog names from Italy will help you out. Here are some tips and tricks to pick the most suitable moniker for your four-legged pal. 

  • Go for simple Italian dog names for female and male pups. Doing this will ensure that your family and friends can easily remember your pet’s name.
  • Match your doggo’s names with their appearance. For instance, you can use strong dog names for large dog breeds. If you have an white dog, exploit this quality to find a proper name for them.
  • Find good pet names with meanings. What better way to give your pup some extra personality?
  • Remember to do your research. Find a name that is not offensive to Italians and their culture.

Other Dog Names Ideas

If you still want more dog-naming inspiration lists, you should consider watching cartoons, historical documentaries, and TV too. In case you just can’t make up your mind, ask your loved ones for help. Or you may want to read some related posts for your best decision:

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