25+ Amazing Labrador Gifts for Lab Lovers

Santa’s coming to town with the best Labrador gifts to spark some joy during the holiday season! The Labrador retriever enthusiasts in your life deserve loads of love and some Lab dog gifts! Perhaps giving them a puppy is not the most practical idea. However, you can make them smile with a little help from this list. If you’re looking for fantastic gifts for Labrador owners this Christmas, read on!

1. Genuine Leather Keychain

labrador gifts: Genuine Leather Keychain

If your dog does a great job guarding doors, why not let them protect your keys too? Labrador accessories make lovely “just because” presents. This gorgeous leather keychain is perfect for labrador lovers who enjoy the little things in life.

2. Lab Mama Shirt

labrador gifts: Lab Mama Shirt

Looking for trendy Labrador retriever clothing and accessories? A funny yet stylish shirt is all you need! Show the world how much you love your pup with this paw print tee. Let your Labrador clothing for humans make a statement!

3. Pet Photo Collage Pillow

labrador gifts: Pet Photo Collage Pillow

One thing’s true. Some dogs leave paw prints on your heart. Celebrate your Labrador puppies this Christmas! Show them off on a personalized dog gift. Print your favorite pics with your beloved Labrador retriever directly into the fabric!

4. My Dog Thinks I’m Awesome Mug

beagle themed gifts: My Dog Thinks I’m Awesome Custom Photo Pet Lover Mug

Your doggo will always think the very best of you no matter what! Start your days with that happy thought. Have your morning coffee on this personalized Labrador mug. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for Labrador moms and Labrador dads!

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5. Labrador Retriever Wanted Fridge Magnet

labrador gifts: Labrador Retriever Wanted Fridge Magnet

Sometimes looks are deceiving. This Labrador gift will show the world that your pup is not always the “goodest” of boys! It’s a small item that every proud dog owner would love to add to their black Lab home decor.

6. Wine Glass

gifts for labrador lovers: Wine Glass

Labrador retriever themed gifts are a must-buy to please any dog lover. This classy pup glass, for example, is perfect for a wine lover and Labs enthusiast. Give it to your mom on her birthday to get the party started!

7. Best Friends Furever In Our Hearts Christmas Ornament

black labrador gifts: Best Friends Furever In Our Hearts Christmas Ornament

If your puppy passed recently, grace your Christmas tree with this cute ornament. Have yourself a merry four-legged-friend Christmas as you remember the good times with your pup! Personalizing it with your pup photo, Lab, Golden Retriever, Dachshund, Beagle, or any breed else. Get it as a great sympathy present this holiday season.

8. Labrador Puppies Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shakers Set

chocolate labrador retriever gifts: Labrador Puppies Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shakers Set

Puppy kisses, anyone? These cute blond and chocolate Lab shakers are always smooching. They’ll help you fill your table with love and your meals with flavor! Get them as a housewarming present for that person who collects Labrador retriever stuff!

9. Canvas Print

gifts for labrador lovers: Canvas Print

If you’re a proud Labrador owner, hang this fantastic Labrador retriever decoration in any room at home! Personalize it with the best picture of your furry friend and their name. It’ll be a perfect pet memorial gift when your pooch is gone.

10. Sleeping Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppy Figurine

labrador gifts: Sleeping Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppy Figurine

Seeking Labrador gifts for your dad? Brighten up his office with this cute keepsake. A yellow Lab decor is all he needs to put a smile on his face and get him through the day! He’ll surely love this present!

11. Scarf

labrador gifts: Scarf

It’s hard to find cool gifting ideas for the stylish ladies at home. Surprise your mom on Mother’s Day with this lightweight scarf to remind her of her pooch! This black Labrador retriever gift will make her look so trendy!

12. Novelty Crew Socks Science Lab

labrador retriever gifts and collectibles: Novelty Crew Socks Science Lab

Dog dads have every right to celebrate Father’s Day too! They say apparel makes the man, so here’s the deal: Throw these yellow Labrador socks into a gift box and make a Lab owner happy on such a memorable holiday!

