171+ The Perfect Mexican Dog Names for the Four-Legged Best Friends

Congratulation on adding a new puppy to your family, but have you decided on a name yet? If you haven’t, we urge you to consider Mexican dog names for your little pup. We have several justifiable reasons for suggesting that you do this.

As cute as generic names are, giving your pup a name with meaning is amazing. It helps you choose a name that represents their personality. The best part about Mexican names is that they are generally cool and unique, have deep cultural roots, and represent amazing traits, characteristics, etc.

Giving your dog such a name is a great way of treating them like they are special and irreplaceable. Without further ado, let’s delve into the interesting lists.

Mexican Names for Female Dogs

If you got yourself a cute little girl pup to add to the family, you should try your best to select a name that captures her vivacity. Our list includes names that are feminine in their essence but extremely diverse in meaning to ensure most puppy personalities are covered.

1. Lola – Sorrows

2. Coco – Coconut

3. Maya – Water

4. Niña – Girl

5. Luna – Moon

6. Adriana – Dark

7. Carmen – Song

8. Elena – Torch

9. Francisca – Free one

10. Esmeralda – Emerald

11. Gabriela – Warrior of god

12. Leticia – Happiness

13. Teresa – Harvester

14. Verónica – Bringer of victory

15. Yolanda – Violet

16. Rosa – Rose

17. Gloria – Glory

18. Luisa – Louise

19. Silvia – From the woods

20. Rosario – Rosary

21. Pia – Pious

22. Violenta – Violet flower

23. Guadalupe – River

24. Selena – Moon

25. Araceli – Altar Of The Sky

26. Alicia – Noble

27. Celia – Heaven

28. Estrella – Star

29. Sara – Princess

30. Yasabel – God is my Oath

31. Odalis – Wealthy

32. Zenaida – Daughter of Zeus

33. Katia – Pure

34. Inez – Virginal

35. Elizabeth

Mexican Names for Male Dogs

Boy pups need popular names that are as unique and awesome as themselves. Therefore, we have put together a list of Aztec dog names inspired by the great Mexican culture.

1. Oscar – Friend of Deer

2. Coco – Coconut

3. Diego – Teaching

4. Paco – French

5. Alejandro – Defends mankind

6. Antonio – Worthy of praise

7. Gerardo – Spear Brave

8. Andres – Manly

9. Carmelo – Garden-land

10. Arturo – Arthur

11. Balduino – Brave friend

12. Climaco – Ladder

13. Gervasi – Spear servant

14. Gaspar – Treasure

15. Novio – Groom

16. Toro – Bull

17. Marcial – Of/like Mars

18. Marco – Warlike

19. Marcelino – Young Warrior

20. Bartolo – Son of farmer

21. Elpidio – Hope

22. Ricardo – Brave Ruler

23. Javier – Castle or new house

24. Leon – Lion

25. José – God Will Increase

26. Eduardo – Wealthy guardian

27. Fernando – Adventurer

28. Juan – God is gracious

29. Carlos – Manly

30. Pedro – Stone, rock

31. Luis – Famous warrior

32. Rafael – God has healed

33. Manuel – God is with us

34. Raúl – Wise wolf

35. Gregorio – Watchful

Mexican Dog Names Inspired by Spanish Words

You don’t always have to stick to Hispanic names when naming your dog for it to be perfect. Truth is that several Spanish words generally have interesting meanings, and they are a great choice when naming your puppy. 

1. Alba – Daybreak

2. Alma – Soul

3. Amiga – Friend (female)

4. Blanca – White (female)

5. Bonita – Pretty

6. Che – Buddy or Dude

7. Cordero – Lamb

8. Domingo – Sunday

9. Fiesta – Party

10. Cosa – Sweet thing

11. Dama – Lady

12. Jorge (Coque) – George

13. Diablo – Devil

14. Pablo- Paul

15. Lobo – Wolf

16. Emilia (Emi) – Emily

17. Sol – Sun

18. Mateo – Matthew

19. Linda – Lovely

20. Santo – Saint

21. Rojo – Red

22. Querida – Dear

23. Paloma – Dove

24. Perla – Pearl

25. Sierra – Mountains

26. Solana – Sunny Spot

27. Toro – Bull

28. Oso – Bear

29. Rico – Rich

30. Gordito – chubby

31. Fresca –Fresh

32. Tigre – Tiger

33. Buena – Good

34. Vida – Life

35. Zorro – Fox

Names Inspired by Geography

When looking up the best names, we came across an interesting category. All the names in it were inspired by geography; yet, all of them seemed just as perfect as the rest. To make the process simpler, we have split the names into the City and States/Region to help you filter better.


