30+ Personalized Dog Gifts Pet Parents Will Adore

It is no small fact that most people consider dogs members of the family. When holidays like Christmas or a birthday roll around, investing in some personalized dog gifts can be a wonderful way to show your four-legged friend proper love and affection. From custom dog gifts that offer a unique way for pet parents unique perks to a gift with more unusual purposes, there are a ton of creative gifts for dog lover to pamper a doggie and set tails to wagging out of joy.

Best Personalized Dog Gifts

Dog Definition Custom Desktop Plaque

Are you looking for personalized dog gifts for a newbie fur parent who can’t get enough of their pet? We’ve got you covered! How about buying them this desktop photo plaque with a loving message for their new family member?

Dog Dad Custom Coffee Mug

If you’re thinking of buying simple gifts for a dog dad, this dog-inspired mug will do the trick! It’s available in several colors so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Just make sure you use his favorite puppy photo.

Dogs Are Not Our Whole Life Custom Canvas Print

Is your family dog’s birthday coming up soon? How about getting something nice that everyone can enjoy? This customized canvas is the best pet photo gift to show the fun times you’ve shared with your furry friend.

Dog Mom Desktop Plaque

Finding nice gifts for a dog mom doesn’t have to be so hard. This desktop plaque is the most adorable pet-themed gift for a lady who works from home. Your wife will be excited to display it!

Pet Photo Collage Pillow

Some family members can be tricky to buy presents for. Thankfully, a pet can make matters much easier. This throw pillow is a cute way to display an assortment of pet photos in one decorative way. Even the most difficult of family to please will melt when they see their beloved pet on a pillow.

“Always In Our Heart” Dog Ornament

Looking for a present for someone who lost their family dog? This dog ornament is one of the sweetest dog memorial gifts ever! They can proudly hang it on their Christmas tree as they remember the good old days.

Pet Custom Photo Collage Blanket

Dog people truly are a special kind of breed. If you’re looking for presents that will make dogs and parents equally happy, consider a product like personalized dog blankets. Featuring images that are unique to your furry friend, this is a soft and simple way to show your love.

Phone Case

While many people wish it was not the case, there are plenty of places where pets are prohibited. However, a pet phone case can be taken anywhere! One eco friendly present to consider for a birthday, holiday, or anniversary is a personalized phone case featuring a hand-drawn image of a cherished pet.

Wisdoy Pet Necklace

One of the coolest personalized dog accessories you can get for a pet owner is a doggy necklace. This item is a nice gift for a dog lover celebrating their pup’s birthday or simply remembering a lost one.

Dog Sticker

If there’s one thing that pet lovers agree on, they can never have enough pictures of their pets. Surprise your kids with these unique dog photo gifts. They’ll be excited to stick them wherever they can!

Customizable Keychain

A lovely keychain is a great choice if you’re looking for personalized dog gifts for humans. That’s right! This customizable item is the closest dog owners can get to their pets, especially when traveling out of town.

Treat Jar

Dogs love their treats! Some dogs will go to crazy lengths to secure a treat from mom and dad. A dog treat glass jar is a lovely gift to get for the parents of a pup who can’t get enough snacks. Have the furry friend’s name engraved on the jar and this present makes for a perfect way to go about finding sensible and useful products for animal lovers as gifts.

Personalized ID Tag

A collar with a tag is a classic accessory for a dog with a very specific purpose. Should the dog wander away or chase after ascent, the tags are one way of identifying the pooch’s home. A dog ID tag is one of the more exciting gift ideas for dog moms and dads. Simply have the dog name engraved along with other pertinent details for an easy and simple present.


Another touching way to go about appropriate gifts for a pet is by thinking about earrings. A classic piece of jewelry in the same way as a necklace, pet photo stud earrings are a simple and effective gift for a dog mom to remember pup with a sense of fondness whenever she slips them on.

Personalized Knit Dog Sweater

Is the Christmas season just around the corner? How about getting your dog merchandise that will match your family’s theme this year? It’s a practical custom pet item, especially in cold areas!

Dog Bed

It’s essential to make your furry family member feel comfortable at home. This dog bed is a fantastic pet gift idea for pups who enjoy sleeping all day long. They’ll be so cozy; they might never get up!

Dog Bowl

Naturally, there are some personalized dog gifts that are essentials. When a dog is brought home, there are all kinds of items that new dog parents need. If you need some new puppy gifts to make the people you care about smile, consider the top option of a personalized dog bowl. Grab two and you’ll have a set for food and water!


Dog collars are classic gifts to consider for the pooch in your life. If you want to go above and beyond for this present, then you should definitely consider an engraved flannel dog collar. Personalized in a handmade way, your four-legged friends will surely bar with enthusiasm over such a chic piece.

Canvas Tote Bag

Personalized dog gifts can take many different forms. If you want spectacularly customized gifts for dog parents, look no further than this pet portrait tote bag. Whether your friend is running errands, at the beach, or visiting family, the image of a beloved pet will never be far behind with this tote.


Nothing beats a magnet when it comes to a simple gift. Most people benefit from having access to a magnet handy. A magnet that boasts an image of a pet portrait can easily take these essential items to the next level. All you need is a good picture of the dog face and you’ll be ready to create the perfect custom piece.

Custom Dog Brooch

Some gifts are too adorable to not take immediate advantage of. A custom dog brooch is no exception. This pin is perfect for animal lovers, customized to depict the image of a person’s beloved dog. This small and inexpensive present is sure to impress friends, family, and coworkers with ease!

Pet Food Mat

While pets might be adorable and loving, they are far from clean. When a dog eats, food tends to fly all over the place. If you want a unique gift that is sure to be put to good use, then consider a pet food mat. This is the thing for you if you’re in search of personalized dog stuff that parents will be truly appreciative over.

Custom Face Socks

One of the more popular presents that have appeared in recent years is that of customized socks. If you’re looking for personalized dog gifts that pet lovers will absolutely adore, socks can be a great way to go. Dog themed socks are amazing funny dog gifts, making for a present that can please an array of personalities.

Petsies Custom Face Mask

Looking for custom dog owner gifts for a friend who recently got a puppy? Surprise her with these adorable face masks when you go visit. You can even get them in numerous colors, so she matches them with her outfits.

If My Dog Could Talk Personalized Story Book

Most pet parents wonder what their dogs are thinking all the time. This storybook is one of the sweetest pet lovers’ gifts for kids of all ages. Remember to use smart and funny pictures too so everyone can enjoy it.

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