13. Dog Lover Blanket

labrador gifts: Dog Lover Blanket

No matter the dog breed, our fuzzy friends are always happy. They go by a very simple philosophy! This Labrador decor will bring it into your life. Customize this “love my pet” gift with a nice pic of your pooch.

14. Labrador Retriever Decal Sticker

labrador gifts: Labrador Retriever Decal Sticker

Did you just become a Labrador mom? Spread the news all over town with a brilliant sticker. You just need to put this dog gift on your car window to let everyone know you have a cute Lab at home.

15. Key Rack

labrador gifts: Key Rack

Have your keys handy when it’s time to take your pup for a walk! This useful item is the perfect dog gift idea for someone who’s got themselves locked out once or twice. It makes an excellent housewarming Labrador gift!

gifts for labrador lovers: Labrador Dog Cookie Cutter

This simple Labrador gift will keep on giving year-round! All you’ll need now is a cute Labrador cookie jar to keep your goodies fresh! Spread the joy this season by baking Christmas cookies in the shape of your favorite goofball.

17. Black Labrador apron

labrador retriever gifts and collectibles: Black Labrador apron

When living with pups, you have to abide by their laws! This black Lab apron will guide you with its clever Labrador print. If you need black Lab kitchen accessories for your favorite dog owner, get this piece of merchandise!

18. Bottle opener

labrador gifts: Bottle opener

This holiday season, less is more. Get small but meaningful dog owner gifts to show them your appreciation. This bottle opener is a cool stocking stuffer for Labrador lovers. It’s one of the Labrador items they need in their collection!

19. Welcome Sign

labrador gifts: Welcome Sign

Do you have a family dog or a guide dog? Show off your four-legged buddy. Place this welcome sign on your lawn! Your neighbors will be jealous of your Labrador home decor. Get this black Lab gift for your pack!

20. Yellow Lab Tote Bag

labrador gifts: Yellow Lab Tote Bag

Here’s a brilliant present for eco-conscious dog lovers! This cotton tote bag is an excellent Labrador gift to help them carry their groceries around in style. Its beautiful hand-painted artwork won’t ever let them forget to shop for dog food!

21. Dish Towel

gifts for labrador lovers: Dish Towel

Do you always feel like somebody’s watching you? This towel is the perfect black Lab kitchen accessory. Its Labrador feature will make anyone laugh. Get it as a gift for black Lab lovers who have a little stalker at home!

22. Labrador Phone Case

gifts for labrador lovers: Labrador Phone Case

Hello? Have you ever seen cuter Labrador merchandise than this stylish phone case? Didn’t think so! Such a trendy Lab product will make a terrific anniversary present! It’s a dog lover gift you need to get for your girlfriend ASAP!

23. Sterling Silver Labrador Retriever Necklace

labrador gifts: Sterling Silver Labrador Retriever Necklace

This elegant Labrador necklace will let you keep your beloved furball next to your heart. It’s the ideal gift for Labrador owners and animal lovers with a penchant for jewelry. Get it for your mom this Christmas, and you’ll make her very happy!

24. Sterling Silver Labrador dog earrings

gifts for labrador lovers: Sterling Silver Labrador dog earrings

No dog mom’s jewelry box would be complete without this silver Lab gift. Such beautiful Labrador earrings will be a highlight on any special occasion! If you love hearing your Labrador, get these pups on your ears as a reminder!

25. Labrador Retriever Charm Bracelet

Labrador Retriever Charm Bracelet

Valentine’s Day will be here soon. Order a present to sweep her off her feet! This charm bracelet tops the list of trendy lab dog gifts! If you’re dating a puppy lover, you can’t go wrong with labrador dog accessories.

26. Labrador Handbook

labrador gifts: Labrador Handbook

Are you getting a hearing Labrador soon? Then, this useful Labrador gift is for you! It’ll tell you everything a Labrador puppy owner should know about their new four-legged friend. Trust us. You won’t ever regret buying this Lab handbook!

27. Labrador Face Mask

labrador gifts: Labrador Face Mask

Wear a mask! It’s the right thing to do. This reusable unisex face cover will take care of your health. It’s the most fashionable Lab lover gift you could give right now too. If you love Labrador stuff, get it!

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