20+ Personalized Cat Gifts That Are Just Purrfect

Personalized cat gifts are as important as gifts for cat lovers. Kitten parents will be thrilled to get kitty-themed presents for their birthday or Christmas. They’d love to receive these kinds of gifts at their wedding, housewarming party, and other special occasions. Here’s a list of 20 amazing novelty cat gifts!

1. Home Is Where The Cat Is Photo Collage Mug  

Home Is Where The Cat Is Cute Custom Photo Collage Mug - personalized cat gifts

Your feline-loving friend won’t appreciate a kitten inside his cupboard, but he could keep some cat dad gifts in there! These unique mugs are the perfect custom cat products they’re sure to love. Simply personalize the photo collage for the mug, and enjoy it when your buddy acknowledges your awesome gift ideas!  

2. Custom Face Socks  

Custom Face Socks - personalized cat gifts

Perfect kitty-loving people deserve the comfiest of gifts with cats on them! We bet you’d agree that socks are totally comfy and a fantastic summer or winter personalized cat gift. If you want to put a smile on his or her face, a cat present like these socks will do! 

3. Canvas Tote Bags  

Canvas Tote Bags - personalized cat gifts

Gifts for people who love cats can be as adorable as these canvas tote bags for women. Ladies love useful yet stylish cat lady presents, which is how we’d describe this bag! This gift will keep your girl’s items in place when she hits the store. Perfect, isn’t it? 

4. Photo Collage Canvas Print 

Personalized with your kitty‘s photos, this lovely piece will put a grin on your cat-loving friends and family faces. Instead of tagging them in a cat meme, get our custom “Home Is Where The Cats Are” collage canvas print!

5. Frisco Personalized “Pawsitive Vibes” Thermos

Frisco Personalized Pawsitive Vibes Thermos, 25-oz - personalized cat gifts

Nothing like funny cat-related gifts to brighten someone’s day with! The “Pawsitive Vibes” thermos is perfect for humans who love spending their coffee breaks with their pet in spirit. It’s the option to put a customized photo on the bottle that makes this item a brilliant cat lover gift! 

Frisco Personalized Plaid Gallery-Wrapped Canvas - personalized cat gifts

This personalized canvas will perfectly fit your friend’s home decor and be the reason for their endless delight! Made with the highest quality standards, the wall accessory is a great cat office decor as well! Everyone will appreciate a cat lover present like this one next to the computer desk!  

7. Paw Print Mousepad  

Paw Print Mousepad - personalized cat gifts

Can cats and mice be best buddies? Maybe not, but this custom paw print mousepad can definitely make cat lovers believe in that possibility. Yes, cat-themed items can make miracles like these happen! One of the best present ideas for people who love their four-legged friends and frequently work from their PC, period! 

8. U7 Necklace  

U7 Necklace - personalized cat gifts

Looking for cat Valentine gifts for her or him? You could get your partner this lovely necklace to show how much you love and cherish them! Cute wearable accessories make great cat dad gifts because he can wear them wherever he goes. They’re also fantastic personal gifts for stylish girls!

9. Catnip Fish  

Catnip Fish - customizable cat presents

This fish is the kitty toy that your awesome cat-loving pal deserves to get sooner than later. It’s the gift cats need! Items containing catnip are the best gifts for cats because they can entertain kittens forever. You can also customize the fish and have the cat’s name embroidered on it! 

10. Custom Cat Photo Mug

A personalized cat mug is a versatile gift. Mom or Dad will love using it for morning coffee. Kids and teens can use it to hold art supplies. This cat lovers mug can also serve as a memorial to a beloved lost kitty.

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11. Wooden Custom Notebook  

Wooden Custom Notebook - personalized cat gifts

A great way to surprise an organized cat lady is to get her this unique cat gift on her birthday. The notebook’s design is fully customizable, which is awesome! Choose this one out of all gifts for cat people to add fur baby love to your girl’s daily journaling! 

