Pomeranian Dog Breed Information: Care, Characteristics And Pictures

Pomeranian poochies are full of surprises! They are small dogs, but nothing matches their personality better than their soft mini-paws and little button noses. Poms truly are larger than life! All this sounds great, but their future owners should really know what the true meaning of those words is.

Underneath the marvelous coat of every tiny Pomeranian is a pup that originates from the German province of Pomerania. These fluffy boos are the cousins of the fierce Spitz sled dogs! That perfectly explains the breed’s long, silky fur and their sound temperament that makes them the cutest pets ever!

Although curious and independent at times, Pomeranians make great companions. Popularized by Queen Victoria, once trained, their manners are nothing but royal! Training them is easy because they’re very smart, just like doggies from other toy breeds. Still, you need to get to know your puppy before you take them home with you.


Pomeranian Dog Breed Pictures


What Does a Pomeranian Look Like

They say that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But Poms’ fluffy ‘cover’ sure gets the highest of scores! Once you see their smiling, foxy face, almond-shaped eyes, and tail fanning out over the furry back, you’re in love. These cuties can be 6-7 inches tall and weigh 3-7 pounds. They’ll seduce you with their pointy ears and tiny nose!

Dedicated breeders have made it possible for you to find a tiny Pomeranian puppy in just about any color. This is probably the cutest thing about them! Although orange and red Pom pups are the most common, there are grey, white, blue, cream, and black ones too. Baby Poms can also be born with colored markings, but these are rare.

Whether you’re getting a standard or a teacup Pomeranian, you’ll be friends with a double-coated sweetie. Their furry nature makes these sturdy dogs so beautiful! Luckily, the full-grown doggos shed only moderately. It takes only a few gentle strokes of a brush to get rid of the shedding hair. Hypoallergenic pups might not exist, but Poms are a good choice for people with allergies!


Some people find it intriguing that these little dogs can at times be aggressive when larger pups are around. But they’re part of the Spitz family! Those dogs are big and strong, and your little Pom has their feisty genes! So, yes, your small Pomeranian can attack a larger doggo because the puppy will think of themself as super buffed!

However, the perfect pet for busy and older people is exactly the Pomeranian. These clever dogs are not too dependent, and they can spend the day being happy by themselves. Pom owners enjoy the lively, bold personalities of these adorable pets, and they’re really keen on the breed’s loyalty. In short, the Pomeranian temperament is a great mix of extraversion and territorial behavior!

The inner beauty of Poms makes them lovely hearing assistance and therapy pups. Because of their size, these pups are also great for folks who live in apartments and don’t own a backyard. However, if you own a house, your white-and-brown Pomeranian will be a great watchdog! They are fearless and super loyal to their humans, remember?

Living Needs

If you’re looking for an indoor pet that loves being the center of attention, you definitely need a Pom newborn. These smart little pups enjoy short walks, challenging toys, and being in the spotlight! Male or female, your Pomeranian will be super excited to learn stuff, so new tricks and games are always welcome!

However, keep in mind their moderate level of activity. Although these furry buddies like to be active indoors and are fantastic for agility training, they need a break! Otherwise, your cotton ball Pomeranian will end up being tired. On the other hand, if you’re not very active, this is not your dog.

Not only are Pomeranians great therapy dogs, but they also get along with kids and animals. However, you should always supervise your playful puppy! If you have very little kids, this doggie is not the best choice because of the puppy’s small size. A Pomeranian’s agility is unquestionable, though, so supervised playtime is always fun!


How To Groom A Pomeranian

Every Pom owner needs to know how to groom their Pomeranian. The double coat is their trademark, and it needs proper care. Pin and slicker brushes are great for that! Brush the pooch once a week, and their fur won’t matt. Use that opportunity to wash their teeth too!

When not properly cared for, these active dogs start experiencing health issues. Don’t forget to cut your silky Pomeranian’s nails, bathe them, clean their ears, and take care of their anal glands. Do this every four to six weeks, and have your blond Pomeranian puppy shine!

How Much Exercise Does A Pomeranian Need

Poms are adorable lap dogs, but there’s no excuse for them being fat companions. Wondering what exercises are great for your Pomeranian? Running and going for walks definitely are! Even playing is awesome for their little muscles! Watch your dog when they’re outside, though. Predators like hawks, owls, and even dogs are everywhere! Plus, your Pom can climb over your fence or squeeze through it!

How To Train A Pomeranian

If you’re wondering how to train a Pomeranian, the best advice is to start early. Walk your pup on a leash and teach them their name! Because of their high intelligence, baby Poms are easy to train.

That’s not all you need to teach your Pomeranian. Potty training is also important! These canines need to learn pooping manners before becoming rally, agility, and obedience champions. Don’t let them jump on and off couches! Their bones and joints are sensitive!


The best Pomeranian dog food is one that’s appropriate for their age and dietary needs. You can ask your vet to help you choose some high-quality food for your pooch. Be careful not to overfeed them, though, and go easy with the treats! Take care of their weight! There’s a fine line between training the doggy and making them overweight. Also, make sure that they always have access to fresh water. 


Pom puppies belong to one of the dog breeds that are pretty healthy, but they too can get sick. Common health issues include luxating patellas, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, collapsed trachea, allergies, and eye problems. These conditions have to do with either old age, genetics, or improper care. They can affect any Pomeranian. Teeth issues, alopecia, and heatstrokes caused by overheating are common as well!


Because of all the problems your pooch can experience, you should ask for clearances for their parents. Reputable breeders should always be able to provide you with those! That way, you’ll be able to see what exactly the mom and dad pups have been tested for. This is the best way to take home a pupper in good health and have a furry friend for years!


The purebred Pomeranian is a miniature descendant of larger dogs that belong to the famous Spitz breeds. Your white Pom puppy has the blood of bold sled dogs running through their veins! The famous Pom Pom puppies are named after the Pomerania region, which spreads across both Poland and Germany.

The rare beauty and popularity of these dogs have a lot to do with Queen Victoria. One time, she was visiting Florence, Italy, and fell in love with the breed! She wasn’t pleased with saying goodbye to doggies that cute and took a few Pom Pom puppies home with her.

Later, the Queen started breeding Pomeranians and even won the first prize at the Crufts dog show. The show was held in 1891, three years after the Pom was recognized as a breed. The winning dog’s name was Windsor Marco. That’s how Poms became one of the most popular dog breeds!

Apart from Queen Victoria, other historical figures also owned Pomeranians. Cool, right? Your blue merle teacup Pomeranian is a royal boo! Find out who they were in the Fun Fact section below and get surprised. You can now understand why your Pom dog wants and needs first-class cuddles!

Fun Facts About Pomeranian

  • Michaelangelo, Isaac Newton, Mozart, and Queen Marie Antonette adored and owned a Pom as well!
  • One good thing that happened when the Titanic sank was that three dogs survived. One of them was Pekingese, and the other two were Pomeranians.
  • Jiff is a famous Pomeranian dog that used his front legs to run 5 meters in 7.76 seconds. The funny 2014 Guinness World Record for “Fastest Dog on Two Paws” belongs to them.

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