10+ Incredible Pig Dog Toy

When choosing what pig dog toy to get your pup, you have plenty of choices. Many retail stores have stocked up on these dog playthings as they are slowly becoming a favorite toy among pups.

A little piggie can be both durable and entertaining. For the ultimate motor stimulation for your pet, these suggestions are worth the read. 

1. Multipet Goblets Pig Latex Dog Toy Assorted Colors Buy it here

Multipet Goblets Pig Latex Dog Toy Assorted Colors - PIG DOG TOY

Price Point: $.$$$

These multipet play items introduce your dog to small rubber pigs, providing them with variety. The cute little piggies offer a good outlet for your dog’s immense energy.

Since it’s a chewable squeaky item, biting the grunt provides great enjoyment for you and your pet. Pigs stuffed animals make playtime so much more fun and almost realistic. What a fun way to spend your weekends!

  • Soft material
  • Available in specific colors
  • Made up of latex
  • Squeaky
  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers

2. Charming Pet Cuddle Tugs & Cuddle Hugs Plush Tug-O-War, Pig Buy it here

Charming Pet Cuddle Tugs & Cuddle Hugs Plush Tug-O-War, Pig - pig dog toy

Price Point: $$.$$$

Like puppies, older dogs enjoy cuddling at night. This charming toy is suitable for all dog sizes. The soft pink piggy has multiple textures making it ideal for both biting and snuggling.

The sweet yet durable plushie has no stuffing, making it famous among fur parents who shy from messy items. This squeaky pig will be your doggo’s loyal companion day and night.

  • Soft
  • Suitable for all dog sizes.
  • Not durable 

3. goDog Checkers Flying Pig with Chew Guard TechnologyBuy it here

goDog Checkers Flying Pig with Chew Guard Technology - pig dog toy

Price Point: $$.$$$

This plaything makes the list of your favorite chewer among most pig dogs. As with chewers, only a hardy item can stand the test of time. Luckily, this plush pig makes the cut.

Its speaker enhances the grunting, which might likely seem surprising to your dog at first. Besides, this giant pet pig comes with a chew guard technology, making it enjoyable for larger pets to nibble on.

  • Very durable
  • High-quality
  • Adorable
  • Not for dogs who are strong chewers.

4. Multipet International 61006 Assorted Polka – Buy it here

Multipet International 61006 Assorted Polka - pig dog toy

Price Point: $.$$$

This little piggie with polka dots makes a fantastic, colorful play item for pets that love playtime. The latex chew material ensures it stays durable throughout its lifetime. However, it’s essential to remember that nothing is indestructible.

If you’re looking for a colorful plaything that oinks, this is the perfect fit for you. Its unique feature attracts owners who have pets with specific preferred colors. 

  • Durable
  • Fun.
  • Makes pig noises instead of the squeaky sound like other toys
  • A little expensive more than other pig toy because the price which is price of an item.

5. Outward Hound Accordionz Latex SqueakingBuy it here

Outward Hound Accordionz Latex Squeaking - pig dog toy

Price Point: $$.$$$

One of the best dog squeaky toys is the Outward Hound Accordionz. It’ll help your pup realize her natural hunting desires. The latex makes it safe and entertaining enough to engage your playful pup.

When your pooch squeezes the rubber, it’ll collapse and expand back in shape again. This piggy dog borrows its shape from the musical instrument, which is interesting for owners who play it.

  •  Lightweight
  • Easy cleaning and great for indoor or outdoor play
  • Sound is good
  • The toy no longer grunts or squeaks 

6. Fattiez Round Squeaky Plush Toy by Outward Hound Buy it here

Fattiez Round Squeaky Plush Toy by Outward Hound - pig dog toy

Price Point: $.$$$

As the name suggests, this stuffed pink piggy produces a squeaky sound when squeezed. A small pig stuffed animal is a cool choice among puppies for its compact size and plush feel. Pet owners who love playing hide and seek with their fluffballs will love it!

Some of the activities include hunting expeditions, cuddling during naptime, and playful biting sessions. This play item is an all-around favorite.

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor fun
  • Soft and cuddly
  • It has a safe design
  • It is not indestructible
  • It is small 

7. Best Pet Supplies Pig Squeaky Toy Buy it here

Best Pet Supplies Pig Squeaky Toy - pig dog toy

Price Point: $.$$$

This squeaky item can quickly become your favorite chewer for giant and small pets as it comes in various sizes. The tough yet plush stuffed piggy dog is an all-year-round gift for any breed of dog.

It allows your bigger pups the playfulness they often desire yet cannot achieve. This squeaky pig toy will always fit into your pet’s current and ever-changing needs.

  • Two squeakers inside the head and the tail
  • This toy is designed to put an empty water bottle inside
  • It is not suitable for large dogs and aggressive chewers 

8. Hartz Bug Eyes Toy Buy it here

Hartz Bug Eyes Toy - pig dog toy

Price Point: $.$$$

One of the first things you’ll notice about this small goblet-shaped chewer is how the eyes pop. The latex used makes it durable enough to withstand pretty ferocious bites.

You can reward your furry friend with this cool pig stuff on their birthday. Its entertaining bug eyes will grab the attention of dog lovers at a pet store. Don’t be surprised if playtime becomes more exciting for you too!

  • This latex toy is surprisingly durable
  • BPA free
  • It has the right texture and resistance dogs seek when chewing
  • It can be hard for dogs to pop out the eyes on this toy 
  • Some customer complaints about delivery

9. Vibrant Life Playful Buddy Pigglesworth Latex Pig Dog Toy Buy it here

Vibrant Life Playful Buddy Pigglesworth Latex Pig Dog Toy - pig dog toy

Price Point: $.$$$

Have you ever seen a pig play with dogs? This latex gem is perfect for small dogs. The rubber is soft yet almost indestructible for those aggressive chewers.

The sound this stuffed animal makes is likely to keep your pooch interested day in, day out. With each squeeze, you’ll know exactly where your dog is without leaving your study desk. Enjoy! 

  • The squeaker makes a life-like grunting noise
  • Made of latex
  • Easy to clean
  • Some dog lovers feel annoyed about the squeaker which can stop working after a little time. 

10. ZippyPaws – Farm Pals Burrow PigBuy it here

ZippyPaws - Farm Pals Burrow - pig dog toy

Price Point: $.$$$

This plush plaything is ideal for small dogs or puppies as the material is soft hence easily destructible. You can also get a duck dog toy with a house, making it irresistible to play hide and seek.

Since these cute pigs come in three’s, dog owners with multiple pets are sure to love it! Each pup gets to enjoy their own round stuffed pig without sharing. 

  • Made of high-quality plush
  • Three interactive toys have a squeaker inside
  • The ZippyPaws is meant for small and medium dogs that are not heavy chewers 

Play items are best when they are meaningful and usable in the day to day life. Whether you are a pet owner or simply an animal lover, you can’t go wrong with a pig dog toy. They are adorable, durable, and cuddle-friendly. Your pups will surely love to have one! That said, grab yours today!

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