12. Large Serving Tray

Large serving tray - customizable cat presents

Still wondering what to get a cat lover for a present? If Halloween stuff is your feline-loving friend’s favorite, you should consider getting this fun serving tray for them. This item is one of those unique cat-themed gifts that will entertain your friend’s guests on special occasions!  

13. Pebble Art Gift  

Pebble art gift - personalized cat gifts

A wedding gift is not something you buy every day. But when the ceremony happens, your feline-loving buddy will be pleased to receive a fantastic present from you. Thinking about a handcrafted surprise? A wonderful gift for a cat lover is this pet memorabilia with figurines of your friend’s kitty, wife, and himself!  

14. Pet Pillow  

Pet Pillow - personalized cat gifts

Novelty items, such as customizable pillows, are super cool to give to friends with a four-legged friend or two. This really is as personalized as sleeping can get for your pals! Order one of these pet-themed gifts, and you’ll have a relaxing present for the cat lovers you adore!  

15. JOEZITON Memorial Picture Frame  

JOEZITON Memorial Picture Frame - personalized cat gifts

Many kitten owners will often look for ways of remembering and commemorating their beloved feline babies through memorabilia. We deem this memorial picture frame to be one of the best personalized pet items for expressing condolences. The beautiful poem on its side makes the gift one of the most sentimental cat lover presents!   

16. Photo Personalized Christmas Ornament  

Photo Personalized Christmas Ornament- customizable cat presents

Some personalized cat gifts allow kittens to be close to the Christmas tree, at least in a certain way. This cool, personalized ornament will help your buddy hang the best photo of his furry friend on the tree! Funny how personalized novelty items can set the terrain for a compromise between pets and their owners!   

17. Personalized Cat Framed Art  

Cat framed art - custom cat presents

Framed art offers fantastic possibilities for cat home decor; cat lovers with a sharp taste in interior decoration love it! Pretty ornaments like these make lovely kitten-themed presents and sophisticated gifts for pet owners. This could be the perfect housewarming gift to wow those feline lovers you adore!    

18. Custom Coffee Mug  

Coffee Mug - customizable cat gifts

Valentine is a day to celebrate both the love for your lady and her love for your adorable kitten. These practical mugs are the best cat lady gifts, especially for women who enjoy drinking hot beverages. If this describes your girl, stop looking for other cat gifts for her and order a mug!    

19. Custom Portrait  

Custom portrait - customizable cat presents

Isn’t it adorable when kittens stare at you? Well, with a custom portrait like this, their furry little faces will inspire the smiles of your beloved kitten-loving friend. These portraits make beautiful cat birthday presents and unique cat memorabilia. Get one for your pal, and grace their walls with kitty vibes!   

20. Keepsake Ornament  

Keepsake Ornament - custom cat gifts

We find these keepsake ornaments to be the most creative DIY stuff you can get for your kitty-loving buddy. Mini souvenirs of your pal’s four-legged friend definitely make for unique cat gifts. Get one of these cute cat things, and let your buddy hang it wherever they prefer!   

21. Personalized Cat Name Print  

Cat Name Print - personalized cat gifts

Here’s another handmade wall art piece for your favorite cat-loving lady. We prefer this print over other cat lady merchandise items because it’s a cute and funny cat present. That makes it a good birthday gift for a loved one who adores kittens and has a sense of humor!    

22. Photo Puzzle  

Photo Puzzle - customizable cat presents

This photo puzzle is a fantastic birthday gift for the cat lover who is into fun games. It’s a great present choice for that cat mom who likes buying kitten-themed items and decorative elements. The puzzle is one of those things for cat lovers that uniquely celebrate kittens and their furry little faces!

Kitty gifts are the best way to show your love for kitten lovers in your life. We hope that you liked the stuff for cat lovers on this list! We also hope that your friends enjoy the purrfect personalized cat gifts and the feline-loving lady presents we reviewed!

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