1. Acapulco

2. Cancun

3. Celaya

4. Juarez

5. León

6. Puebla

7. Ecatepec

8. Reynosa

9. Tampico

10. Toluca

11. Morelia

12. Merida

13. Saltillo

14. Mazatlan

15. Torreón

16. Durango

17. Mérida

18. Monterrey

19. Oaxaca

20. Ensenada

21. Zamora

22. Mexicali

23. Tijuana

24. Veracruz

25. Xico

26. Ixtapa

27. Guadalajara

28. Cozumel

29. La Paz

31. Cabo San Lucas

32. Guadalupe

33. Matamoros

States and Regions

1. Jalisco

2. Yucatán

3. Hidalgo

4. Chiapas

5. Quintana Roo

6. Coahuila

7. Sonora

8. Sinaloa

9. Colima

10. Tabasco

Dog Names inspired by Mexican Food and Drinks

Puppies are so adorable that we sometimes get the urge to eat up those cute cheeks. If you have such a dog, food-inspired names would be the best possible solution. They will already melt hearts, and the name will make things perfect!

Tamale – a Mesoamerican dish in which a piece of dough with pork filling is steam cooked in a corn husk or banana leaf. Tamales are served with pico de gallo, guacamole, and rice.

Burrito – a flour tortilla wrapped around several ingredients, like beans, chili, salsa, rice, corn, etc. The ingredients can differ based on preference.

Taco – a small corn or wheat tortilla folded around fillings like salsa, chili, cheese, and guacamole, topped with sour cream.

Churro – fried pieced of sweet dough topped with brown sugar and served with a topping or dip of your choice.

Enchilada – a corn tortilla wrapped around a filling and baked with savory sauce and cheese. The filling includes meat, vegetables, beans, cheese, etc.

Pulque – an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting the sap extracted from the maguey plant. It has a milky look and sour taste.

Dos Equis – a popular Mexican beer brand that makes beer out of pure spring water and hops with a distinct taste.

Bionico­ –a fruit salad with fruits cut in cubes mixed with sweet crema and garnished with granola, honey, raisins, etc.

Pozole – soup made out of pork, chilly, and hominy. It is brothy, rich in flavor, and garnished with radishes, cabbage, cilantro, and lime.

Tejuino – popular in Chihuahua and Jalisco, this sweet and cold alcoholic drink is made out of fermented corn, giving it a tamarind candy-like flavor.

Mexican Dog Names for Small Dogs

Did you know the small and hairless dog Chihuahua is originally from Mexico? Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and a small puppy has a natural cuteness you can’t escape. Here are a few suggestions for naming your small dog in a way that captures its energetic personality.

Name (male/female) and Meaning

1. Perrito/Perrita – Little Dog

2. Diablito/Diablita – Little Devil

3. Fiero/Fiera – Fierce

4. Loco/Loca – Crazy

5. Fuerte/Fuerza – Strength

6. Tonto/Tonta – Silly

7. Feliz/Feliz – Happy

Mexican Dog Names for Large Dogs

As with the little devils, larger breeds like Pitbull and Chamuco also deserve to have names that properly represent their traits. We have listed a few names below for both male and female dogs so your dog can be the proud owner of a cool name.

Name (male/female) and Meaning

1. Jefe/Jefa – Boss

2. Hombre/Mujer – Man/Woman

3. Bandido/Bandida – Bandit

4. Oso/Osa – Bear

5. Beso – Kiss

6. Nacho – Nacho

7. Cuate/Cuata – Buddy

Tip Choose Right Names

Choosing the right name for your dog is important but how will you go about it. Here are a few tips that will guide you into making the right choice when considering dog name ideas for your adorable puppy.

Is it easy to say?

Firstly, choose a name you can pronounce correctly and easily. If you choose to name your little dog “Perrito” but can’t get the ‘rr’ right, the chances of it becoming a hassle are very high. IT is better to change it to something you can say easily. 

Say it out loud

Once you shortlist a few names, say them out loud to see how they sound and feel. Remove any options that don’t sound good to hear.

Does it fit your dog?

Calling your Chihuahua Oso or Osa will be rather strange considering they are tinier than even a bear cub. Make sure the name matches their personality and doesn’t go against their characteristics.

And finally, trust your gut

This last tip is perhaps the most important. Take a day or two to interact with your puppy and get to know them. Once you have accomplished that, you’ll be in a better position to get a general feel of what is and isn’t right. Trust this feeling and choose the name that feels like it fits.

We hope you enjoyed going through our list of Mexican dog name ideas and found several to your liking. Choose the right name, and we hope you and your pup have an incredible journey together.

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