40+ Most Popular Korean Dog Names

Picking Korean dog names for your new pup might seem super-trendy, but Korean-inspired names have been popular for a while. Korea’s culture, heritage, and beautiful landscape can all be used as resources for canine names. Whether you’re trying to name a beautiful Bichon or a portly Pug, don’t worry. You’ll certainly find the perfect unique name on our list!

Many of these names aren’t heard very often at the dog park, while others show up on the list of top 100 dog names.

Korean Dog Breeds

The jumping-off point for Korean pet names is to look at the two main dog breeds. These breeds have unique Korean names, but they are just like every other dog and love their humans. 

  1. Jindo – a white or cream-colored hunting dog, prized as guardians and companions, and with a strong independent streak.
  1. Sapsali – a medium-sized companion dog with shaggy fur and a wonderful temperament, they are happiest with a family to love.  

Best Male Korean Dog Names

When you look at cute little boy puppies, your instincts call out to give them a strong or brave name. There are so many popular Korean dog names for male pups. Here are some of our favorite with their meanings. 

  1. Min-Jun – clever and talented
  2. Ji-Ho – brave or wisdom
  3. Si-woo – various, but can be a combination of start and protector
  4. Seok – Stone
  5. Dal – moon
  6. Hye – bright or intelligent
  7. Ye-Jun – talented
  8. Ho-Seok – strong, heaven
  9. Hwan – shining and bright
  10. Min-ho brave and heroic
  11. U-Yeong – glory, honor
  12. Jong-Seok – great, eminent
  13. Geon – strength
  14. Su-won – defend, protect
  15. Yu-Jin – precious, valuable
  16. Kyu – standard
  17. Dak-Ho – deep lake
  18. Jae-Hee – shining
  19. Seo-Jin – omen
  20. Tae-Hui – big, great

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Best Female Korean Dog Names

Give your sweet, beautiful baby girl pup a delicate Korean female dog name. Find one that matches her coloring or personality! Some of the most popular girl dog names are included below. 

  1. Eun-Ji – various, but can be a combination of kindness with intelligence
  2. Min – smart or clever
  3. Bora – purple
  4. Hana – one
  5. Da-som – love
  6. Areum – beauty
  7. Nari – Lily
  8. Bo-mi – beautiful, pretty
  9. Ha-eun – kindness, mercy
  10. In-na – graceful and delicate
  11. Ji-a – wisdom and knowledge
  12. Nam-Sun – pure and honest
  13. Yu-na – to endure
  14. Seok-Yeong – petal, flower
  15. Danbi – welcome rain
  16. Bong Cha – ultimate girl
  17. Ae-Cha – loving daughter
  18. Ye-Jin – precious and valuable
  19. So-Hui – splendid, glorious
  20. Mee – beauty

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Best Unisex Korean Dog Names

These cute Korean dog names are perfect if you want a gender-neutral name for your pooch. Our list includes Korean animal names suggestions from nature, personality traits, and more. Browse away to find the best name for your pup!

  1. Haneul – heaven/sky
  2. Ho – goodness
  3. Ja – attractive
  4. Kyong – brightness
  5. Jin – jewel
  6. Sang – forever
  7. Shin – belief
  8. Yong – brave
  9. Hei – grace and wisdom
  10. Cho beautiful/handsome

Dog Names Inspired By Korean Cities And Landmarks

Some of the best pup names come from famous places. Don’t be shy, give your Pomeranian or your Pitbull a cosmopolitan city name! Read on to learn a little about some of Korea’s cities and their characteristics. 

  1. Incheon – literally, “kind river”. It has the second largest seaport in Korea. A good water-loving Korean puppy name.
  2. Busan – named “cauldron mountain” for nearby Mt. Hwangryeong. A great idea for a big mountain of a dog. 
  3. Jeju – an island city and resort with a tropical climate. A fun idea for that puppy who loves the sun!
  4. Jinju – an epicenter of culture and history, known for distinctive food and silk trading. Perfect for your high-fashion pooch!
  5. Seoul – the capital of South Korea, a conglomeration of a city. A name for a cute mixed-breed pupper. 
  6. Gimpo – known for its agriculture and forestry industries. The perfect name for a doggy who loves the outdoors!
  7. Daegu – nicknamed “apple city” because the climate is perfect for apples. Good idea for a little rotund dog!
  8. Taebaek – the highest-altitude city in South Korea. Maybe a name for a world-traveling pooch? 

Korean Food And Drink Dog Names

Korean food has names that fall right off your tongue. Some of the most popular Korean names for dogs are these easy-to-say foods. So go ahead and learn about Korean food so your dog can be called “dumpling!” 

  1. Bingsu – traditional shaved ice dessert topped with fruit, condensed milk, and other sweets. Perfect for a sweet princess of a dog.
  2. Hotteok – a sweet, filled pancake that is popular street food. A great name for popular dog breeds like Labs or Shepherds.
  3. Soju – a clear, colorless, and potent distilled liquor. Use for a white dog, or for a dog with a little bite.
  4. Kimchi – fermented vegetables and seasonings, it can be spicy. A good choice for that highly spirited pup!
  5. Bulgogi – marinated grilled pork or beef. A hearty name for a strong, reliable furry friend.
  6. Anju – literally, “the food you eat while drinking,” often with friends. Perfect for a friendly, affectionate pooch.
  7. Dasik – a confection eaten with tea. A great name for a teacup pupper!
  8. Galbi – in translation, “grilled short ribs”. A bit unusual, sure, but still a lovely Korean male dog name.
  9. Melona – melon-flavored ice pop. A fine choice for a sweet-natured, agreeable Korean pitbull puppy.
  10. Misu – a drink of grain powder often enjoyed on hot days. Choose for a light-colored dog or a mixed-breed.

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Dog Name Ideas Inspired By Famous Koreans

Aspects of Korean popular culture, such as K-pop, are rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. Why not name your pooch after a Korean athlete or singer? Browse our list below to learn more about these icons. 

  1. Psy – a K-pop star most known for the hit song “Gangnam Style. Great for a dog with a sweet personality.
  2. Park Jiyeon – a K-pop singer, member of the girl group T-ara, and an actress. 
  3. Jungkook – a singer-songwriter and member of the boy band BTS. A good doggo name for your hipster pup.
  4. BoA – mostly known as the queen of K-pop. A singer, dancer, actress, and producer. A royal name for a royal pupster.
  5. Taeyeon – the Beyonce of her girl group. This name is for your super-stylish dog!
  6. Shin Ryujin – girl group star and rapper. Perfect for the pup who likes to make their own rules.
  7. Moon Jae-in – the president of South Korea. If your dog is a natural alpha, this might be the name for them.
  8. Song Joong Ki – a singer and actor known for his education. Give this name to your super-smart doggy.  

Dog Names That Are Beautiful Korean Words

If all else fails and you’re still struggling to find that perfect puppy name, don’t worry. We’ve included this list of beautiful Korean dog names with meanings in both Korean and English.

  1. Chingu – friend
  2. Geomeun – black
  3. Joeun – good
  4. Gyeoul – winter
  5. Yeppeun – pretty
  6. Dan – sweet
  7. Gae – dog
  8. Hayan  – white
  9. Jwi – mouse
  10. Nun – snow


There are so many great options for Korean-inspired dog names. This list only covers a fraction of them. We want to know what your favorite Korean dog names are. Then, take a look at other international dog names below.

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