20+ Cute Pug Gifts for Pug Lovers of 2022

Pugs are the cutest, with their smooshed faces and big eyes, so it follows that Pug gifts are also adorable. The unique gifts on this list will tickle the fancy of all pup lovers. We have gift ideas for dog owners, both small and large, for every occasion. Wow the Pug fanatics in your life with one or more of these fun presents!

Cool Gifts For Pug Lovers

1. Pug Photo Collage Canvas Print

This wonderful personalized canvas print is the ultimate in home decor. If you need housewarming or birthday gift ideas for your fur-loving friend, you can’t pass this by. Fill it up with photos of them with their little smoosh-faced furbabies. They’ll love displaying the finished product in their home or office. Make their day with one of the best Pug gift ideas on our list!

2. Pug Socks

Because we all need more Pug items in our lives, these socks are perfect stocking stuffers for anyone and everyone! Pup parents and kids alike will go crazy for these colorful socks. These great socks are holiday festive, complete with cute Christmas dogs wearing reindeer antlers. Warm-up their Christmas morning with fun footwear they’ll love all year round!

3. Custom Photo Collage Mug

Who doesn’t love a zipper pouch? Grownups can use it for makeup or tech, while kids can fill it with school supplies or treasures. If you need perfect gifts for girls, consider this hilarious pouch. Puggle lovers and purebred owners alike will go crazy over it. It’s one of the best gifts for her on our list!

4. Dog Keychain

Here’s a simple pug present that all pet parents will find useful. As they go about their day running errands, this keychain will remind them about their dog waiting for their return.

5. Pug Throw Blanket

Pugs are fun, adorable, and gorgeous creatures. It’s no wonder their owners want to see their pets plastered on everything. This is the best dog lover gift to keep warm during the cool winter months!

6. Animal Wireless Speaker

Tech-savvy dog owners will fall head-over-heels for this cute wireless Bluetooth speaker! If you need small gifts for Pug lovers, you can’t go wrong giving this teeny speaker with a giant sound. Just stick it in your pocket, and it’s ready to go. There are a lot of items out there, but none as cool as this one!

7. Best Dog Ever Custom Photo Plaque

If you have the best dog ever, wouldn’t you want the world to know? Here’s a fantastic idea if you’re searching for gifts for pug lovers. They’ll be smiling from ear to ear with this thing around!

8. Pug Glasses

Check out one of our favorite unique Pug gifts! Your favorite glasses-wearing owner will love this present. This super-cute statue has its paws out to hold glasses, watches, or jewelry. It will keep your precious things safe and cared for. This statue is available in four dog breeds and is perfect for every pup lover.

9. Photo Collage Pillow

The sadness of losing a pet is easier to face with this cute pillow to hug. If you know someone who needs a pick-me-up, this personalized pug gift will do the trick. Memories will live on, always!

10. Pug Life T-Shirt

A take-off on a classic design, the Pug Life tee is perfect for everyone in your dog-loving family. Great for young and old, him or her, these would make the cutest family reunion or Christmas card outfits. Of course, these shirts are also fantastic gifts. Get one for your hip relative and watch them smile!

11. Wall Calendar

Ring in the new year with one of the world’s most-followed dogs! Your mom or any Pug fan will love marking time with Doug the Pug and his funny antics. He’s a relatable canine who wears crazy outfits and has fun adventures.

12. Pug Christmas Ornament

A heart ornament with a picture of their adorable Pug is just the present for your fur-loving colleagues. While it makes a wonderful Christmas gift, it is also a loving memorial to a deceased pet. Gift this at any time of year in recognition of their loss. They will cherish the memories and the laughs too!

13. Cute Dog Slippers

A pair of soft doggy slippers are an awesome present for your best girl or guy! These fun slippers feature high-quality plush and non-skid suede. They are ideal Pug accessories for cold winter mornings or cozying up by the fire. Just keep an eye out, your pup might think they’re slippers for them. Or maybe a new best friend!

14. Wine Glasses

These fun stemless glasses are perfect gifts for dog dads. They are also cool dog gift ideas for your Pug-loving family. Enjoy juice or milk over breakfast and soda or wine with dinner. No stems make these easy to hold. The sweet Puggie design is etched on, making these glasses dishwasher safe and easy to clean!

