20+ Paw Patrol Dog Names for Puppies and Other Pets

PAW Patrol dog names would make a great choice for your furry friend. The adorable dogs from the Nick Junior cartoon show have character names that accurately reflect them. Naming a dog can be hard. Using the PAW Patrol pups as inspiration can help all dog-loving folks find the perfect names for their darling puppies. Many of these names are unique, while others show up on the list of top 100 dog names.

The PAW patrol pups’ names really suit their personalities, jobs, and dog breeds. Whether you need a name for a sweet boy or a darling girl, there are plenty to choose from. Pick your favorite from our list! 

1. Chase

Chase Paw Patrol Dog Name

Chase is a German Shepherd puppy who is a police dog. He is responsible for keeping things organized, directing traffic when there’s an accident, and can also double as a tracker when needed.  He has a spy gear kit and drives a police car, too!

2. Marshall

Marshall Paw Patrol Dog Name - Most Popular PAW Patrol Dog Names With Pictures

Marshall is a fire Dalmatian pup. He is totally capable of rescuing stranded animals and people from high places. He also can double as a medic.

3. Rocky

Rocky Paw Patrol Dog Name - Most Popular PAW Patrol Dog Names With Pictures

He is a mixed breed puppy whose only mission is to recycle. He usually fixes things with recycled objects.

4. Skye

Skye Paw Patrol Dog Name

Skye is a female Cockapoo pup and the first female member ever of the Pup Patrol. She is in charge of supporting aerial zones, looking out for things from the skies with her helicopter.

5. Zuma

Zuma Paw Patrol Dog Name - Most Popular PAW Patrol Dog Names With Pictures

His dog breed is Chocolate Labrador. He often handles issues happening under the water. Zuma’s vehicle takes the shape of a speedboat. 

6. Everest

Everest Paw Patrol Dog Name

Everest is a Husky snowy mountain pup. She’s pro at dealing with blocked roads by clearing all the snow. She is also a female member of the Pup Patrol!

7. Tracker

Tracker Paw Patrol Dog Name

Tracker is a Chihuahua puppy who is the team’s wildlife puppy. He has super hearing ability

8. Rubble

Rubble Paw Patrol Dog Name

He is a trusty little English Bulldog. Rubble’s responsibility is to handle construction-related work. He drives a bulldozer-styled truck having various types of drills. He’s also the youngest member of the gang!  

More PAW Patrol Character Names

There are lots of other adorable characters from PAW Patrol besides the core team of canines. Dog owners and pet parents can find inspiration from this list of secondary characters. Give your pooch or other pet a great, creative name! 

  1. Farmer Yumi: a female farmer and the wife of Farmer Al
  2. Ryder: the 10-year-old boy looking after the dogs.
  3. Cap’n Turbot: the guardian of Adventure Bay and a marine biologist
  4. Chickaletta: the pet chicken of the mayor
  5. Mayor Goodway: a dramatic, funny PAW Patrol’s character and a huge fan of dogs
  6. Francois: the cousin of Cap’n Turbot with the special French accent
  7. Sweetie: the villain of PAW Patrol and belongs to the princess of Barkingburg
  8. Sid Swashbuckle: an extremely greedy pirate
  9. Jake: Everest’s owner and has his own ski resort
  10. The Kitten Catastrophe Crew: the PAW Patrol’s cat versions, they work for Mayor Humdinger

Tips for Naming Your Dog  

Your new pooch has a personality of its own that begs for a unique dog name! Some dog owners are great at picking out names, but others need a little help. Using the dogs’ names from PAW Patrol as inspiration is a great starting point. 

Marshall and Chase have breed-specific names. A Retriever named Fetch or a Pug named Grumble fit the bill! Everest, Tracker, and Skye are named for their jobs. A fast Corgi called Speedy or a gentle Lab named Duck would be adorable!

To be really creative and fun, go for names with personality. Zuma loves moving fast. Rubble loves construction. If your docile Poodle loves showing their teeth when they smile, name them Jaws. If your sweet Shih Tzu is a toy hoarder, Dragon might be the name for them!

There are dozens of ways to pick a name for your puppy. No one way is better than another. But if you need ideas, then try out our list of PAW Patrol character names. There are dogs, people, cats, and even a chicken! You could name all of your pets using this list! So start browsing and give your pup the PAW patrol name they deserve!

Other Dog Names Ideas

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