15. Pug-ology

Make your next game night Pug-tastic with this great take on Monopoly! The entire family will enjoy this funny gift , from kids to grandparents. Cute graphics and fun chance cards and stuff make this game accessible for all ages and levels of play. Experienced Monopoly players will still see traces of the original, however!

16. Custom Photo Blanket

A personalized blanket is one of our favorite gifts for Pug owners. Snuggle up for movie night with snacks and stuff, or simply put on a bed for extra warmth. Everyone in the family will love seeing pictures of your sweet doggy whenever they want to cover up. Keep them close at all times with this photo blanket!

17. Pug Statue

A super cute statue is an awesome gift ideas. Being a Pug grandma means she misses out on human grandkids things like school pictures. Give her the cutest present to remember the cutest-ever Pug who loves her. A dozing puppy in a basket is just the thing to warm her heart. This statue is for indoors only!

18. Cosmetic Bag

Who doesn’t love a zipper pouch? Grownups can use it for makeup or tech, while kids can fill it with school supplies or treasures. If you need cute dog gifts for girls, consider this hilarious pouch. Puggle lovers and purebred owners alike will go crazy over it. It’s one of the best gifts for her on our list!

19. Pug Mom Baseball Cap

This cool ballcap speaks for itself. It is perfect for the Pug mom who wants to show her allegiance without cartoons or sayings. As far as dog-related gifts go, this cotton hat is cute and practical. What more do you need? It’s great for the lady who is elegant whether she’s going for a run or relaxing by the pool.

20. Dog Memorial Canvas Print

Saying goodbye to your best furry friend is never easy. Custom dog gifts are a way to remember your special pup. This novelty print has a space for your dog’s name as well as a memorial photo. Pick one with your furball being their Pug cutest. Your fur-loving family members will love remembering your best pooch with this lovely print.

21. Pug Airpods Case

This cool iPad case is one of our favorite items. Pug lovers everywhere will laugh hysterically over one of the smelly parts of owning canine! Whether you use this case for your own iPad or your kids’, it’s sure to be a hit! You can use this same graphic to create scores of other best friend novelty gifts as well!

22. Pug Necklace

If there’s one thing owner accessories will admit, it’s that their dogs have stolen their heart. Offer this pug mom gift to someone who’s discovered how amazing it feels to have a pet to love.

23. Stuffed Animal

Looking for some pug-themed Valentine’s gifts? Check out this cool toy. Pippen is set to be the cutest member of the family come February 14th. Hugging him will be everyone’s favorite thing to do from now on!

24. Pug Pin

A colorful pin is just the thing for your dog-loving colleagues who love themed accessories. You know the person, the office-mate with cat trinkets or bird necklaces. Well, this enamel pin is an awesome gift for dog lovers. A cute fawn Puggie in a classic pose wears a multi-colored sweater. This pin is an ideal present for any office occasion!

25. Pug Scrunchies

Scrunchies are all the rage again, but these aren’t the flowery ones you remember. Today’s kids want a new look! Give your Generation Alpha Puggle lovers some cute pup-themed scrunchies. These make awesome kids’ gifts because bold kids need bold colored accessories (yes, even the boys). And if they get lost, these 4-packs are cheap and easy to replace!

26. Petite Spinner

This clever yard spinner is the best outdoorsy present. It features a Pug puppy at full speed! This spinner is a wonderful decoration for a yard or garden. It would also be appropriate to decorate a mobile home lot or motorhome campsite. If their cutest dogs are black instead of fawn, it is available in black!

27. Pug Kitchen Towel

There’s no denying that dogs want to snack on everything, even human food. Here’s a best gift that will bring some laughter into the kitchen. Celebrate these cute hungry pets today with some gorgeous towels!

28. Lunch Bag

Let your favorite lady carry her lunch in style! This great Pug bag is waterproof, so there’s no mess if a drink spills or fruit gets smooshed. If accidents do happen, it’s machine washable. There is even a bonus pouch to keep silverware separate from the meal. For picnics or the office, school or camp, she’ll enjoy sharing mealtime with this adorable pupper!

Pet Parents Deserve Paw-Some Gifts

Dogs are the best fur-iends anyone could ask for, and these pug gifts really make that statement ring true. Celebrate an animal lover today with something from this list!

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